Friday, February 27, 2009

Warning: Don't read if you have a history of depression.

My house is the black hole of depression. THE BLACK HOLE. My whole family is upset and so freaking stressed. You don't know. You can't know. My mom is crying, my dad looks so defeated, my sister avoids us, I can't even breathe I'm so...something. We've put everything on the line, and things just...fell apart. We can't move in, our house is in chaos, we don't know when we'll be able to move. We can't live like this. My parents have to work, my sister and I have to do school. My stomach hurts, my head hurts, my throat hurts (probably because I'm holding back tears), my everything hurts. Everything is dark. Nothing has color right now. This is a bleak, depressing, probably-melodramatic post, but it's how I'm feeling. I can't even write Creepy. I have so much driver's ed homework to do it isn't even funny.

Life sucks. And then you die.

Carpe diem?

P.S. I just had an interesting idea: I should have a blog called Carpe Noctem...hmm...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, I was right. This week is crap. ********************************

We aren't closing on the house. Some screw up with somebody. I don't feel like relating the detail. Crap, crap, crap, CRAP. We already started moving. There's, like, boxes everywhere. We don't know when we'll be able to move in now. Maybe tomorrow after all (yeah right), maybe next week, maybe next MONTH. Gosh, I hate it when my psychic self is right. Gosh.


On another lighter note...oops. There isn't another lighter note. *sigh* I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving and (Maybe) a Bad Week

The shelves are slowing emptying, brown boxes litter the floors, the sound of packing tape ripping fills the air...we're moving.

Even though we can't officially move into the New House until Friday, we're already packing stuff up. I haven't started on my room yet, but everyone else has gotten started. Hmm. Better start soon. Things aren't super tense yet; I'll let ya know :)

I understood math today. The world probably stood still in respect for that rare and beautiful occasion :)

Didn't feel like going to dance class, but I did anyway. It was okay. I got there and found that I only had one lonely tap shoe in my bag... The other one was missing. Great. I had to dance in jazz shoes, which are way softer than tap shoes. I kept forgetting and banging my toe down on the wooden floor. OW.

The girl who's Ember's real-life twin wasn't there, but Paige's was.

Creepy Story (I mean "The Mirror...gotta get used to that) isn't going well right now. It doesn't feel like I have writter's block, it just feels like...I've lost interest. BAD, BAD, BAD THING. Yikes. Maybe creating my website was a jinx. I need to un-jinx myself and fast. Ideas are boiling in my brain and I just don't feel like writing them down!

*Sigh* This week is going to be bad-interesting. I can feel it for some reason. Don't know why yet, but I just feel it. Oh well. I'll be happy to be proven wrong (for once).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted like at all lately! I don't really know what happened...I just...didn't blog, lol!

Well, I went to a Winter Jam concert on Saturday night. AWESOME!! My favorite artist (at the moment), tobyMac, was there. He gives an amazing preformance. He even jumped into the crowd at the end :D Do y'all know how old tobyMac is? FOURTY-FOUR!! Daaaang! He's almost the same age as my dad. Toby is still dancing, flipping and rapping just as much as ever. It's pretty cool. His kids are awesome, too. One of them, the oldest (he's 11), whose name is Truett, but is know as truDog, is one his CD "Portable Sounds." I'm sure he's on other CDs, but I only have "Portable." (Just in case you were wondering, the picture is of tobyMac when he was a little younger than he is now ;) ) Here's a link to a bunch of pictures (just in case you wanna know lol):

Well, other than going to Winter Jam, not a ton has happened. My friend Ellie slept over for her birthday (which was the 22nd. Say happy birthday :) ) right after Winter Jam. We had fun, but she has, like, a never-ending energy supply. I was exhausted at 11:00 (not typical, though. I was tired because I had to get up at 6:00 for stupid driver's ed), but she wasn't. We ended up going to bed at around 1:30, and I felt like I was dead all Sunday. Ugh. It was freaking awful, let me tell you. I don't really even know why. I'm usually not that bad with little sleep. Usually I can take it and just catch up, but not that day for some reason. Oh well. Fully rested now :D

Like everyone I know (okay, that's a slight exaggeration) is coming down with the stomach virus. AHHH! I'm so paranoid now. The stomach virus is like my worst nightmare. I hate it with a fearful passion. If someone comes up with a cure for throwing up, I'll buy it no matter what the cost. So basically, little pessimistic me is just sitting here waiting for her stomach to her, lol! Hope I don't get sick...And keep all the poor sick people in your thoughts and prayers, lol. Being sick sucks.

Well, that was my past almost-week in a nutshell. School, school, Winter Jam concert, stress, school, sleepover, sickness, school. ;) No, it hasn't been that bad. School is bad, but not as bad as sometimes, and my mom is helping me get organized and catch up with stuff. So that's cool. Thanks, Momma!

One last thing (promise...I think...): I made a website for "Creepy Story"!!!!!! Only guess what??

I HAS A NAME!!!!!!!!!

It's called "The Mirror," which is really awesome because it has a double meaning. Oooh symbolism! Lol! Here's the link:

And thanks to Kyle Hendricks for telling me about how to make a website. I'm doing kind of the same stuff you are right now with the character bios and everything, but I promise I won't copy for long :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're Closing!

Guess what? We're closing on the House on the 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll probably move the 28th! Wow! It feels so much more real now. And kind of sad. I love the new house, and I hate this one (lol), but I'm really going to miss the yard. Maybe that's crazy, but I just really love our yard. I have so many memories in it. And it's HUGE! Lots of grass, and a little dirt turnaround thing that my sister and I used to play prairie in and stuff :) There are cool trees, and little trails in our woods, and a fire ring, and an awesome weeping willow tree and the view from my window is AMAZING. I just don't want to leave the yard!

I like the yard in the new neighborhood though. It's nice, but not so friendly. More...I don't know...perfect. Lol, you know? Hmm...
At any rate, we're closing on the house, and I'm super excited! I hope the move is smooth. I don't want it to be this long, drawn-out, super stressful ordeal, you know? Oh well. We're finally moving. Yay!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay, so I'm just writing my story--the writer's bock is gone--and I'm acutally getting somewhere, okay? So, I'm writing and writing, and then WHAM. I don't know what happened. Just all the sudden, I couldn't for the life of me figure out a single word to put down next. I lost touch with my characters. They're always in the back of my mind. I can feel them there, sometimes I ignore them, but I can feel their presence like they're all inside of me. But then suddenly it was like I hit a physical wall. They were gone. I couldn't connect with them or feel them or hear them or anything. I was completely stuck in the most abrupt way I've ever experienced. I've had writer's block before, you all know that, but it's never come on like that. fast and so tangibly. It was really weird, and now I can't write! It's so annoying! And sad. I was really going somewhere. I have over 46,000 words now. And I can't feel my characters anymore. It's the weirdest feeling...Almost, well, scary. I feel strangly lonely. I've never had writer's block like this. It's the worst feeling in the world (okay, maybe not, but it's no fun, that's for sure!).
*SIGH* Couldn't my life be perfect for just one day? Just once could I have a day where I could write, feel good, get all my schoolwork done well, and have the sun shine, too (it's raining)?
Guess not.

P.S. I'm gonna start putting pictures in my posts. Just for the heck of it. And I can't write, so what else am I gonna do? :-/

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm sick but I loved "The Glass Menagerie" :)

I'm sick. Stuffy nose, runny nose, lots of sneezing, I'm always cold, always tired...yeah. It sucks :( But, life goes on. :)

I'm hoping to get in a few thousand words of "Creepy" done today...Don't know how much luck I'll have when I don't feel that great. Paige will probably come down with a terrible fever or something. Hmm...not actually a bad idea. :D Anyway, I sent my story to Ellie yesterday and she read it and said she loved it. Maybe it's not as bad as I was afraid of. Ellie is extremely honest, so I know if she liked it all right, it can't be THAT bad :) We did discover some irrigularities and things that aren't quite plausible. I'll need to go back and rework those, but over all, I don't feel as bad about what I've done.

In school, we just read the book "The Glass Menagerie." I loved it! It has lots of good symbolism, and the story is also very funny and easy (for me at least) to relate to. It's a memory play. In other words, it is the way the narrator, Tom, remembers and perceives various events. The book, which is actually a play, centers around the small Wingfield family: the mother, Amanda, and young adult children Laura and Tom. They all have very different personalities, which makes for an interesting family life. Amanda is determined to make sure that Laura, who is shy to a debilitating degree, has a good future. Amanda uses Tom’s income to insure that, which makes Tom justifiably bitter. He feels obligated to take care of his family, but really wants to leave his small life and seek out adventure, or write poetry. He only sticks around because he feels his duty to his family and he doesn't want to be like his father, who ran out on the family.

The play is pretty short and it was easy to read. I love the symbolism of the glass menagerie, which is Laura's collection of little glass animal figurines. She tends to them all day, keeping them clean and arranged the way she likes them. This symbolizes the fragile little world she likes to live in instead of facing reality. There is a lot more symbolism in the glass menagerie than what I just said, but I don't want to spoil everything. The play has a very good, although highly unexpected ending. (If you find it to read it, DON'T READ THE BACK OF IT FIRST. It gives away everything. I did not read the back, and enjoyed the book. When I read the back after I was finished, I was VERY glad I hadn't read it beforehand.)

Yeah, well, that's pretty much all I can think of for now. School went well today. It was pretty fun. A guy in my class sprained his ankle after school playing basketball in the parking lot, so that's too bad :( But other than that, nothing particularly interesting happened.

Hope I can get some "Creepy" written!! Come on, creativity! I need ya! :) TTYL!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vita Est Mala

Everything sucks.

I wrote tons (ish) of Creepy Story, and I don't even like it. I feel like 40 out of 80 pages are pretty much one big, long "dull part." *sniff sniff* This sucks. I don't know what to do :(


Nothing. (Seriously)

I'm trying to think of something worth throwing out for other people to read. And I'm coming up blank...

Well, my writer's block is gone! Yay! Kyle, thanks for the thing about Paige tripping. That totally losened me up, lol! I just reached over 42,000 words (yay), and have thought up some more plotline, which is always a good thing :)

Uhm...........yeah, it's really hard to focus on blogging when Darren and Paige are screaming at me to write more of their lives, so, I gotta go. :D Ttyl!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

STRESSED OUT and the Whole Concept of "Love"

Happy.......Valentine's......Day.....*head falls on keyboard* ZZZZZZZZ......

Yeah. It's been one of THOSE weeks. The week has had its good moments, mostly while I was driving :) but overall, this week was...well...BLECK. I'm so tired I couldn't walk a straight line, and I'm pretty stressed out, too. :( I have so much school work, and on top of that, driver's ed work, too!! *GROAN* Sorry. Don't mean to go all depressing on y'all. Just thought I'd take a small paragraph to vent :)

So...uhm...well, in honor of Valentine's Day, I just want to go on a small rant about something that bugs me. Since Valentine's Day is usually centered around the concept of love, I guess this is as good a time as ever to point out the fact that the word "love" has become so over-used lately, that it really means nothing at all. My friend Ellie and I called this over-use "word inflation." :) When there gets to be a lot of money circulating in the economy, it doesn't seem to matter as much to people, and they spend it all the time. That's inflation (in a reeeeally small nut shell :) ). So, word inflation is, guess what? Yup. When people use a word so much that it doesn't really even mean anything anymore.

That's what's happening to "love." The word pretty much means nothing now. Nothing. Seriously. Nowadays, "love" might mean anything from, "Thanks" to "I reeeeally want part of that cookie..." In birthday cards, thank you notes, and just notes people pass each other (well, we girls at least, lol), the words "I love you" are pretty much always there.

But do they really mean it?

I'm sure some people do, but still, the whole idea of love has been just totally twisted and made to seem so insignificant. Love is a big deal, y'all! It's not a word to be squandered on Valentine's Day cards to people you met last week! It's not just something you shout at your mom as you're leaving the house. Love is a gift, and by using the word so often and so carelessly, it's completely lost its meaning :(

Of course, there are different types of love. You can obviously love someone as a friend and not want to marry them! (DUH. :) ) But still, we should be careful the way we use such a strong word as "love." Do you really? Or are you just saying that? Be honest with people. Be honest with yourself.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Didn't Crash and I Also Didn't Procrastinate

GUESS WHAT??? I DROVE TODAY!! AND I DIDN'T CRASH! Lol! I was so happy! Not with a driving instructor or anything big like that, just around the neighborhood where the New House is. At first, it was a little scary as usual, but it got easier more quickly than usual. I've driven before, but only for like three minutes at a time. Just down the road or something. This time, I drove ALL OVER the new neighborhood when we went to see the House.

Oh my gosh, the House is finished! All that's left is for the people to come and clean up the floor and counters and vacuum and stuff. It's beautiful! Wow! And it was really windy today, which is, like, my favorite! (I absolutley LOVE wind.) The landscaping is so beautiful, and the carpet is in. I don't know how or why, but the carpet made my room look bigger...My room with BLUE WALLS of course. Lol! Creativity to the max!!

Today I tried not to procrastinate, and things A lot faster than usual. I finished much earlier when I wasn't stopping to stare at my story or check my empty inbox for the millionth time :) Not that I usually do that or anything...........hehe :) I think staying on top of things will be a little easier now that I've seen for myself how big of a difference it makes.

Oh, and I finally figured out who this OTHER girl in my dance class reminds me of. Can you guess? Yup. (Or maybe no. What did you think it was?) Another book character. There's a girl in my dance class named Brooke that looks exactly like Paige Walt from Creepy Story. Acts like her sort of; not quite. But she looks almost just like her, and she reminds me of her. I'll have to post a picture of her if possible....which it probably isn't. Still. I'll try. And I'll try to get one of McKinna, too. Gosh, McKinna scares me sometimes. She's just exactly like Ember Smokeman....

Well, other than my driving and the fact that the House is so awesome I can hardly stand it, not a lot is goin' on. But still, that's pretty good for me. Driving, moving, not procrastinating, meeting my own characters. The worlds is a pretty crazy place after all. Don't miss it. :)

P.S. I still haven't heard back from the people. I don't know if you remember, I applied for a job as a columnist for them. They haven't responded...Do you think they're still considering, or should I give up?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crazy-Full Moon!

Wow! Can you believe it? FOURTEEN FOLLOWERS! I seriously never would have ever, ever, EVER thought that people would actually TRY to hear my ranting one day...hehe :)

Well, today was amazing! My class was WILD. And it was so much fun! You know how people say that a full moon will make people "crazy?" Well, I honestly think it's true. We actually get crazy in time with the moon. I have journal entries (and possibly posts) to prove it. Weird, huh? I wonder why. Because I know it isn't coincidence, and I'm far from superstitious or anything. But how in the world could something as random as the moon make people's moods change at the same time? It's so weird.

Well, I did a little research :D

One person said that they don't sleep as well when it's a full moon. Huh. I slept just fine last night and the night before. For the most part though, I couldn't find anything! The closest thing I found to "helpful" was this:

"A new twist was recently given to lunar-effect theorizing by the discovery that positive and negative ions in the atmosphere have an effect on behavior (negative ions usually favorable, positives the opposite). It turns out that positive ions are more abundant when the moon is full. However, the effect is slight compared to major sources of positive ions like air conditioning and air pollution." (Link:

Hmm. Sounds interesting, but not as helpful as I'd hoped. :( Sorry to get your hopes up if you'd been excited about learning about this phenomenon, lol! I'm definitely going to keep looking. I'm not one to give up on this kind of thing, so be on the look-out for more news on lunacy.

And, hey, if you have some interesting knowledge on this subject, feel free to share!! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Uhhhhh...Blue is Creativity Inducing!

I'm at a roadblock in Creepy Story. Just don't know what to write...I know the next big thing that's going to happen, I just need some connecting pages to string it all along...

Oh, remember how I told you I was painting my walls in the new house blue? (No, you don't, but that's okay :D) Well, my dad just read to me in the paper the other day that blue stimulates creativity! Isn't that awesome? I'm going have an ultra-writing room! All I need now is a laptop to go in it...hehe :)

I'm starting to wonder if staring at a screen all day actually does melt your brain. I can't think straight and I'm extremely non-creative right now. Writer's block, laziness, maybe it all stems from the computer! Eek! Lol!

Seriously though, I have nothing to say. I know I say that a lot and then go on and on, but this time, I really got nothing...scary...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Biggest Wish

Hello! We had my family dinner after church today. Roast beef and mashed potatoes and brownie pudding cake for dessert. YUM! My grandma that lives close came, and so did Matt and Katie and Mrs. Martha and Mr. Leon. Matt and Katie I've talked about before. They spent the weekend with us when their parents went on a vacation type thing.

Today was so much fun. The parents went to look at our new house in the afternoon, so we kids were left home alone (cue scary music :D). We played outside mostly. Matt found lots of nasty stuff to threaten to throw at us, and we played around doing all kinds of crazy things.

I really do wish we had a bigger family. I try not to go on and on about it like I did when I was little, 'cause I began to realize how much it bothered my parents, but I still really wish that. Having four kids would have been awesome. I love Lizzy to death, but I wish there were more. :( Especially an older brother. I know that's cheesy and, to some of you who have heard me gripe over the years, a worn-out complaint, but it's so very true. If I had one wish, it would be a three-way tie between perfect health, my books to have the power to come alive (mwahahaha :D), and an older brother. *sigh* I guess it's a little too late now, huh? Lol! :) Guess what my wish was when I blew out my candles?

Seriously, though, today was awesome. I'll definitely be treasuring it forever. Hope everyone else had a great day, too! And seriously, carpe diem. It's the only "today" you'll ever get.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, folks, it's official. I'M FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what? It isn't even bad! I'm actually glad to be fifteen. My birthday hasn't even been stressful. I'm thrilled! Guess what? On facebook, twenty-five people wrote on my wall saying happy birthday! I feel amazing! It's nice to know I have such great friends :) Thanks to you guys who emailed me, too ;) I have enjoyed my birthday!

Besides having to get up at 6:15am to go to driver's ed, things have been amazing. Driver's ed that I was so worked up about wasn't bad at all! Besides being almost unbearably boring that is lol! I made lots of friends and the teacher is so funny!

After driver's ed, my family took me to Starbucks and I got my favorite: double chocolate chip frappichino (or however you spell it), and lemon pound cake. Then, we went and bought the movie "The Incredibles." I know, I know. Very little kiddish, but hey, I love it! (That and "Aladin" *sigh* ya gotta love 'em! :) )

My mom is making that amazing potatoe soup that she made for the Super Bowl party I told y'all about :) I'm so happy! Aaaaaaand I'm happy with my haircut. Does it get any better? YES! Chocolate chip pie for dessert! LOL! I'm on cloud nine, y'all! Things are goin' great. Thanks for reading this, and hope you have as amazing a day as I've had!


Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, my haircut appointment was today. Five inches off and I got layers. Guess what?


I couldn't have asked for anything better! It's perfect. I'm so glad! Now I'll have it done for driver's ed tomorrow. I'm definitely nervous...It isn't even the driving part! Well, only a little over fourteen hours of being fourteen. How perfect is that? I probably won't be able to post tomorrow until evening, or maybe not at all. Driver's ed is from 8 to 2, and then we're going to be doing family stuff for my birthday :) So, I guess I'll probably post Sunday. I'll try to put a picture of my hair up...but uploading is a problem :P lol!

Anyway, I'll let you know how driver's ed and my birthday go later!

Fourteen At a Glance

Today is the last day of my life that I will be fourteen years old. Freaky, huh? Birthdays are always uncomfortable for me. I feel like I MUST ENJOY THEM!! And it's a lot of pressure for some reason, lol! I feel like I have to be happy about everything, and it's a big milestone that I have to be careful not to screw up. So, pretty much, my actual birthday is something I almost...well...dread. Not because I'm like, "AHH! I'm old! I'm old!" Lol, I'm not. I just hate the pressure I put on myself to make my special day PERFECT.

And the getting older thing does actually bother me a little. Not because I'm afraid of getting wrinkles, just because it's so final or something. I get older, and there's nothing I can do about it. That scares me. Even if I LOVE my age, it can't stay with me. I get older and leave things behind that I enjoy. I'm going to be fifteen. That means, in five years, I'll be TWENTY YEARS OLD. Does that not freak anyone else out?? I LIKE being fourteen! Why do I have to leave it? *SIGH* I'm such a weird and confusing person.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to do a little reminicing (or however you spell it). I'm making a list of all the things that happened in my fourteenth year that I want to remember.

1. My class won the championship in Mock Trial competition!!!
2. I had my first summer job.
3. I drove a car for the first time.
4. I started a story that I think I might finish.
5. I'm fluent in Latin (whoopee. I can speak a dead language *rolls eyes* Lol!).
6. Gave my hair to Locks of Love (ten inches, baby! WOOT WOOT! :) )
7. I started writing poetry.
8. I got a cell phone!!
9. I kept a journal for a whole year.
10. I had a boyfriend for two hours (long story :) ).
11. I beat my own record at reading (Read "Brisingr" in two days :D).
12. I saw "Twilight" in the theaters.
13. I got super close to my class.
14. I went down the Howlin' Tornado ride at Great Wolf Lodge.
15. I presented my first speech from memory and did just fine.
16. I wrote 20,000 words in a month.
17. My family is building a house!

Well, that's not all, of course, but it's all the big things. There are little things I treasure, but those are only for me :)

As an unknown author once said, "Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Obsessiveness, and I Meet My Own Character!

Hmm. Not much to say.

*sigh* I can't stop thinking about "Star Wars." I'm such an obsessive person. I feel everything about ten times stronger than your average person. When I love something/someone, it's way more powerful and crazy than my friends. The same with everything! I get really into books and movies. I was the number one publicist for "Twilight"! Lol! I go through phases. They usually last about a month. Some things with me never change though. I'm not completely a changing person. And when I do quit having an insane interest in something, I don't start hating it or anything. The spark is just gone. BUT, if I read the book/see the movie/come in contact with the person, the passion will return! Always does. Ask Darth Vader :) (LOVE THOSE MOIVES.) Oh, and guess what? I just realized today that I've been spelling my favorite villain's name wrong! It's "VadEr" not "VadOr."

School is.....bleck. I don't understand physical science and I'm putting off asking for help because I know I'm already behind...I don't want to call attention to the fact that, well...I've slacked. Not a ton, just a little, but still. *sigh* And I'm getting deeper in confusion by the minute...Not smart, I know.

Writing "Creepy Story" is going pretty well. I'm at sort of a dead end, but for some reason that doesn't bother me as much as I guess it should...

Oh my gosh! Something crazy happened yesterday! Okay, so, there's a character in COJ (Chronicles of Jeolotoe) named Ember Smokeman (she's a fire fairy, lol). She's an incredible dancer and is an entertainer for the Fire Lord. She's spontaneous, hilarious, and intense. Well, guess what? There's a girl in my dance class that's just like her!!!!!! It scares me! The girl (McKinna) looks exactly like I imagined Ember, acts exactly like Ember, her VOICE is just like Ember's, people like her just like people like Ember, she's funny like Ember, and she dances pretty well!! (Ember dances better though.) It's soooooo creepy! I feel like I brough McKinna to life! I know that's crazy and I didn't, but it's so weird! I feel like I know her so personally. I feel like I just want to walk up to her and talk to her for days on end. I feel like she IS Ember, and I want to have a face-to-face conversation! You have NO IDEA how weird it is. I honestly feel like I've met my own character. I've never actually talked to McKinna though. She's a senior and I'm a freshman, so I'm not sure if she would talk to me...It's still crazy though.

Well, that was a loooooooooong post! Sorry. You're probably bored stiff (if you've even made it this far into the post). I'll stop. :) TTYL!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Do you know what serifs are? They're the tiny lines at the points of letters. Do you see what I mean? The Times New Roman font has it, but arial doesn't. Can you tell a difference? Do you know what serifs do? They make it easier for your eyes to follow the words and sentences. When you have font that doesn't have serifs, your eyes keep getting lost in long paragraphs, and it's hard to focus.

Well, one of my textbooks for school is written in the annoying, heachache-inducing arial font. My fellow classmates and I have always had trouble reading and following those books, but we never knew why. Our teacher this year told us about the point of serifs, and we were all like, "OHHH! That's why these books are so darn hard to read!"

So, I sent a letter to one of the people who are in charge of the books for Classical Conversations (that's my school program) telling her about the problem with the arial font. Haven't gotten a reply yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

I love doing stuff like this. Writing letters to people and trying to change things is something I love to do. I want to make differences. I know that is SO cliche, but I seriously do. Even little things. I like knowing that I made the difference. It's a cool feeling!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Return of the Jedi

Best movies ever.

Darth Vador is just so amazing.

Luke is awesome.

Ya gotta love the whole twin thing.

Darth Vador was awesome.

The persuasivness of the Dark Side is so much better in these movies.

Darth Vador is just amazing.


My Speech! (And more on DV)

Today was seven-minute-to-be-said-from-memory speech day. Guess what?

OH YEAH! OH YEAH! WHO DID THE WHOLE SPEECH WITH NO HELPS? WHO PUT EMOTION AND EMPHASIS IN IT? MEEEEEEE!!! Lol! Not trying to brag, I'm just happy. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought.

Class was almost canceled for "winter weather." Psh. Riiiight. We got absolutely NOTHING at my house. Although, granted, in the city area where class meets, there was some decent snow. I'm glad we didn't cancel though. I actually like class. Not school. Class. Big difference, lol! (Although I do have like three favorite subjects, haha!)

Hopefully we will be watching "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" tonight. (At least I think it's "Return of the Jedi...") Gosh, I hope we are!! Lol, I feel like a serious nerd :) I can't help it, though. I am such a sucker for good villains. Darth Vador is way at the top of my "Awesome Bad Guys" list :) For some reason I always like the villains best. At least usually. I don't know why...I'm just weird ;)

Well, I've had this throbbing sinus headache all day, so I better go before the computer brings it back :( Ttyl!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not A Whole Lot of News...

Remember that speech I was preparing for a week or two ago? Well, tomorrow is the big minutes of a book memorized. I actually did it. Now I just hope I can KEEP it until after tomorrow...*crosses fingers*

Haven't heard back from the Eragon website people. I hope I wasn't too late applying...I applied almost two whole weeks after the post about the jobs was put up. Do you think I missed it? Hmmm...

I'm writing "Creepy Story" right now, and it's going better than I expected. I haven't given up on the other two, least of all COJ, but I'm focusing on Creepy for now. I have the most ideas for it.

That idea with the names Cosa and Degan was back last night, and altered a little. I had to think it over again. The plot still sucks, but less than two nights ago. Maybe if it keeps waking me up it'll eventually be worth putting on paper :)

P.S. Omg! It totally just occured to be that it's February! Scary! January is over. Wow. It went by kind of fast...My birthday is in five days :D I wonder if I'll miss being fourteen. It's been my favorite age so far. Oh well. Fifteen will be even better!!

P.P.S. That post I put last night is my favorite. I don't know why, but I liked that one a lot.

P.P.P.S. Do you know what "P.S." stands for? It stands for Post Script. Just thought I'd let ya know :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shur'tugalar, "Soup-er" Bowls and Darth Vador!!

Guess what? I HAVE NINE FOLLOWERS! Who woulda thought nine people care what I have to say?? Lols :)

Well, I went to my church's Super Bowl Party tonight. It was fun. Not as fun as it's been some years, but still fun. Usually I end up arguing with someone over something and it all ends up being really exciting and crazy, but this year we've all apparently matured enough to be past that stage :) Everyone brought a crock pot of soup. My mom made killlllllller baked potatoe soup. I pigged out :D Four bowls full!! Wow. Lotsa starch. I'm surprised my fingers aren't too stiff to type. Haha, okay, sorry; that wasn't even funny at all. I'm just still hyped up on caffine (I can't spell) and I'm tired.

The reason I'm tired is that I was up really late last night because I had this idea for a story that would leave me alone!! I don't know if that ever happens to other writers, but sometimes I'll get an idea that just DEMANDS to be thought through. And I have to shake off the drowsiness and think about the plot and decide whether or not it's good enough to pursue. Usually, it isn't, but I always end up getting something out of the exercise. Like last night, the plot was debatably sucky, but I like the names I came up with: Cosa (COS-uh) and Degan (DEE-gin/gan). I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who likes them...oh well. I do :) Sometimes I even semi-act out the first few chapters of the story. I know, seriously, when you thought I COULD NOT get any weirder, I blurt out something like this.

Ooooh, I have news!! Okay, I don't know how many "Inheritance Cycle" fans read this, but I sort of follow the fansite,, and yesterday I found something awesome: they're looking for staff! There was an open job position for a columnist! I totally applied. I hope they'll let me do it *bites nails* It's just the kind of thing I would LOVE to do! Writing, humor, "Eragon;" does it get any better?? I don't really know how funny I am, but to be able to write about "Eragon" in a semi-formal job position, I'll try a lot of things!

I'm pretty sure there was something else I meant to say...yeah, I'm in a talkative mood. At least this time I'm actually SAYING something instead of mindlessly blabbering about personality quizzes *rolls eyes* :) Well, talk to ya later!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I remembered it! (Be proud of me) I was going to say that we're watching the original "Star Wars" movies as a family, and Darth Vador is awesome. He's such an amazing villain. So cold and terrifying. You never know when he's going to strike. And he's so nearly-incincible. And thinking about Anakin's face under the mask makes it better :) Alright, Hayden Christenson can't act his way out of a wet paper bag, and his script is terrible, but he still looks pretty darn good :)

I hadn't seen "Star Wars" since I was seven and Han's getting tortured freaked me out (yes, I couldn't stand guys screaming even then). Well, I want to be able to write villains just like Darth Vador. My own villains disappoint me. If I ever met him, I would be very afraid of Darth Vador (or Durza or Sarumon ), but not MY villains. My villains don't scare me in the least. Does anyone else have that problem with their villains? Is that natural? Or am I just not very good at characterizing evil in a scary way? Hmm...