Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family and Friends


1. Mom: teaches Challenge B (8th grade), and is fun, if extremely type A sometimes :)
2. Daddy: teaches Challenge 1 (9th grade) and is a lot of fun. He's nice and loves words.
3. Lizzy: my little sister, who's 12-almost-13. She is more of a "girly girl" than I am, but she's pretty cool most of the time.
4. Licorice (Licky): my adorable black lab dog.

1. Matt: is 17 days older than Lizzy. He's just like my little brother and we've known him and his family for a LOOOOONG time (nearly 10 years).
2. Katie: Matt's 10 year old little sister. She's like a little sister to me, and she's fun most of the time. She doesn't have a whole lot of tact.
3. Daniel: he's my current closest thing to an older brother, and he's pretty cool. He'll be 16 on the 28th.
4. David: Daniel's little brother. He's 14, and mostly fun.
5. Ryan: he's 9, and like another little brother. He's EXACTLY like me, it's scary.
6. Maddie: Ryan's little sister. She's 7 and awesome.

1. Ellie B: is awesome!!!!!!! And one of my BFFs. We think the same way, it's awesome.
2. Jesse: is so much fun! She's another BFF. We don't see each other as much as we used to, but we're still close.
3. Brianna (she sometimes comments as Anonymous): we've known each other since we were like 7, and she's so nice and sweet. I love her to death. BFF!

3.29.10 EDIT:
4. Cavender :) He's pretty much awesome.

Those are all the ones I'll probably be mentioning, at least for now. When school starts I might add some of my classmates.


Cavender James said...

What about MEEEEE?!!??!!? I'm your friend!!!!! XD

Kendra Logan said...

Of *COURSE* you are! But we never see each other, and so I'm not sure how many times I'll blog about stuff we do together, lol! If I put all my friends, I'd never be finished *sigh*

Please don't be sad...

Cassie said...

Um, excuse me!!! I will forgive you because we weren't super close yet when you wrote his but I feel that this post needs another edit adding someone else..........:P jk lol you don't have too :)