Sunday, July 19, 2009

God Sightings

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I'm listening to "Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park, so this post might be a little distant because I love this song and am mostly listening to it and not thinking about typing so much.

Okay. Never mind. It's over.

Such an amazing song. *sigh*

OKAY, so, here's what I plan to cover in this post: Carpe Noctem, God Day, and a quick run-through of my day and the sleepover last night.

Sleepover: It was fun!! We had a blast being crazy and super silly and watching like forty-five minutes of "Twilight". We took lots of crazy pictures. Here's one of them :)

There's nothing like girl friends gettin' together and doing crazy hair! :) (I'm the one in the middle, the tall one, lol!)

Quick run through of my day: Got up, got ready for church, ate two PopTarts, went to church, talked to people, listened to the amazing sermon, went to a little restaurant with D&D and their family, ate only a grilled cheese and drank Coke because their chicken fingers make me sick-feeling for some reason, took David home with us so he wouldn't have to go all the way home only to come right back for youth group (which is near our house), did stupid stuff on the computer, felt sick to my stomach (possibly because of that restaurant?), watched thirty minutes of "Twilight", went to youth group, had a great time talking about Miracles, came home, still feeling sick, blogged on Carpe Noctem, ate dinner, still felt sick, finished blogging on Carpe Noctem, re-did the layout of Carpe Noctem, went up and watched a news special about this news guy named Walter Clonkike (or something) who died, came down here, read blogs, started typing this, still feel sick.

We think it must be something in the well-water at the restaurant that makes me sick. Ugh, I feel kind of like crap.

Carpe Noctem: Uhm, just click on the link up there (or here: and read it for yourself. Let me know what you think of the thingies on the side if you do, please.

God Day: Let's talk miracles!

We did in youth group, and it shocked me at how many miracles we've actually seen. Like, ME, personally.

1. We as a church laid hands on this guy who had kidney stone and prayed over him. We didn't pray for his surgery to go well, we prayed that God would just take the kidney stone away. We prayed that this guy would be a living miracle for the doctors to see. Well, he was. He went to the doctor the next day and the kidney stone was GONE.

2. A little girl at our church got kicked in the head by a horse. Her skull was pushed into her brain two inches. She is not paralyzed, has no brain-damage, and is completely healthy without so much as a visible scar.

3. A man at our church, a very old man, had really bad pneumonia. He was on his deathbed. The doctors all said so, we all thought so, but we kept praying. He's alive and perfectly well today.

4. Our youth leaders' daughter had severe heart problems when she was born. Time and time again, she has been a living miracle as she has had problems with that, and come out fine every time.

5. A boy we know was born with 20 different disabilities. He wasn't supposed to live to be more than a couple of DAYS old. He is currently sixteen years old.

6. A friend of our youth leader was doing something that needed a parachute in the dark. He thought he was much higher than he was, and pulled his parachute very late. Miraculously, he didn't die. He landed in a tree, and is pefectly fine today.

7. Our church is very small, and has a lot of bills to pay. Our offering isn't exactly rakin' in the cash. On a weekly basis, the accountant will wonder how in the world we're going to pay the bills. Something always happens.

8. Our youth leader was going on a family vacation a long time ago, and was broke. FLAT BROKE. They did not know how they were going to pay for the gas it took to get to their destination. They day before they left, a check came in the mail for $500. They had overpaid on something.

Stories like that are miracles that I have seen personally! Isn't it amazing? Our God is such a big God!

And it's not just the big things like kidney stones disappearing and money showing up; little things like being late to work so that you run into an old friend, waking up early to see a beautiful sunrise. Those aren't really "miracles", but God did it for you. God is always doing little things for us. You just have to stop and watch for them. At Bible School, we call those "God Sightings".

So look for God in the little details. Watch for miracles. Be prepared for God Sightings.

Hello? What are you waiting for? CARPE DIEM!

P.S. I found this blog a while ago, and this post just absolutely blows me away every time I read it. It's so poweful, so deep, so well-put, so moving, so true. "Reno" puts into words what I've felt before and never have been able to say. A thousand congratulations, Reno, for your amazing, poetic skill with words. Unfortunately, he hasn't enable comments on his blog, so I can't tell him how I feel about his writing, but I *can* share it with you, so here it is (WARNING: depressing, if incredibly eloquent): My Angel.


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Amazing. I love miracles. :)



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