Family and Friends


Momma - She think she's superwoman :) And she teaches 8th grade.

Daddy - He's always fair and practices what he preaches.  And he teaches 9th grade.

Lizzy - She's two-and-a-half years younger than me. She's the girly-girl type, and sometimes I worry that "fitting in" means too much to her.

Licorice (Licky) - my adorable black lab dog


Cassidy - She's exactly like me, only she loves tapioca balls. And knows like every music group and song ever.

Ellie - We're...just awesome. Trust me.

Jesse - WooT! We played pretend as kids (and possibly a little longer...), write stories, and think a lot alike.

Brianna - One of my sweetest friends :) We've known each other since we were SEVEN :O

Daniel - My non-related older brother.  We're a lot alike. Except he can drive -_-

David - My non-related younger-but-a-lot-bigger brother. He's...see, it's really hard describing your siblings O.o

Matt - He's 14. I've known him for going on 11 (or is it 12?) years.  He's hilarious and got the best heart of anyone I know.

Katie - Matt's little sister. She's 12 and is brutally honest--to a fault sometimes, although life is always entertaining with her <3

Sam/Cavender - He's just himself.