Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Review (by ME :D)

Staring: * = Terrible!! ***** = Utterly brilliant!
Twilight: ** and a half. But the rating may go up after I see it again.

Not thaaaaat bad. I still liked seeing it, and I'm sure I'll like it better the next time around. I always do with movies. It's just that I don't understand why they did some things. It could have been such an amazing movie, and it wouldn't even have taken that much effort to make it that way. So, I just don't understand why they didn't do a better job. But, still a good movie, glad I saw it, can't WAIT to see it again, and, okay, Emmett looked GOOD :) LOL!
My personal Twilight review :D

Good parts:
1. Alice was absolutely perfect. Could not have been any better.
2. The scene at the Cullens' house was hilarious!
3. Jacob was great.
4. Emmett was perfect.
5. Rosalie was good.
6. Charlie wasn't really like the book that much, but he was really funny, so that's okay.
7. Bella's lullaby was PERFECT.
8. The graduation cap part was funny.

Parts that weren't right, but I think were exceptable/didn't really matter:
1. Bella went straight to the ballet studio instead of stopping by her house. (That was okay. I can understand that.)
2. Edward's room was too small. (Whatever. Not a big deal.)
3. Edward's "birthday" was wrong. They said 1918, it was 1901. (Okay, again, not plot-altering.)
4. I didn't like how Carlisle, like, went crazy in the flashbacks of him changing Edward. It looked like he was eating his neck. Ew. Lol!

Bad parts:
1. Edward's script was terrible.
2. Edward acted all wrong for the first half of the movie.
3. Edward's voice was wrong. He couldn't get his words out and it was wrong and annoying.
4. Jasper...yeah, he was weird.
5. The hotel part lasted a grand total of 2 minutes instead of like a day and a half.
6. Renee wasn't right at all. Much too old.
7. The part when Bella has to leave Charlie was EXTREMELY unemotional, which is so wrong.
8. Alice and Emmett weren't in the Jeep with Edward and Bella when they were running from James.
9. Edward never gets mad at Bella in the movie. (And we all know THAT'S a big lie lol)
10. Edward is too easy to calm down and convince that Bella's plan is a good one.
11. Edward goes crazy when sucking Bella's blood out in the movie. (Sooooo not like the book and really freaky.)
12. The "meadow" part absolutely sucked (No pun intended lol and sorry, I gotta be honest. It wasn't even a meadow in the movie. :( ).
13. They left out the entire part when they do the blood testing in biology and Bella faints.
14. The whole 20 questions thing when Edward and Bella take turns quizzing each other didn't even happen.
15. Edward never mentions how they hunt, that they don't have to breathe, or what Jasper's "talent" is.
16. Jasper never even uses his "talent."
17. Edward keeps slipping up. He'll be like, "I heard his thoughts!" and Bella will be like, "What??" and Edward tries to cover it up. Um, no. He's had over a hundred years to work on not slipping up. He would not just randomly blurt stuff out like that.
18. They don't make it clear how Carlisle changed everyone.

Still, don't freak out. Go see it. It's not terrible, it just could have been better. Can't wait to see it again!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As Requested by Ali:

All about Danger Boy:

What you’re talking about, Ali, seems to be a series called “Danger Boy.” The series:

1. Ancient Fire
2. Dino Sword
3. Trail of Bones
4. City of Ruins
5. Fortune’s Fool (not out yet)

*Author: Mark London Williams

*Summary of Book One: Ancient Fire:
In 2019 Eli Sands is a pretty typical kid. He plays Barnstormers, collects baseball 'grams, and spends most of his free time with his vidpad. So what's he doing in the middle of a burning city in ancient Egypt? Standing next to a highly evolved dinosaur from another planet? It all has to do with DARPA and the timesphere experiments.After the first "accident," Eli's mother disappears. After the second, Eli earns the corny codename "Danger Boy." Now it's his mission to save his world and his family from a fatal disease that has slipped through time.
*Suggested age range: 12 and up

*Dictionary: Apparently, they speak a different kind of talk in the books. I’m not really sure, but here’s a dictionary that goes a long with the book:

KCA-BAKKED = FIXED pronounced (ki-ah-backed)
GRA-BAKKED = BROKEN pronounced (gra-backed)
NIKA-TC = HOME pronounced (nica-tuc)
KT-KT = TA-TA or BYE pronounced (ci-t-ci-t)
UK-ATK = BUSINESS pronounced (uk-at-i-k)
CK-ACK-TU = TEMPLE pronounced (ck-ac-ki-t)
KC-CKK = IMPORTANT pronounced (ki-cuk)
ARRAK-DU = LOST LANDS pronounced (arak-a-du)
CACKLAW = FOOTBALL pronounced (cack-law)
KT-TCU = MAMMALS pronounced (k-i-t-koo)
KC-AC-UPC = MOUNTAIN pronounced (kis-ac-oo-pc)
DINA-FOLK = SAURIAN pronounced (di-na-folke)

C = 1
CC = 2
CCC = 3
CCCC = 4
K = 5
KC = 6
KCC = 7
KCCC = 8
T = 10
TC = 11
TCC = 12
TCCC = 13
TCCCC = 14
TK = 15
TKC = 16
TKCC = 17
TKCCC = 18
U = 20

*Awards won: The book won “The Golden Duck Awards for Excellence in Children's Science Fiction.”

**What people are saying about it: I found this report on the fourth book, “Trail of Bones.” Hope it helps!

“Though the constant action will keep kids engaged, there aren’t any brilliant moments in the prose that linger after finishing the book. Yet even if the writing isn’t extraordinary, Williams is competent in ways that some more well-known authors aren’t. For example, the three main characters take turns narrating, and Williams has given each a distinctive voice. This may not seem terribly remarkable (isn’t that what writers are supposed to do?), yet I have recently read Douglas Coupland’s Jpod, a book for adults, where many characters are indistinguishable. In this way, I can understand why so many adults helped make Harry Potter the phenomenon that it is. Even if Danger Boy or Harry Potter aren’t great literature, one can see why adults would prefer them to the bad prose of a Dave Eggers or a Zadie Smith. At the very least, Trail of Bones will provide kids with a quick, fun read.”

Website: Here is the official site for the “Danger Boy” books:

Hope this is what you're looking for Ali!
Hey! I'm going on a book craze. If you have a book or movie that you want me to find out stuff about, comment with a request and I'll make it :D So, like if you want me to put together an "All about So and So" thingie, tell me. OR, I can research books and movies and find out stuff about them. Because I'm bored and cool like that :D Mostly!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to Speak "New Pretty Talk!"

Okay, so there are these awesome books: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras. They speak differently from the way we do, and I L-O-V-E it. So....

How to Speak Pretty Talk:

*Rules for names:
1. If someone’s name has an “L” in it, the suffix “wa” is used.
2. If someone’s name does not have an “L” in it, the suffix “la” is used.

EXAMPLES: Stephanie-la, Tally-wa

*Pretty Vocabulary:

*Bubbly: (adj.) Bubbly can mean cool, exciting, the state of mind when thinking clearly, or champagne. “To be bubbly” is to be thinking clearly due to adrenaline, extreme emotions, or pain.

*Bogus: (adj.) The opposite of bubbly. Lame or stupid.

*Kick: (adj.) Hip or trendy. (v.) “To kick” means to video something and put it on the “feeds.” Ex. “I kicked the greatest story last night!” “I need to kick this; it would be awesome!”

*Eye-kicking: (adj.) Something that makes you turn and look. Kind of like “eye-catching.” It’s a compliment.

*Feeds: (n.) The feeds are like the national broadcasting channel for The City. It’s like the news or TV only all on the same channel. Ex. “Oh my gosh! Did you see the story on the feeds today?” “Check the feeds and see if you story is there.”

*Crumbly: (n.) A grandparent, or a person of the Late Pretty phase of life. Also, uglies will sometimes refer to their parents as their “crumblies” even if they are technically middle pretties. Late Pretties live in “Crumblyville.”

*Littlie: (n.) A child from the age of birth to twelve years old. Littlies live with their parents in the Suburbs (sometimes called the “Burbs”) and go to school there. Littlies lives are very small and sheltered.

*Ugly: (n.) A child from the age of twelve until age sixteen. Children of this age are encouraged to give each other insulting nicknames to make them think they are ugly and wish for the operation even more. Uglies live in Uglyville and live in their school dorms.

*New Pretty: (n.) When a child turns sixteen, they are given an operation which makes them drop-dead gorgeous, nice, and perfectly healthy for life (at least until they become a Middle Pretty). A new pretty is a child from the age of sixteen until their mid-twenties or so. New pretties live in New Pretty Town.

*Middle Pretty: (n.) A middle pretty is a person from the age of mid-twenties until about eighty or so. When a new pretty reaches a mature age, they are given a test to test their life skills and expertise. Then they are given the middle pretty operation, which replaces gorgeous, healthy youth with a wise and authoritative look. Middle pretties are encouraged to have only one child every decade. They live in the Suburbs (or “Burbs”).

*Late Pretty: (n.) When a middle pretty reaches about eighty, they retire and live in Crumblyville, where they stay until their death. However, death does not come at the age it does here and now. A late pretty is given life extension treatments that can extend life into the early one hundred twenties.

*Shaming: (adj.) Shameful; the feeling of being ashamed. Ex. “I can’t find a thing to wear. It’s so shaming!”

*–Making: (adj. with another word) The word “making” can be added onto an adjective with a hyphen to make it also an adjective. There are many forms of this. I’ll name a few later, and after a while, it will become natural to you.

*–Missing: (adj. with another word) The word missing, like “making,” can be added onto an adjective with a hyphen to make another adjective. I will also give a few examples of this later. This is sort of the opposite of “making.” It can also be used by itself to mean out of it or clueless. Ex. “Nobody wears neon green and orange together. You’re so missing, Steph!”

*Ping: (n.) To send a message through interface rings. (When we use “ping,” it means to email or im.)

*Icy: (adj.) A sharper, scarier form of being “bubbly.”

*–Wrecking: (adj. with another word) This is like “making” and “missing.” It can be added onto an adjective with a hyphen to mean destroying whatever the adjective is. I’ll give examples in a second.

Examples of ways to use “making:”
*happy-making: something that makes you happy.
*sad-making: something that makes you sad.
*scary-making: something that makes you scared or something that scares you.
*fun-making: something that is fun.
*pretty-making: something that makes you pretty.
*fashion-making: something that makes you look good or something that makes an outfit look good.
*bubbly-making: something that makes you bubbly or something exciting or cool.
*worry-making: something/someone that makes you worried.
*nervous-making: something that makes you nervous or upset.

Examples of “missing:”
*fashion-missing: something out of style.
*brain-missing: something done without thinking. Ex. “That was a really brain-missing thing to do.” “You seem totally brain-missing today. Did you get enough sleep last night?”
*comfort-missing: something that is rustic or quaint. You might also say a relationship is comfort-missing if it is awkward or forced.

*sense-missing: something that is nonsensical or just doesn’t make sense. Also it can describe something confusing.
*face-missing: this is used to describe someone with no regard to how they dress. Kind of a slob. You might say someone is “face-missing” because they never care how they look.

Examples of “wrecking:”
*planet-wrecking: This is what the pretties call the way we live. They say we use to much gasoline and cut down trees. Our lifestyles are “planet-wrecking” in their opinion.
*vision-wrecking: Something that hurts or damages your eyes. Usually used to describe bright lights.
*rep-wrecking: Something that will kill your good reputation.
*fashion-wrecking: Something that destroys a good outfit.

Lol hope this helps y’all with the world of pretty-talking! I love how they talk and I’m gonna start talking that way I think lol!
Heyy, y'all! This is the first post (just in case you couldn't figure THAT one out DUHH lol)! I don't know why I made this really or what I'm going to put here, but go ahead and comment on whatever I have. I think it'll mostly be book stuff and things of that nature. If there are pollz, by all means vote if you want. Hahaha! Over and out,