Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17, 2009

*sob* I've lost two followers in one week!! What has happened to my streak of good follower luck? Oh well. A three steps forward, one step back.

People are coming over for dinner tonight. Matt and Katie ("little brother" and "little sister") and their parents, and this guy that's helping our church build a bigger building. The guy has a daughter my age, and then two younger boys. This is going to be an interesting evening. Hopefully, the girl will be nice and hopefully Matt and the other two boys won't do evil things to us the whole night, lol!

Last night and today, I read over my fire fairy stories. They need so much work. Usually, I read over them and like them, even if they are a bit juvenile. This time, I was just disgusted with myself. *sigh*

I figured out why my stomach muscles aren't that sore this morning. I stopped lifting with my abs and started lifting with my neck. *rolls eyes at self* My neck is sore instead. I can't believe this. It's not like I don't know how to do crunches. I mean, I do, I guess I just...didn't, lol!

Okay, Challenge Day! No one does the challenges, which just figures because I'm finally getting creative with them. Here's the dumbest, and possibly easiest, challenge yet: take a picture of your eye. And preferably upload it somewhere as proof, but you don't have to. You can just tell me. You will get an award for it. *trumpet sounds*

I need books. I've read everything I own. I haven't been to a bookstore in FOREVER. I'm dying. Withering away. HEEEEEEELP!

Oh, guess what? The Youth Mission Trip is a week from Sunday! *gasp!!* It came up so fast! And it sucks, because that means that school starts in less than a month! NOOO! It feels like I just got out! And I've actually been out for way longer than anyone else, so I have NOTHING to complain about, lol! Still, being off has been nice.

On the other hand, being a nerd and all, I'm really looking forward to having to use my brain again. I feel so pretty-minded (read the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfield. Highly recommended.).


That's all. Bye.


Limer said...

Im still here! and yeah that does suck that you have no books to read

Kendra Logan said...

Aw, thank you :) And yeah, it really does. Maybe we'll go to the bookstore this week...

Hannah said...

Here, I'll follow, and give you one follower at least!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) LOL, yeah, I've seen you comment on Alex's blog. Definitely a small world.


Kendra Logan said...

*gets up and dances* Aw, thanks!! If you get sick of my blog, though, you don't have to follow just out of pity, lol! :)

Joraiem said...

Hello! This is Joraiem from the Joraiem Files! Should have said this sooner " Thanks for following my blog!"

Kendra Logan said...

No problem! I like your blog!

Cavender James said...

Here's some books for ya: THE MAXIMUM RIDE SERIES. Remember that. Seriously. Important. Angel Experiment comes first.

Kendra Logan said...

Yes, I'm keeping those in mind. I'm in the middle of the "Pendragon" series, though, so I might want to finish that first.

Hannah said...


LOL, no, I like to follow people's blogs because then more people follow mine.

Plus, most people's blogs are cool. (including yours :))


Kendra Logan said...

Haha, why, thank you :)