Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chillaxin' with Chicken Noodle


We're at a different hotel now, and it's much nicer. Not that Pawpaw's motel was gross or something, this is just better. The beds are (thankfully) bigger. Lizzy is a bed hog and I will be glad to have more room. Love you, sis :D

We went to a church that my mom's friend goes to. It was pretty cool. The music was good, but I like our church band better. This church had lights and stuff, though.

I sat out and roasted by the pool again today. No new tan to speak of. Well, okay, maybe a little now that I actually LOOK at my legs.

We're right on the beach. I mean, the hotel is, I'm not on the beach right now, but I sure plan to be. Being at the beach always gets my creativity going. I'll think of a million things to write, but none of it has anything to do with "The Mirror", unfortunately.

I wrote some more of The Random Scene yesterday, and it went really well. Some things that I've had in mind and some lines that I've had in mind for a long time came into play. I really want to put the scene in the book, but I have no clue where...or when...or how to get to that point in the story...*sigh* Such is the life of a writer. Lol ;)

Tonight is supposed to be a low-key evening. We're heating up chicken-noodle soup and just chilling. YAY! I hate it on vacation if we're just GOING GOING GOING all the time. Vacation is about relaxing, isn't it?

Tomorrow I plan to take a walk on the beach. Alone. Possibly I'll take my note-book along. I don't know. There're so many people on the beach. We pretty much only ever come to the beach in the off-season. I've actually never been to the beach in the summer, much less on a weekend. It is CROWDED! And not even particularly crowded, my mom says. But I'll feel weird walking around with note-book if everyone is staring at me. And I'll have to worry about looking cute/pretty. How annoying is that, I ask you? I know boys aren't supposed to notice much, but sometimes I wish they were all blind. I look fine in a bathing suit, I guess, but I always feel like they're *staring* at me. It's irritating, not to mention uncomfortable. Well, at least it is when I'm trying to write something or just relax.

Okaaaaaay. I'll get off this odd and slightly awkward subject now.

That's about all I have to say for now, I guess. Oh, today is God Day.

This is going to be short: Look around you. Everything is so complex and beautiful. How could this have just happened? I'm just saying. Everything is so...intricate that it *couldn't* just happen.

It couldn't.

God is awesome, people!



Shep said...

I love vacations. I've been on, like, one in my entire life. To the beach. I swam and caught sand crabs and made sludgecastles.

Question: what does Carpe Noctem mean? Email me the answer, I won't be on for another ten days :(

Limer said...

okay, just to tell you, guys don't really care what you look like, or at least I don't. And what kind of trip are you on?

God Rocks

Kendra Logan said...

Seth: I used to catch sand crabs when I was little! Awesome! My mom and I made sludgecastles, too, but we called them "dink castles". Don't ask why, I don't know. Lol :)

Limer: Well, that's good news! Lols!

We're just on vacation, to the beach. We were supposed to go home tomorrow, but we're staying an extra day!! YAY!!!

Life Savior said...

Maybe you should wear a more modest swimsuit and no one will stare. Bingo. Problem solved.


p.s. Maybe the boys there are having a hard time adverting their eyes. But you shouldn't make it harder on them, you know...

Kendra Logan said...

My bathing suit *IS* modest. Check it:

Love your name. I really do.

I know that.

Wow, sorry if that seemed really...snippy. It's just that, I'm not exactly "dressing to impress" here. And guys don't stare at me, I'm just paranoid that they will.

Life Savior said...

I don't know what *IS* means, but just remember that you can't be
'too modest'. Even at a beach.


Kendra Logan said...

Oh, "*IS*" is just "is" in capital letters with asterisks for emphasis, lol!

You're right, your can't be too modest, but there's nothing wrong with showing enough skin to have fun and get a tan, as long as that's why you're wearing it.

Life Savior said...

What's more important to you, getting a tan, or being modest?


Kendra Logan said...

Who says I can't do both? Because that's exactly what I do.

Life Savior said...

Well good job then! :)


i didn't see what yer bathing suit looked like so i didn't evaluate you well enough, sorry 'bout that.

Life Savior said...

just carin' :)


Life Savior said...

thx for checking out the blog!


Life Savior said...

wow i left a lot of comments, heres one to make it an odd number. :)


Kendra Logan said...

Thank you. And, not trying to be rude, but next time you should actually *look* at the example people leave for you instead of continuing to jump to conclusions ;P

No problem! The blog is cool!

Lols, odd numbers are always better :P And I don't mind lots of comments. I actually like it. Feel free to comment anytime about anything.