Monday, January 10, 2011

Lessons of Snow

Today has been a Monday: slow and somewhat unproductive. It hasn't really been unpleasant though. I've had a good day, I just hope that tomorrow won't suck because of the things I didn't get done XD

We aren't reading a play in Shakespeare for a couple of weeks. Instead, we're focusing more on the poetry part of the class. That's fine by me. The only thing is, the assignments feel really restrictive. Lots of times they'll inspire me to write something I really like, but then I just have to do it over because it's not "an alliterative poem with the same number of accented syllables in each line" or something.

Oh well. It DOES force me to write, which is really good. I need that, even though I'm doing a lot better with writing now that I'm not so stressed.

Anyway, after that boring rant, here's one of the poems I wrote today. I'm using it for my "euphony" poem (I have to write cacophony tomorrow).

Lessons of Snow

Whirring, swirling falls the snow.
Tiny drops of feather-light lace
Twinkling flakes of playful cold
Wander down with innocent grace.

The world is peaceful, calm and still.
The snow seems warm despite the chill
As people stop to smile and say
"I hoped that it might snow today!"

Hot cocoa calls as flurries float.
The snow flakes settle on the grass.
Dizzy and friendly they come now.
You never know how long they'll last.

Some people say they don't like snow.
It tells them when they can come and go.
But as for me, I like the flurries.
We miss so much in our great hurries.

The snow falls at whatever pace
And sweeps the world in dusty white.
It shows us how nice life can be
When we go the pace God says is right.


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