Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm back! I have so much to say, but I'm too tired and crabby to type everything out. VERY short version:

1. Fun
2. Terrible crew
3. Matt in crew
4. Matt is hilarious
5. Moose
6. Not homesick
7. Horrible Red Shirt Staff
8. Overall yay
9. Lizzy not bad
10. Music
11. Emotional night
12. Lame contest
13. Rude youth group
14. Obnoxious-beyond-all-compare person
15. Retarded-beyond-all-compare person.

Crabby. Tired. Had fun. Won't type all now. Probably will forget everything. Oh well. Deal with it. Bye.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Okay, I lied about not posting,

Joraiem tagged me, so I have to do this NOW otherwise I will forget, lol!

What is your favorite book?
The "Farsala" trilogy by Hilari Bell, or "The Mortal Instruments'' trilogy by Cassandra Clare

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Ireland, or Paris.

If you could go to any fictional place where would you go?
Ooh, gosh, I don't know...Like, seriously. I cannot decide.

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? or do you write at all?
Do you even have to ask? I LOVE WRITING.

What do you want to be when you're a grown up?
Writer, lawyer, kindergarten teacher.

Favorite animal?
Jaguar, tiger, wolf.

Favorite song?
Lux Aeterna, Citizen Soldier, This is Home...

Do you like school?
Not a whole lot...well, sometimes, yeah.

Are you people person because I'm getting the idea that you are?
Haha, I am very much a people person.

Do you like to talk?
Psh, DUH!

Favorite food?
Tomoatoe soup, pizza.

Reading, writing, debating, swimming in the lake.

Favorite Author?
Hilari Bell. She is no doubt the most talented female auther I've ever read.

Favorite weapon?
Sword, usually a broadsword

Is this a fun tag or are you getting bored?'
It's good, I'm just in a hurry 'cause I have to go eat.

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High School Musical?
Not really, no.

What are you scared of?
Losing people I love, creepy spiders, crane flies.

Favorite flower?
I don't know names.

Do you always use the same password or do you use different ones?
I use three different ones, but that's it.

Almost over...

Do you like blogs?

What is the expression on your face?
Impatient, thoughtful.

Are you going to tag anyone?

Color of your eyes?
*sigh* "Blue with little explosions of green in them."

*ok finished the quiz...did you just sigh?
Yes, lol!

Okay, I tag...Cavender, Bekah, and Steven!

Over 'n' out.

Farewell! (Fairwell?)

Hey! I just got finisned packing my one allowed duffle bag with mid-thigh length shorts and a secret stash of rice krispy treats! I also just washed the dog. Now my hands smell like doggie and shampoo...

I don't think I can post for long, we're doing housework. Tomorrow, a ton of family is coming, including my favorite aunt! And I won't be here! *sob* About the time they're getting here, I'll be almost at our destination...yikes!

Lizzy is pretty nervous, and I'm...*very* surprisingly NOT. I can't believe how UN-nervous I am! I'm totally excited!

OMG! Today is Carpe Noctem Day! I have a whole post to put together! *screams* How am I supposed to think deep and controversial thoughts in like five minutes?

Okay, well, this is the last time I will be posting on Carpe Diem until Saturday, August 1st. If you are going to miss so much you can't wait until then, I, along with all the other youth, will be blogging every (ish) night on the youth trip, and you can read that here. I don't know that you'll be able to comment, though, and I'm *sure* I won't be able to respond.

Please keep me in your prayers this week, and I will talk to you later! Carpe diem!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Follow Kendra on the Youth Trip!

Hey! Sorry for posting twice, but I just wanted to drop this link off.

While we're on the mission trip, all the youth blog every night to keep in touch with our families and stuff. I thought I would post the link so y'all can read what I write every day if you want to!


(I also put the link on the Out-of-Town Heads Upgadget to your right.)

Happy reading! I'll post tomorrow, but that'll be it for this blog until at least next Saturday.

Carpe diem!


Tired. Very tired.

The lake does that to me. I have soooooo much that I really want to say, but I think I'm just gonna make this really short and then go read "Da Vinci Code".

Challenge Day: Pick a past challenge and complete it. Click on the little thing at the end of this post that says "challenge" and it'll take you to all the posts with challenges in them.

-Lake with Matt and his friends
-Look at Evolution flair on Facebook
-Mission trip tomorrow-ish.

Wow, I have no idea why I'm *SO* sleepy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sleeping Beauty's Make-Over

It's Name Day!! WOOHOO! My personal favorite :D

I'm going to go with Sleeping Beauty's name, Aurora. It means "dawn", and it comes from the Latin.

Why that name, you ask? Keep reading.

Okay, now that Name Day is out of the way, let me tell you what I've been doing today :)

First, I started reading "The Da Vinci Code". Both my parents have read it, and they told me I would really like. They said it's intriguing and well-written even if it isn't all historically accurate and some religions are falsely portrayed, including Christianity.

I'm only a few chapters into the book, but it's everything I hoped for so far! It's extremely well-written and fascinating, the story just draws you in. Author Dan Brown uses all the words that I know and never have to use! Haha, I'm such a nerd, but it really excited me to be able to exercise my ridiculously huge vocabulary.

I'm not far into the book at all, but I'll definitely let you guys know what I think when I'm done. Even now I can tell it's going to be one that I highly recommend.

Besides reading, I've been sleeping really late (10:30am today), reading blogs, writing painfully few words, and coloring print-outs of Disney characters.

I've gotten really into coloring the past couple of days. I'm a serious perfectionist about it, too. So far I've colored Meg (from Hercules"), Aladin and Jasmine on a horse, Peter Pan with Tinker Bell, Ariel sitting on a giant clam, Sleeping Beauty with Prince Philip, and Belle with The Beast.

On Sleeping Beauty, I decided not to color her as she is in the Disney movie. I colored her luxurious curls brown, gave her a red crown, an orange dress with red color and sash, and drew on a ruby ring for her ring finger. If I do say so myself, she looks way better than Disney has her ;D She looks mysterious and fiery, not Little Miss Perfect in Pink. I made some terrific changes to Bland Prince Philip, too. He's dressed in red, orange and black with jet black hair. He looks awesome. If I do say so myself.

I am way too into this.

Anyway, the mission trip is in two days! *gasp* Lizzy was getting nervous today, and now I am, too...*deep breath* Oh well. I know I'll be just fine, and having Matt and Lizzy to watch out for will make me feel better anyway. Too bad Daniel isn't going this year, though. Having him around is like having an honorary older brother.


Well, I guess that's about all I have to say.


Okay. I'm finished. Thank you, goodnight, carpe noctem.

P.S. Just for the heck of it, I'm going to tell you the names of my main characters in "The Mirror" along with their meanings. I chose the names carefully, and all of their meanings have significance.

1. Paige: young attendant
2. Darren: small great one
3. Lila: of the night
4. Arawn: unrestrained wildness
5. Narcissa: sleep
6. Luken: light
7. Aerona: poison berry
8. Nyoka: snake
9. Lita: sorrows

Darren's, Narcissa's, and Nyoka's name meanings are the most fitting, but the rest of them are pretty important, too.

Let me know what you think if you want to.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Butter Beans and Stuff

“Books have knowledge, knowledge is power, power corrupts, corruption is a crime, and crime doesn't if you keep reading, you'll go broke.”

Haha, a perfect example of the logical fallacy "the snowball". And it's the Quote of the Day, today being Wednesday.


*clears throat* Okay. Sorry. I'm done.

Today we went mission trip shopping at Goodwill. I went into the Men's section, grabbed the first three pairs of basketball shorts that looked like they might fit, tried them on, they fit, and was done in like six minutes, no lie. Lizzy spends an extra ten minutes and comes out looking like Miss. Gorgeous-And-Put-Together even though she's wearing men's clothing. *sigh* It's not fair.

We saw "Night at the Musuem 2" today, too. It was good. I liked the first one better personally, but everyone else in my family (as well as Matt) liked this second one more.

Lizzy and I went with a bunch of people from church to pick butter beans (lima beans) tonight. It was so fun! I think I would really like living on a farm, for a little while at least.

Besides that, not a whole lot is happening. I'm thinking of making a little sidebar gadget thing with links to posts about my Family, Friends, and School for people to click on if they want to. It must be kind of confusing for you guys when I talk names and stuff. First, though, I'll have to make the posts...

Okay, here's an idea. I'll make them, post them before this one, and then post this last so it still shows up at the top.

Why am I talking (typing?) to myself like this? Oh well. Bye. Carpe diem. Summer is coming to an end, people!!

School: Classical Conversations

How my Classical Conversations works:

It's like the best of both homeschool and public/private school worlds. Every Tuesday, I go to the place where my location meets and I'm in a class with my grade and a teacher from 8:30am-3pm. We do school like a regular school for the most part, only we're given all the work we're gonna do for a whole week. For elementary school, though, Tuesday classes are only from 9am-noon or 2:30, depending on what classes the kid takes. Then, we all go home and do the work and bring it back the next Tuesday. It's pretty much like a regular school only it's a lot harder (just saying) and it only meets once a week.

Find your grade and see what you would be doing!

Here's how the grades and stuff work:

Elementary School:
It's all called Foundations, and all the elementary grades learn the same thing, only at different levels kinda. There are three cycles, too. Cycle 1, the Cycle 2, then Cycle 3, then it repeats.

What you learn in elementary school/foundations:
-24 history "sentences" (Ex: English King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 limiting the king's power. Later, England's Kind Edward the 3rd claimed to be king of France and begun the Hundred Year's War in 1337.) Yes, 1st graders memorize 24 of those. And perfectly, too.

-24 science facts (Ex: What are the 7 biomes? Grasslands, Scrublands, Deserts, Desiduous Forests, Coniferous Forest, Tundra, Tropical Rainforests.

-160 timeline cards (Ex: Creation, the Fall in the Garden, Cain and Able, the Flood, the Tower of Bable, the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharoh Menes, the Old Kingdom in Egypt, Joseph as a Slave--Okay, I'm not going to recite the whole timeline for you, but it goes from Creation to the War on Terror, and the kids memorize it ALL. It's pretty impressive.)

-24 math facts as well as the square roots and cube roots up to 15

-24 grammer facts including an alphabetical list of all the prepositions (Ex: What are the four sentence types? Interrogative, Exclamatory, Imperative, Narrative.

-A list of the presidents

-Lots of Latin

Middle School:

7th grade: Challenge A
-Subjects: Latin, literature, biology, rhetoric, math, geography (including how to draw all the continents with country capitals, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges), and some other stuff that I don't remember...

8th grade: Challenge B
-Subjects: Latin, literature, formal logic, history of science, origins, chemistry, math, debate, and Mock Trial.

High School:

9th grade: Challenge I
-Subjects: Latin, American literature, economics, formal debate, physical science, math, philosophy, Shakespeare, and American government

10th grade: Challenge II
-Subjects: Latin, Brittish literature, biology, history of art and music, math, formal debate, and formal logic.

11th grade: Challenge III
-Subjects: Latin, literature, math, and I don't know what else because I haven't gotten there yet, and I don't pay that much attention, lol!

12th grade: Challenge IIII
-Subjects: Same as above.

And that's my school :D

Family and Friends


1. Mom: teaches Challenge B (8th grade), and is fun, if extremely type A sometimes :)
2. Daddy: teaches Challenge 1 (9th grade) and is a lot of fun. He's nice and loves words.
3. Lizzy: my little sister, who's 12-almost-13. She is more of a "girly girl" than I am, but she's pretty cool most of the time.
4. Licorice (Licky): my adorable black lab dog.

1. Matt: is 17 days older than Lizzy. He's just like my little brother and we've known him and his family for a LOOOOONG time (nearly 10 years).
2. Katie: Matt's 10 year old little sister. She's like a little sister to me, and she's fun most of the time. She doesn't have a whole lot of tact.
3. Daniel: he's my current closest thing to an older brother, and he's pretty cool. He'll be 16 on the 28th.
4. David: Daniel's little brother. He's 14, and mostly fun.
5. Ryan: he's 9, and like another little brother. He's EXACTLY like me, it's scary.
6. Maddie: Ryan's little sister. She's 7 and awesome.

1. Ellie B: is awesome!!!!!!! And one of my BFFs. We think the same way, it's awesome.
2. Jesse: is so much fun! She's another BFF. We don't see each other as much as we used to, but we're still close.
3. Brianna (she sometimes comments as Anonymous): we've known each other since we were like 7, and she's so nice and sweet. I love her to death. BFF!

3.29.10 EDIT:
4. Cavender :) He's pretty much awesome.

Those are all the ones I'll probably be mentioning, at least for now. When school starts I might add some of my classmates.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Citizen Soldier

Sorry for not posting yesterday! I was just about to when we had some unexpected company. This lady that my mom works with and her three kids: Daniel (14), Emily (12) and Caleb (10). I had so much fun! I just thrive on people. Being crowded gives me energy, so these past few days of PEOPLEPEOPLEPEOPLE has been so much fun for me!

We all went swimming, and then I got my mom to ask if they could stay for dinner. They did! Yay! Daniel is a really good musician. He taught himself piano from YouTube vids, and now he's taking lessons. Guitar is the same way. He played our old pump organ, and the little keyboard we keep in the unfinished part of the basement! I really like to listen to him play, and he doesn't mind playing in front of people, so that's cool.

Tomorrow we're going shopping for mission trip clothes. I know I haven't said much about the mission trip at all, have I? Well, it's for a week and we're going somewhere seven hours away. I won't say where, though, just for safety's sake (not that I think any of you are stalkers, lol).

I'm kinda nervous, but I don't get nearly as homesick as I used to, so I think I'll be okay. My lil' sister Lizzy is going this year! That's gonna be weird. Not bad (necessarily), just...weird. And so is Matt. That'll be like having a little brother, too. His mom already told me like all this stuff for me to ask him and make sure he does, lol! Hopefully having people to look out for will make me less nervous. It usually does.

Tonight is Challenge B orientation! (AKA, orientation for 8th grade, which my mom teaches.) One of my friends is going to come because her little brother is gonna be in my mom's class, so that should be cool.

I really love Challenge B. Like, I would sit in on the orientation if Kirsten wouldn't get bored to death. Challenge B was, like, the best and funnest year of my whole life.

Well, I need to go, so let me do Word and Picture Days really fast:

Word Day: Agape (pronounced ah-GAH-pay).

No, it's not actually an English word. It's Greek.

"Agape" means love, but not just "love". It means brotherly love, the love you have for your friends and family.

You see, in Greek, there are actually three different words that mean "love": agape, phileo, and eros. Agape is brotherly love, and phileo is kind of the same, only more unconditional (I think). Then eros is more like lust.
Cool, huh? I think we ought to have three words for love, too. It would take away so much confusion, don't you think?

Picture Day:

Whether you believe in this war or not, it is our duty as Americans to support our troops. They put their lives on the line every day for you and me. They are so brave, and we cannot forget it.

Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down.

P.S. SOMEONE MADE AN OFFER ON OUR OLD HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? SOMEONE MIGHT FINALLY BUY OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Please pray that this works out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

God Sightings

*sobs for joy* 38 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bekah, you rock! Thanks *so much*!!

I'm listening to "Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park, so this post might be a little distant because I love this song and am mostly listening to it and not thinking about typing so much.

Okay. Never mind. It's over.

Such an amazing song. *sigh*

OKAY, so, here's what I plan to cover in this post: Carpe Noctem, God Day, and a quick run-through of my day and the sleepover last night.

Sleepover: It was fun!! We had a blast being crazy and super silly and watching like forty-five minutes of "Twilight". We took lots of crazy pictures. Here's one of them :)

There's nothing like girl friends gettin' together and doing crazy hair! :) (I'm the one in the middle, the tall one, lol!)

Quick run through of my day: Got up, got ready for church, ate two PopTarts, went to church, talked to people, listened to the amazing sermon, went to a little restaurant with D&D and their family, ate only a grilled cheese and drank Coke because their chicken fingers make me sick-feeling for some reason, took David home with us so he wouldn't have to go all the way home only to come right back for youth group (which is near our house), did stupid stuff on the computer, felt sick to my stomach (possibly because of that restaurant?), watched thirty minutes of "Twilight", went to youth group, had a great time talking about Miracles, came home, still feeling sick, blogged on Carpe Noctem, ate dinner, still felt sick, finished blogging on Carpe Noctem, re-did the layout of Carpe Noctem, went up and watched a news special about this news guy named Walter Clonkike (or something) who died, came down here, read blogs, started typing this, still feel sick.

We think it must be something in the well-water at the restaurant that makes me sick. Ugh, I feel kind of like crap.

Carpe Noctem: Uhm, just click on the link up there (or here: and read it for yourself. Let me know what you think of the thingies on the side if you do, please.

God Day: Let's talk miracles!

We did in youth group, and it shocked me at how many miracles we've actually seen. Like, ME, personally.

1. We as a church laid hands on this guy who had kidney stone and prayed over him. We didn't pray for his surgery to go well, we prayed that God would just take the kidney stone away. We prayed that this guy would be a living miracle for the doctors to see. Well, he was. He went to the doctor the next day and the kidney stone was GONE.

2. A little girl at our church got kicked in the head by a horse. Her skull was pushed into her brain two inches. She is not paralyzed, has no brain-damage, and is completely healthy without so much as a visible scar.

3. A man at our church, a very old man, had really bad pneumonia. He was on his deathbed. The doctors all said so, we all thought so, but we kept praying. He's alive and perfectly well today.

4. Our youth leaders' daughter had severe heart problems when she was born. Time and time again, she has been a living miracle as she has had problems with that, and come out fine every time.

5. A boy we know was born with 20 different disabilities. He wasn't supposed to live to be more than a couple of DAYS old. He is currently sixteen years old.

6. A friend of our youth leader was doing something that needed a parachute in the dark. He thought he was much higher than he was, and pulled his parachute very late. Miraculously, he didn't die. He landed in a tree, and is pefectly fine today.

7. Our church is very small, and has a lot of bills to pay. Our offering isn't exactly rakin' in the cash. On a weekly basis, the accountant will wonder how in the world we're going to pay the bills. Something always happens.

8. Our youth leader was going on a family vacation a long time ago, and was broke. FLAT BROKE. They did not know how they were going to pay for the gas it took to get to their destination. They day before they left, a check came in the mail for $500. They had overpaid on something.

Stories like that are miracles that I have seen personally! Isn't it amazing? Our God is such a big God!

And it's not just the big things like kidney stones disappearing and money showing up; little things like being late to work so that you run into an old friend, waking up early to see a beautiful sunrise. Those aren't really "miracles", but God did it for you. God is always doing little things for us. You just have to stop and watch for them. At Bible School, we call those "God Sightings".

So look for God in the little details. Watch for miracles. Be prepared for God Sightings.

Hello? What are you waiting for? CARPE DIEM!

P.S. I found this blog a while ago, and this post just absolutely blows me away every time I read it. It's so poweful, so deep, so well-put, so moving, so true. "Reno" puts into words what I've felt before and never have been able to say. A thousand congratulations, Reno, for your amazing, poetic skill with words. Unfortunately, he hasn't enable comments on his blog, so I can't tell him how I feel about his writing, but I *can* share it with you, so here it is (WARNING: depressing, if incredibly eloquent): My Angel.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Amazing Day!

Not much time.

Lake 11:00am-7:30pm.
Matt, Katie, lots of other people.
Big family again. Awesome.
Two girls (Kaitlin and Jessica) are coming over in a minute and spending the night.
Katie is spending the night, too.
I always think it's funny when Lizzy will go over to Katie's one night, and then the next night, Katie is over at our house.
Got sunburned on shoulders and face. Oh well. It was worth it.
Got to see Matt and Katie's cousins again for the first time in FOREVER. They're both absolutely *GORGEOUS* now and pretty fun. Kind of city girls, though, lol! I never realize how "country" I am until city people come.
Can't post on Carpe Noctem right now :( I'm too tired. The post would be really shallow and rotten. Plus, Kaitlin and Jessica should be here any minute now.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I must be the luckiest girl in the world!!

P.S. I also had a dream last night that I had four brothers!!!!!!! Two older, two younger. And a bunch of sisters. One of the younger brothers was Matt! Lol! Maybe I'll tell you all about the dream sometime. I wrote it down. I always write down my interesting dreams, especially if they're about brothers. When I'm feeling pitiful, I read over them. Yes, I am weird.

P.P.S. THANK YOU, OURLIFESAVIOR FOR FOLLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I'm back up to 35 followers. Strange world, isn't it?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Observing the Male Specimen

Friends = Family

Family = Happiness

Happiness = Need To Capture Moment With A Post

Need To Capture Moment With A Post = Here I Am

We had those people over for dinner: Matt (12), Katie (10), Bwell (it's a nickname) (12), and the new boys Sam (12) and Joey (10). (And their parents, obviously.) The girl my age is at camp apparently, so she couldn't come.

I had so much fun. It was like having brothers. It was partly heart-warming, and partly heart-wrenching. I had the time of my life.

Boys are so violent, though. It's kind of fascinating to just watch them considering I DON'T HAVE ANY BROTHERS TO OBSERVE AT MY HOUSE. I had a bunch of my LiveStrong bracelets (those rubber bracelets) lying around that I was gonna throw away or give away, and before long, they were shooting them at each other. After a while, I just joined in.

Then, they just killed each other for a while. I don't know why boys have to try to kill each other FOR FUN. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but in a very strange way I still understand it.


To make matters worse, Sam went over to Matt's house, and Lizzy went over to Katie's house (same house, but whatever), and now I'm ALL ALONE. I went from having a huge, amazing family WITH BROTHERS, to being a sad, lonely, only child.

Life is wonderful, life is sad.

But there's a reason for everything, right?



July 17, 2009

*sob* I've lost two followers in one week!! What has happened to my streak of good follower luck? Oh well. A three steps forward, one step back.

People are coming over for dinner tonight. Matt and Katie ("little brother" and "little sister") and their parents, and this guy that's helping our church build a bigger building. The guy has a daughter my age, and then two younger boys. This is going to be an interesting evening. Hopefully, the girl will be nice and hopefully Matt and the other two boys won't do evil things to us the whole night, lol!

Last night and today, I read over my fire fairy stories. They need so much work. Usually, I read over them and like them, even if they are a bit juvenile. This time, I was just disgusted with myself. *sigh*

I figured out why my stomach muscles aren't that sore this morning. I stopped lifting with my abs and started lifting with my neck. *rolls eyes at self* My neck is sore instead. I can't believe this. It's not like I don't know how to do crunches. I mean, I do, I guess I just...didn't, lol!

Okay, Challenge Day! No one does the challenges, which just figures because I'm finally getting creative with them. Here's the dumbest, and possibly easiest, challenge yet: take a picture of your eye. And preferably upload it somewhere as proof, but you don't have to. You can just tell me. You will get an award for it. *trumpet sounds*

I need books. I've read everything I own. I haven't been to a bookstore in FOREVER. I'm dying. Withering away. HEEEEEEELP!

Oh, guess what? The Youth Mission Trip is a week from Sunday! *gasp!!* It came up so fast! And it sucks, because that means that school starts in less than a month! NOOO! It feels like I just got out! And I've actually been out for way longer than anyone else, so I have NOTHING to complain about, lol! Still, being off has been nice.

On the other hand, being a nerd and all, I'm really looking forward to having to use my brain again. I feel so pretty-minded (read the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfield. Highly recommended.).


That's all. Bye.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sdrawkcab Names :)

Omg, guess what?? I went out to look at my garden today and was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! I had:

-six HUGE zucchini (two and half inches thick and some a foot long)
-six gorgeous yellow squashes
-two big green peppers

YAY!! Who knew my garden whim would become such a success?? Not me, that's for sure.

Today started out really boring. I got up at 9:15-ish, ate two Straberry PopTarts, got on the computer, did a bunch of nothing, made my bed, ate lunch (chips, salsa, and a Go-Gurt), got back on the computer, went outside to sweep the front porch and back patio (which is ridiculously HUGE and hard to sweep), came inside, ran around trying to get my endurance up (more on that later), did a bunch of crunches (more on that later, too), went out and picked my garden (already said more on that), and now I'm here.

Over-all, the day hasn't been too bad. I actually did stuff besides computer, which always makes me feel good.

The reason I'm trying to get my endurance back up is this: a couple of days ago, Daddy says, "Oh, Kendra, don't let us forget to sign you up for soccer." And I'm like *blink* "Oh yeah. Uh-oh."

Every year, I swear I'm going to STAY IN SHAPE until next soccer season, and every year, I don't. Soccer rolls around and I'm the last one to finish laps, and I meet back up with everyone gasping for breath.

I made a similar promise not to sit around all summer this year, but summer's almost over and that's what I've done! Yikes!

So, starting today, I'm going to exercise daily, a little harder every day. Soccer will NOT catch me unprepared THIS year.


About the crunches, well, I used to pride myself on how strong my stomach muscles were, but since I've been so lazy lately, I'm afraid they're going to be pitiful for dance "season" coming up in September. Yeah, SEPTEMBER, but it's never too early to get in shape.

I did some sit-ups and stuff on vacation (did I mention that? I don't remember.), and I was sore the next day. Today, I wanted to see if that had improved my ab-strength at all. It has! Yay! I did 100 crunches without cramping up. Hooray for being in shape (ish)! I'm going to try to keep this up.

Well, today is *looks at calender* wait, it's Thursday? Oh, whoops. So yesterday was Wednesday, and I put a picture up thinking it was Tuesday.

I'm so out of it.

Okay, so here's the quote for yesterday:

"Talking with you is sort of the conversational equivalent of an out of body experience." -Bill Watterson

Hahaha, I think that's so funny!

Okay, NAME DAAAAAAAAY! *crowd goes wild*

The name of the day is...


It's "heaven" spelled backwards. Isn't that creative?

Hmm, I wonder what you get if you spell other stuff backwards...

Evol (Love)
Sterces (Secrets)
Enigami (Imagine)
Dirot (Torid)

Whoa, some of those are really cool! I actually really like those! Enigami (ee-NIH-gah-mee) is probably my favorite. Then Sterces (STIR-sees). Then Dirot (DEER-ot). Then Evol (ee-VOHL).

I think they could all work for a boy or a girl (except Enigami; that sounds like a girl's name to me).

That was actually really fun. But now I better go before I just start rambling. *sigh*

Carpe--you know the drill ;P

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's...Okay To Be Back

We're home! I would say it's good to be back, but, well...vacation is pretty awesome, and I really still love my old house, so coming home was kind of...a downer :(

Brighter side: Vacation was pretty good! We stayed a whole extra day so that I could swim. Aw! I was so happy that my family would do that for me. It was great. There were some truly hilarious people that hung out at the pool. I laughed out loud several times. There was one family with two little boys, an older boy, mom, dad, grandma and grandpa. They were really something :) Southern and...not the most well-mannered family ever ;) Still, they weren't really obnoxious, and they were pretty funny. Their hotel room was on the third floor, overlooking the pool. They kept leaving stuff out on the balcony to let it dry, and it would fall off the railing. Once they yelled down at my mom and dad to get a flip flop for them, but mostly they just kept coming down and getting the fallen item and going back up. Once, I saw them spying on me with bonoculars. Lols! The older boy seemed like the most polite of them all. He was definitely in the redneck category, but he was considerate and seemed nice, too.

Uh-oh side: My mom almost lost all her favorite jewelry! When we decided to stay another night, that was fine with the hotel people, but we had to switch rooms. She accidentally left her jewelry in the drawer of the first room we stayed in. We didn't notice until this morning when we were packing up. She knew she'd left it in the drawer of the first room, so we called the front desk and they checked it out. It wasn't in the drawer, and it wasn't in the lost and found. OH NO! Well, after a few minutes of tragedy and panicking, it turns up in the lost and found after all. The maid had put the jewelry case and stuff in a grocery bag, so the lady looking through the lost and found hadn't recognized it from the description. Go figure.

Redder side: I got sunburned in my new bathing suit! I used to never wear stuff like the one I'm wearing this year, so my chest, like never saw the light of day. Apparently, when your skin isn't used to any sun at all, exposing it to the intense rays of the beach sun is a bad idea with only SPF 6 on. I have lobster chest. Ouch.

Specialer side: It's picture day! I would upload a photo from our trip, but the camera is dead, and anyway, I'm not good at that kind of stuff, lol! So, here's something else instead:

Not exactly what you think of when someone says "beach", but it's pretty, so, whatever ;)

Familiar side: We're going to watch National Treasure tonight! Always a favorite.

Written side: That random scene for "The Mirror" is going really nicely! I can't wait till I figure out what to do with!

Hmm...I know there was something I was going to say...Oh well. Must not have been very important otherwise I'd have remembered, right? Let's hope.

Carpe diem!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chillaxin' with Chicken Noodle


We're at a different hotel now, and it's much nicer. Not that Pawpaw's motel was gross or something, this is just better. The beds are (thankfully) bigger. Lizzy is a bed hog and I will be glad to have more room. Love you, sis :D

We went to a church that my mom's friend goes to. It was pretty cool. The music was good, but I like our church band better. This church had lights and stuff, though.

I sat out and roasted by the pool again today. No new tan to speak of. Well, okay, maybe a little now that I actually LOOK at my legs.

We're right on the beach. I mean, the hotel is, I'm not on the beach right now, but I sure plan to be. Being at the beach always gets my creativity going. I'll think of a million things to write, but none of it has anything to do with "The Mirror", unfortunately.

I wrote some more of The Random Scene yesterday, and it went really well. Some things that I've had in mind and some lines that I've had in mind for a long time came into play. I really want to put the scene in the book, but I have no clue where...or when...or how to get to that point in the story...*sigh* Such is the life of a writer. Lol ;)

Tonight is supposed to be a low-key evening. We're heating up chicken-noodle soup and just chilling. YAY! I hate it on vacation if we're just GOING GOING GOING all the time. Vacation is about relaxing, isn't it?

Tomorrow I plan to take a walk on the beach. Alone. Possibly I'll take my note-book along. I don't know. There're so many people on the beach. We pretty much only ever come to the beach in the off-season. I've actually never been to the beach in the summer, much less on a weekend. It is CROWDED! And not even particularly crowded, my mom says. But I'll feel weird walking around with note-book if everyone is staring at me. And I'll have to worry about looking cute/pretty. How annoying is that, I ask you? I know boys aren't supposed to notice much, but sometimes I wish they were all blind. I look fine in a bathing suit, I guess, but I always feel like they're *staring* at me. It's irritating, not to mention uncomfortable. Well, at least it is when I'm trying to write something or just relax.

Okaaaaaay. I'll get off this odd and slightly awkward subject now.

That's about all I have to say for now, I guess. Oh, today is God Day.

This is going to be short: Look around you. Everything is so complex and beautiful. How could this have just happened? I'm just saying. Everything is so...intricate that it *couldn't* just happen.

It couldn't.

God is awesome, people!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

That's Just the Way I Write

I can't post for very long; my mom said as soon as she comes back from visiting my grandpa in the lobby, I have to get off. Grrr.

It's been a fun day mostly. The parents went to a one day practicum, so Lizzy and I had the motel room to ourselves all day. We went to breakfast with Pawpaw and then went by Wal-Mart to get something for him. When we got back, the maid still hadn't come to clean up our room and stuff, and we didn't want to be in her way, so we just put on bathing suits and went out to sit by the pool (well, Lizzy swam. I...can't right now).

That was at 10:45. The maid didn't come until 1:00. Yeah, we were sitting by the pool waiting and ROASTING for over two hours. Lol, it was okay, though. Really, really, hot, but hopefully I got tanner or something...HAHAHA, I WISH. Lol :)

I wrote a scene of "Creepy" (I mean, "The Mirror". I still mess that up sometimes), but I have no idea what it is or where it goes. Yeah, I know, that's weird, but I do that sometimes. Er, I mean, it just happens. I'll get an idea that has nothing to do with what's going on in the book, and I just have to write it.

The scene I wrote is of Darren and Paige and they're in a beautiful field near a cottage. They're staying at the cottage with...some person that's taking care of them. I didn't think about that yet. Paige thinks the view is gorgeous, and Darren whole-heartedly agrees. Then, he starts up a deep converstation about where they want to spend their future, Sorayoni, or Earth.

I haven't finished writing it yet, so I don't know how it turns out. I usually don't know that kind of stuff until the character says it. It's kind of an inefficient way of writing, I guess, but it feels more real to me when the characters do the talking and I just write it down.

That's pretty much all that's happened today except me FREEZING in the motel room. My mom and Lizzy like it FREEZING, so that's how it is. If I suddenly stop typing, it's because my fingers have frozen and fallen off.

Well, today is Carpe Noctem day, and if I were home, I'd be typing out a post on Evolution right now. Unfortunately, I left my notes at home. (Yes, I outline my "Carpe Noctem: Evolution" posts. Yes, I am that nerdy.)

So, without further ado, I will just say CARPE DIEM and let you go do that. TTYL!


P.S. Ooh, also, I'm trying to think of what Darren should want to be when he grows up. So, any people reading this of the male persuasion, give me your ideas. You don't have to know Darren to think of them, just say all the stuff you've ever wanted to be so I can take it into consideration. Also, you have until midnight tonight to memorize the theme song to a kid's TV show. Get busy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

CHALLENGE! And Vacation-ness

Hola! This is Kendra Logan live from a motel on vacation!

The drive was like five hours yesterday, so that wasn't too fun, but I've had a pretty good time so far. My grandpa is awesome. We got here at around eight last night and went to eat at Elizabeth's Pizza.

Okay, I have some things to say about THAT :) You know those books that I've been talking about lately ("The Mortal Instruments" trilogy)? Well, the Elizabeth's looked just like this little diner from the books, and the hostess looked EXACTLY!!!! like the main character! We found out her name, but it wasn't Clarissa/Clary, it was Ashley.

Also, when I was craning my neck for a look at the hostess, a busboy saw me and was like, "Oh, are you looking for your server?" It was really sweet. *blink* Nevermind. He was just sweet. And kind of cute :)

After dinner, we came home and watched some TV. The hilarious movie "Get Smart" was on, so we watched that until a little after 11:30pm. Then I turned it off and went to sleep. I woke up and was wide awake at 2:30am, though, so that was annoying. I went back to sleep at 3:03am. (I remember these things, lol.)

I didn't eat breakfast this, yeah, I did. I ate a piece of my mom's zucchini bread that we brought. It's really good. We hung around the room until 11:30 and then we went out to eat with my grandpa 'cause it's his birthday. We went to the K&W Cafeteria and one of the waitress ladies told him "happy birthday" in Chinese. It was cool.

Then, we went to Great Outdoor Provision because my dad is interesting in buying a kyak that you can paddle with your feet. (They're cool.) Then we bought him a belt at Stein Mart because he forgot his at home.

Then we came back to the motel and did the pool until like 4:30pm. Then I came in and got on the computer and checked email, facebook, and read all the blog posts people have written since Wednesday. Then, we went to eat dinner. It was at a really good seafood place, but I wasn't hungry so I just got a baked potatoe, which was really good! Then, we went to Baskin Robbins and got ice cream. I got lemon sorbet and it was REALLY GOOD.

Then, my pocketbook strap broke on me -_-

We decided to go to the mall. So we poked around for a little while, and got some stuff at Bath & Body Works. Then, my mom went with Lizzy to look in Claire's, while Daddy offered to take me to Belk to see if we could find me a new pocketbook. (He can be so sweet and thoughtful sometimes.) Pawpaw (my grandpa, obviously, lol) opted to go with us.

On the way to Belk, I saw this little store called Ping's Tibet. The clothes in the window were really...weird. One looked like a wedding dress with weird ruffles and a fur cape. A shirt looked like a Japanese kimono. I turned to Daddy and was like, "Can we go in there just really quick? If we don't have time that's okay, I don't really think I'm gonna buy anything." Daddy said it was okay, though, so we went into the store.

It was so cool! All the stuff was handmade and Ping (the owner of the store) goes to Tibet and brings back all the stuff. The Tibetians have this thing with yaks the store guy (Matt; leave it to my dad to befriend the salesguy ;)) said. He showed us pictures of Tibet and Tibetians and a yak that Ping brought back (the pictures, not the yak, lol). I ended up buying this cool silver ring with a little black jewel.

Just in case you didn't know, rings are my thing. Now you know what to get me for my birthday! :D Just kidding.

We DID actually end up going to Belk to look for a pocketbook. I ended up getting one!!! It's awesome, and I'm pretty sure it's, like, a really in-style brand. Can you believe it? I bought something FASHIONABLE! I'm so bad at that. Anyway, I don't remember the brand and I'm too lazy to get up and look (lol), but it's got like a giraffe print and the strap and trim are pink and it's leather. It's big, but it doesn't LOOK big. I can EASILY fit all my junk in it, and I have TONS of room left over!! There's a pocke down the middle that I can perfectly fit, get this, A BOOK! How great is that?

So, this brings us to where I am now, watching Phineas and Ferb and typing this. So far, vacation is pretty good. Thanks for reading this ridiculously long and rambling post.

Oh, wait, a Challenge! AND, I have a proposition:

No one does my challenges, so maybe let's try some incentive. Every time you complete a challenge, you get an award to put on your blog. Get five awards and I'll...advertise your blog on my blog super convincingly for a week.

*sigh* I'm not good at this. Just do the challenge and tell me about it.

CHALLENGE: Memorize the lyrics to a kid's show theme song. Arthur, Phineas and Ferb, Dora Explorer, you get the idea.

So, carpe diem! DO THE CHALLENGE.


P.S. I'm typing on Daddy's laptop and he doesn't have my signature code saved on here, so you have to put up with that boring thing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Stargirl" and Vacation Heads Up

Well, the temporary Jace obsession is fading fast, so there's good news for you ;) He's still awesome and everything, and the books are very good, but you don't have to worry about any more Jace pictures or quotes, I don't think.

Although, since this IS Quote Day, I'll probably post one of his quotes anyway, but that will be the end most likely.

I woke up at ten o'clock today. Ah, there's nothing like sleeping late, then looking out the window and seeing it's sunny, warm, and breezy outside. I ate two Pop-Tarts, finished reading a book called "Stargirl", and then got on here to resume my life as a computer nerd. We might be going to the lake later today, though, so I'll get out then :)

I just want to say a little about "Stargirl". It's written by Jerry Spinelli. (He's written other stuff, but the only other thing I've read, I think, is "Loser".) I really like "Stargirl". It's not one of my favorite books necessarily, but it's provocative and well-written, even if the style is a little odd. I'll post what it says on the back of the book:

"She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitter shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew."

Stargirl is a very interesting character, and the whole book is just like one eye-opening experience after another. It makes you think about things in a whole new way. It's a really strange book, but I would recommend it to anyone. It's relatively small, only 186 pages long. I could probably read it in a day, but it's pretty good reading.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, to the beach! Yay! My grandpa lives really close to the beach and he works at a hotel. We're going to stay at the hotel and be with him some, too, because his brithday is the 10th.

I really like my grandpa. He's fun and always looks for the good things in life. He's funny, but not on purpose. He's terrible with directions, which makes for some hilarious stories. He's always so put-together. He wears nice business suits and seems like the kind of person you can ask things and depend on. Everyone likes him. He's easy to get along with, is considerate and kind, and a good worker. He's an awesome grandpa and I love him a lot.

I'll be gone until Tuesday, but my dad is bringing his laptop along and the hotel has WiFi, so I might be able to post. I don't know for sure. We'll see.

I haven't written "Mirror" in a little while. Hmm. I'm in another block. This time it's because I don't know where I'm going with this. I don't know what I want to happen for sure, or how to end it. I have several possible endings, all of them good, but I don't know which one to chose. Oh well; I guess I'll figure it out eventually, right? Hm.

Thanks for reading this jumble of odd thoughts! I hope your day is going well!

OH! I almost forgot! It's Quote Day! But I don't I'll do a Jace quote after all. I think I'll do a Stargirl quote:

"And...I see. I hear. But not with my eyes and ears. I'm not outside my world anymore, and I'm not really inside it either. The thing is, there's no dfference anymore between me and the universe. The boundary is gone. I am it and it is me. I am a stone, a cactus thorn. I am rain. I like that most of all, being rain."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Couldn't Help Myself

My favorite Jace quotes from "The Mortal Instruments" trilogy. Enjoy!

1. "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself, [but] I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting."

2. “I am a bad***, and I recognize that you, too, are a bad***."

3. "If you were half as funny as you think you are, you'd be twice as funny as you are now."

4. “ fact, don't touch any of my weapons without my permission.”

5. “It wouldn't be my move. First the candy and flowers, then the apology letters, then the ravenous demon hordes. In that order.”

6. "Don't tell me. Simon's turned himself into an ocelot and you want me to do something about it before Isabelle makes him into a stole. Well, you'll have to wait till tomarrow. I'm out of commission.” He pointed at himself-he was wearing blue pajamas with a hole in the sleeve. “Look. Jammies.”

7. “The meek may inherit the earth, but at the moment it belongs to the conceited. Like me.”

8. "I have a high pain threshold. In fact, it's more of a large and tastefully decorated foyer than a threshold. But I do get easily bored."

9. "No. I'm just a very naughty boy. I do all sorts of bad things. I kick kittens. I make rude gestures at nuns."

10. “That does it. I’m going to get you a dictionary for Christmas this year.”

11. "I see. I'll just have them change demonology text books from ‘almost extinct' to 'not extinct enough for Alec. He prefers his monsters really, really extinct. Will that make you happy?"

12. "Yeah. He’s terrified I’ll tell everyone that he's always really wanted to be a ballerina.”

13. "'Ha Ha?' That's your comeback?"

14. "I loved that jacket!"

15. “No, we’ve been punching her repeatedly in the face. Why, do you think that won’t work?”

16. “I am a man and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone, woman, and bring me something brown.”

17. “I don't want to be a man. I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can't confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead."

Love it. Hope you did, too. I had to take out some of my favorites because they're...really hilarious, but kind of thing that could be blush-inducing. I don't feel like posting that sort of thing here, lol! And I apologize for this unseemly bout of teenage girlishness.

Jace Wayland <3

I spent the night with Ellie B last night, and we talked about lots of stuff, some of it deep and meaningful, and some about how amazing Jace Wayland is.

He's a character in "The Mortal Instruments" trilogy. I don't know if you remember, but I read that a couple of weeks (a month?) ago. Well, Ellie read them, too, of course, and we're equally in love with Jace. He's so amazing. Hot, arrogant, a Shadowhunter (one of the best, I might add). He's just so awesome. I don't even know why.

Anyway, we hope it'll become a movie, but at the same time we don't. I mean, what if it ends up like "Twilight"? They don't do the movie justice, and then everybody and their brother is in love with it. I don't want "The Mortal Instruments" to become another pop-culture phenomenon that everyone ends up hating after three weeks. Jace is too awesome to be spoiled like that.

Isn't it wonderfully ironic that today is Picture Day? Because now I have an even better excuse for posting pictures of Jace! :)

I like this one, but it's not my favorite. Same. Good, but not the best.

I do love this one. Possibly a favorite.

Probably my favorite. It captures it all.

The actor is pretty cute, too, but, as usual, the character is the one I'm "in love" with. *sigh/moan* Figures :)

Last night was Gabrielle's 14th birthday party! That was really fun! Seriously. It was great. It was almost like "old times" in a couple of ways, and the "new times" weren't so bad either. I was really happy with the evening, and I think Gabby was, too! I'm always self-conscious about the presents I get people, but I think she was pleased. Yay! :)

That's all for now, folks! Talk to ya later! Look up "The Mortal Insturments"! Carpe diem!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Five Days in One

Sorry. I've been really busy with Bible school and Fourth of July stuff, and frankly, I just didn't feel like posting.

I still have nothing to say. I'm having posting block or something. Well, since I missed Thursday through Sunday, I'll just do those specialty posts:

Thursday, Name Day:

Let's do the most popular names, shall we?

Most Popular Top Ten Girls' Names:
1. Emma (means "universe" or something)
2. Emily (Nothing to say.)
3. Madison (Wisconsin?)
4. Isabelle (Love it.)
5. Abagail (Don't like that name just a whole lot. Reminds me of the 1800's. I like Abby, though.)
6. Olivia (Reminds me of an olive.)
7. Ava (Love this name.)
8. Chloe/Khloe (Kewl.)
9. Sophia (Means "wisdom" or something.)
10. Addison (Pretty much like Madison, only someone drops their "M"s.)

Most Popular Top Ten Boys' Names:
1. Jacob (And Esau ;))
2. Noah (And the ark. Seriously, can't believe this is making a comeback.)
3. Aiden (Means "fire".)
4. Jackson (Yay for surnames as first names!)
5. Jack (And Jill...)
6. Logan (My last name...)
7. Ryan (I like this name. But I think it would be a cute girl's name, too, for some reason.)
8. Matthew (Okay.)
9. Jayden (Hey, I made this up!)
10. Joshua (Generic, but I like it.)

How interesting. Hey, wait a minute! I thought I made up the name Jayden! I thought *I* invented that! -_- Apparently not. Oh well. Just goes to show I make up pretty sweet names, right? Lol ;)

My favorite girls' names out of those would be Isabelle, Ava, Khloe, and Sophia.

My favorite boys' names out of those would be Aiden (it means "fire"), Jackson, Jayden, and Joshua. I like "J" names :D

Okay, Friday, Challenge Day:

Uh. Okay, read a chapter book in a day. Good luck :P

Saturday, Carpe Noctem Day:

You could just go read Carpe Noctem, you know.

Sunday, God Day:

Oh, boy. Well, here's something. I'll tell my favorite Bible point from Bible school this week: God is with us (FEAR NOT!). And he is. All the time, everywhere. How cool is that??

Today, Monday, Word Day:

Ooh, I actually like my word from my Word of the Day calendar! It's "atrabilious", which means given to or marked by melancholy.

Pretty much it means gloomy. Cool word, right?

Well, in the words of Bugs Bunny, that's all for now, folks!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Aliases

Okay, so I was bored and decided to make signatures for all my aliases (spelling?). So, here :D

Haha, yeahh...I have one more, but I don't feel like giving it out :D

A Quick Run-Down, Food for Thought, and Another Fill-Out

Another fun day! VBS, talk to some girl about doing Classical next year, swim in her pool, come home, swim in the gorgeous, crystal-clear green lake, take a shower with my CD player blasting, eat pizza, read an article on names in Reader's Digest, catch up on blogs, and that's about it.

Today is QUOTE DAY, my current second favorite day (first place goes to names, of course).

Quote: "Anyone who can handle a needle convincingly can make us see a thread which is not there." - E. H. Gombrich

Isn't that awesome and profound? At the very least it's some food for thought. Who in your life is making you see a thread that isn't there?

LOTR vs. Narnia fill-out:

Gimli vs. Trumpkin?

Gandalf vs. Professor Cornelius?

The White Witch vs. Saruman?

Gandalf vs. Aslan?

Aragorn vs. Aslan?

Narnia vs. Middle Earth?
Ooh, that's so hard!! Maybe Narnia, though...

Prince Caspian vs. Frodo?
Prince, Frodo.

Susan vs. Arwen?
Susan. Never liked Arwen. I don't really know why. She's growing on me, though.

Edmund vs. Merry?

Lucy vs. Pippin?
Pippin, he's hilarious. But Lucy is awesome, too.

Peter vs. Haldir?

The Dancing Lawn vs. Lothlorien?

Centaurs vs. elves?

Peter's sword vs. Anduril?

Susan's magic bow and arrows vs. Legolas's bow of Galadrim?
Susan's magic bow and arrows

Wargs vs. Werewolves?

The Witch's castle vs. The Tower of Barad-dur?
Tough one...Barad-dur

Gryphons vs. Eagles?.
Psh, gryphons!

Uruk-hai vs. Telemarines?

Catapults vs. Oliphaunts?

Cair Paravel vs. Rivendell?

Do it if you want to, but I don't care. I just felt like doing it myself :)

Today has been great! Carpe diem!