Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Posting... :3

I'm sorry I haven't been posting! *sigh* I don't have any especially good reasons besides the old favorite:

I've just been busy.

But I really have XD I've been feeling behind ever since the trip to Great Wolf, and then Wednesday-Friday, I was out of town at a conference. It was really awesome and definitely worth it (I'll probably be posting about it at some point), but I'm back to treading water in school. Gah.

I'm especially behind in math, which sucks. At least I'm getting it though, right? Usually I just keep up with the pace, ignoring my issues. This year I'm actually slowing down to learn the concepts. So...that's good...right?

Tomorrow I have a Family Tree project due. In Spanish XD It's pretty fun, but a little complicated. I'm not sure which labels to put and how to show all the relationships. I also wanted to make the poster look like an actual tree, but there's not really room for a leafy outline and trunk at this point...

So yeah. My life has not been boring lately, I'm just telling you the boring PARTS because telling the exciting parts would take a lot more time, and I still have philosophy and Shakespeare to tackle...not to mention babysitting tonight...Although you really can't call it babysitting when Matt is now FOUR-FREAKING-TEEN and Katie's almost twelve.

That's kind of scary.


*stops ranting*


P.S. If you want to, check out this blog. It's...sort of hard to explain. But I like it XD Check it out: A Crossroads of Rhyme and Reason.


Rae B said...

glad to know you're still around! :)

A.J. said...

Still keeping up your writing style... =) Good luck teen-sitting!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Yeh, it's good that you're slowing down with Math.....
Don't worry...you're not the only one that "dislikes" it.....;(

Glad your back to posting.


Kendra Logan said...

Thanks, Rachel! And I like your new name :D That's cool.

AJ: Yep! And lols, thanks :D It was fun.

Laura: Yeah, it's a pain. I think I'd like it more if I had put in the time earlier. I've just ignored the problems for way too long.

Kendra said...

Haha! My name is Kendra too! :D