Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Washington DC!

Maybe you remember last year, my class went on a 10th grade trip to Washington? Well, we're going again. We are in 11th grade. We're not supposed to go. But, as usual, my class has decided that we are the best class in the world and are therefore allowed to participate in trips for any grade we've been through XD

It's kind of hilarious actually. You should see us crash 8th chili day...

Anyway, we're going to DC :) Today. I'm extremely excited. It's not supposed to rain EVERY DAY or be FREEZING every day, so that's a plus. Also, I don't have the worst sore throat ever this year. YAYAYAY.

The history will mean a lot more this year, too, since I'm taking American History. I'm actually excited about the history itself and not just spending time with some of my best friends.

I might post while I'm gone, but I dunno :)

Be back Saturday! Expect pictures!


P.S. The picture of Evil Inc. to the right is not how I feel about Washington or anything, I just wanted something with a big building/monument XD Just thought I'd clear that up.

Monday, October 25, 2010


It always surprises me the day I look out my window and leaves cover the ground.
I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I think the seasons will wait for me to give them the go-ahead before they change. Like they won't keep going unless I'm ready. Like I can pause right here and catch up before the season switches.
Every year it seems to surprise me that it doesn't work that way.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Second Person Singular

Have you ever written notes to yourself? Just any kind of notes. Letters to yourself in the future, or story ideas in second person?

I've written letters to myself in the future. When I was thirteen, I wrote a note to myself to read when I was sixteen.

There's something really great about doing that. When you read the note, you're more than just reminded of how you used to be; it's like hearing from a different person. It's like who you are now is completely different from who you were then. It's like seeing yourself from another person's point of view; and who hasn't wished they could do that at one time or another?

Today, I was jotting down ideas for a story that popped into my head. I found myself writing sort of TO myself. Saying things like "this is where you put in the weird stuff that'll happen" and "you don't know why yet, but she decides to keep it a secret." I just replaced all the "I"s with "you"s, and the difference was strange.

When I read back over my notes, the ideas felt different. Just the simple word change transformed my scrambled thoughts from "just something I wrote down" to "someone's fascinating ideas." When I my words were talking to me instead of being an extension of me, I was able to look at the thoughts more objectively.

It's hard to see yourself as others see you. But if I write to myself, when I read it over, it feels like someone telling me about their story, not me reading my own stuff. And it's like seeing myself as a separate person.

I probably sound a little crazy right now, but you should try it. Write a letter to yourself to read in a month, a year, or ten years. Talk to the "Future You" like a separate person. Or write down a story idea substituting the word "you" for the word "I." I think you'll see what I mean.

Who knew second person singular could be so exciting?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Posting... :3

I'm sorry I haven't been posting! *sigh* I don't have any especially good reasons besides the old favorite:

I've just been busy.

But I really have XD I've been feeling behind ever since the trip to Great Wolf, and then Wednesday-Friday, I was out of town at a conference. It was really awesome and definitely worth it (I'll probably be posting about it at some point), but I'm back to treading water in school. Gah.

I'm especially behind in math, which sucks. At least I'm getting it though, right? Usually I just keep up with the pace, ignoring my issues. This year I'm actually slowing down to learn the concepts. So...that's good...right?

Tomorrow I have a Family Tree project due. In Spanish XD It's pretty fun, but a little complicated. I'm not sure which labels to put and how to show all the relationships. I also wanted to make the poster look like an actual tree, but there's not really room for a leafy outline and trunk at this point...

So yeah. My life has not been boring lately, I'm just telling you the boring PARTS because telling the exciting parts would take a lot more time, and I still have philosophy and Shakespeare to tackle...not to mention babysitting tonight...Although you really can't call it babysitting when Matt is now FOUR-FREAKING-TEEN and Katie's almost twelve.

That's kind of scary.


*stops ranting*


P.S. If you want to, check out this blog. It's...sort of hard to explain. But I like it XD Check it out: A Crossroads of Rhyme and Reason.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aaron Asked...

We all know what my hair looked like straightened and unstraightened before, but...what the heck does it look like now?

I was just as curious as KnightWing (who needs to post more TJ just btw :P), so when I took a shower for the first time after my haircut, I took a couple of pictures for you XD

First out of the shower...
As it's drying...
The poofy finished product! XD
I foresee much straightening in my future! Lols XD