Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted like at all lately! I don't really know what happened...I just...didn't blog, lol!

Well, I went to a Winter Jam concert on Saturday night. AWESOME!! My favorite artist (at the moment), tobyMac, was there. He gives an amazing preformance. He even jumped into the crowd at the end :D Do y'all know how old tobyMac is? FOURTY-FOUR!! Daaaang! He's almost the same age as my dad. Toby is still dancing, flipping and rapping just as much as ever. It's pretty cool. His kids are awesome, too. One of them, the oldest (he's 11), whose name is Truett, but is know as truDog, is one his CD "Portable Sounds." I'm sure he's on other CDs, but I only have "Portable." (Just in case you were wondering, the picture is of tobyMac when he was a little younger than he is now ;) ) Here's a link to a bunch of pictures (just in case you wanna know lol): http://tobymacfans.com/2008/tobymac-photo-gallery/

Well, other than going to Winter Jam, not a ton has happened. My friend Ellie slept over for her birthday (which was the 22nd. Say happy birthday :) ) right after Winter Jam. We had fun, but she has, like, a never-ending energy supply. I was exhausted at 11:00 (not typical, though. I was tired because I had to get up at 6:00 for stupid driver's ed), but she wasn't. We ended up going to bed at around 1:30, and I felt like I was dead all Sunday. Ugh. It was freaking awful, let me tell you. I don't really even know why. I'm usually not that bad with little sleep. Usually I can take it and just catch up, but not that day for some reason. Oh well. Fully rested now :D

Like everyone I know (okay, that's a slight exaggeration) is coming down with the stomach virus. AHHH! I'm so paranoid now. The stomach virus is like my worst nightmare. I hate it with a fearful passion. If someone comes up with a cure for throwing up, I'll buy it no matter what the cost. So basically, little pessimistic me is just sitting here waiting for her stomach to her, lol! Hope I don't get sick...And keep all the poor sick people in your thoughts and prayers, lol. Being sick sucks.

Well, that was my past almost-week in a nutshell. School, school, Winter Jam concert, stress, school, sleepover, sickness, school. ;) No, it hasn't been that bad. School is bad, but not as bad as sometimes, and my mom is helping me get organized and catch up with stuff. So that's cool. Thanks, Momma!

One last thing (promise...I think...): I made a website for "Creepy Story"!!!!!! Only guess what??

I HAS A NAME!!!!!!!!!

It's called "The Mirror," which is really awesome because it has a double meaning. Oooh symbolism! Lol! Here's the link:

And thanks to Kyle Hendricks for telling me about how to make a website. I'm doing kind of the same stuff you are right now with the character bios and everything, but I promise I won't copy for long :)


Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

never heard of tobyMac. I'll check some songs in youtube

happy birthday to ellie, if she reads this ^_^

I got something like a stomach birus a while ago. as bad as it might be (and it's terrible), I still prefer having it in order not to go to school XD (I'm awful >_<)
I hope you don't get sick, though, if you hate it that much ^^"

I'm gonna check "the mirror"'s site now

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

the site is quite good =) and it made me wanna read the book

that 20000 names site is pretty useful. thanks for putting it in your sidebar

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

I listened to some of tobyMac's songs. don't really enjoy them, it's not my music style

Kendra Logan said...

Lol, that's fine about tobyMac. Hip-hop/rap is just one of the things I like.

Thanks about the site! I'm still learning how it works, lol! Glad the names site is helpful! I use that a lot, too. I get most of my names from there.

Lol, glad you're feeling better from the virus at least. And so far so good. I'm not sick yet...*crosses fingers*

Gabrielle said...

Toby Mac ROCKS!
I had soooo much fun at the winter jam, and now I am stuck on Family Force 5.

I hope I don't get sicker
I think my cold is turning into something else.

Oha and Happy B-day Ellie!

Kendra Logan said...

So sorry about your cold! What is it turning into? Yeah, I hated Family Force 5 at first, but they grew on me...

Ellie B... said...

Hey! Happy birthday me!

Toby Mac was beyond Awesome. But what did you expect IT IS toby!

Sorry about the never ending energy thingie...lol. It wore off by Sunday night and I was exhausted!

Sry about ur cold Jess.
And thanx for the b-day wishes.

And thanx too for the b-day wishes Krevan or whatever sry if thats wrong. All the same thanks!

Ellie B... said...

p.s. "Kendra" chill about the virus thing.

Kendra Logan said...

Lol, it's okay. I'm not upset (at least not now that I'm rested lol!)!

And yeah, I know. *sigh* But what do you expect? It is ME we're talking about. :)