Monday, July 6, 2009

Five Days in One

Sorry. I've been really busy with Bible school and Fourth of July stuff, and frankly, I just didn't feel like posting.

I still have nothing to say. I'm having posting block or something. Well, since I missed Thursday through Sunday, I'll just do those specialty posts:

Thursday, Name Day:

Let's do the most popular names, shall we?

Most Popular Top Ten Girls' Names:
1. Emma (means "universe" or something)
2. Emily (Nothing to say.)
3. Madison (Wisconsin?)
4. Isabelle (Love it.)
5. Abagail (Don't like that name just a whole lot. Reminds me of the 1800's. I like Abby, though.)
6. Olivia (Reminds me of an olive.)
7. Ava (Love this name.)
8. Chloe/Khloe (Kewl.)
9. Sophia (Means "wisdom" or something.)
10. Addison (Pretty much like Madison, only someone drops their "M"s.)

Most Popular Top Ten Boys' Names:
1. Jacob (And Esau ;))
2. Noah (And the ark. Seriously, can't believe this is making a comeback.)
3. Aiden (Means "fire".)
4. Jackson (Yay for surnames as first names!)
5. Jack (And Jill...)
6. Logan (My last name...)
7. Ryan (I like this name. But I think it would be a cute girl's name, too, for some reason.)
8. Matthew (Okay.)
9. Jayden (Hey, I made this up!)
10. Joshua (Generic, but I like it.)

How interesting. Hey, wait a minute! I thought I made up the name Jayden! I thought *I* invented that! -_- Apparently not. Oh well. Just goes to show I make up pretty sweet names, right? Lol ;)

My favorite girls' names out of those would be Isabelle, Ava, Khloe, and Sophia.

My favorite boys' names out of those would be Aiden (it means "fire"), Jackson, Jayden, and Joshua. I like "J" names :D

Okay, Friday, Challenge Day:

Uh. Okay, read a chapter book in a day. Good luck :P

Saturday, Carpe Noctem Day:

You could just go read Carpe Noctem, you know.

Sunday, God Day:

Oh, boy. Well, here's something. I'll tell my favorite Bible point from Bible school this week: God is with us (FEAR NOT!). And he is. All the time, everywhere. How cool is that??

Today, Monday, Word Day:

Ooh, I actually like my word from my Word of the Day calendar! It's "atrabilious", which means given to or marked by melancholy.

Pretty much it means gloomy. Cool word, right?

Well, in the words of Bugs Bunny, that's all for now, folks!

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Seth said...

haha, that word is _so_ going in steph's book.

i enjoy all your christian posts. it's nice to have so many christian people in my blogger circle. very encouraging. (^-^)

oh, dude, new favorite song, check it out: Hero by Skillet. their new album comes out in august! i'm gonna die of waiting...


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