Wednesday, July 22, 2009

School: Classical Conversations

How my Classical Conversations works:

It's like the best of both homeschool and public/private school worlds. Every Tuesday, I go to the place where my location meets and I'm in a class with my grade and a teacher from 8:30am-3pm. We do school like a regular school for the most part, only we're given all the work we're gonna do for a whole week. For elementary school, though, Tuesday classes are only from 9am-noon or 2:30, depending on what classes the kid takes. Then, we all go home and do the work and bring it back the next Tuesday. It's pretty much like a regular school only it's a lot harder (just saying) and it only meets once a week.

Find your grade and see what you would be doing!

Here's how the grades and stuff work:

Elementary School:
It's all called Foundations, and all the elementary grades learn the same thing, only at different levels kinda. There are three cycles, too. Cycle 1, the Cycle 2, then Cycle 3, then it repeats.

What you learn in elementary school/foundations:
-24 history "sentences" (Ex: English King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 limiting the king's power. Later, England's Kind Edward the 3rd claimed to be king of France and begun the Hundred Year's War in 1337.) Yes, 1st graders memorize 24 of those. And perfectly, too.

-24 science facts (Ex: What are the 7 biomes? Grasslands, Scrublands, Deserts, Desiduous Forests, Coniferous Forest, Tundra, Tropical Rainforests.

-160 timeline cards (Ex: Creation, the Fall in the Garden, Cain and Able, the Flood, the Tower of Bable, the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharoh Menes, the Old Kingdom in Egypt, Joseph as a Slave--Okay, I'm not going to recite the whole timeline for you, but it goes from Creation to the War on Terror, and the kids memorize it ALL. It's pretty impressive.)

-24 math facts as well as the square roots and cube roots up to 15

-24 grammer facts including an alphabetical list of all the prepositions (Ex: What are the four sentence types? Interrogative, Exclamatory, Imperative, Narrative.

-A list of the presidents

-Lots of Latin

Middle School:

7th grade: Challenge A
-Subjects: Latin, literature, biology, rhetoric, math, geography (including how to draw all the continents with country capitals, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges), and some other stuff that I don't remember...

8th grade: Challenge B
-Subjects: Latin, literature, formal logic, history of science, origins, chemistry, math, debate, and Mock Trial.

High School:

9th grade: Challenge I
-Subjects: Latin, American literature, economics, formal debate, physical science, math, philosophy, Shakespeare, and American government

10th grade: Challenge II
-Subjects: Latin, Brittish literature, biology, history of art and music, math, formal debate, and formal logic.

11th grade: Challenge III
-Subjects: Latin, literature, math, and I don't know what else because I haven't gotten there yet, and I don't pay that much attention, lol!

12th grade: Challenge IIII
-Subjects: Same as above.

And that's my school :D

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