Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally. Maybe.

You might remember when I took driver's ed.
You might remember when this guy lost my certificate.
You might remember when the Department of Non-Public Education messed up our paperwork.
You might remember that we had to order my birth certificate because we couldn't find it.
You might remember that it took 8 weeks to arrive.

Nearly two years later than normal, I'm going to get my driver's permit today. Theoretically. I'm hesitant to even say anything because I'm really, really, really, really, really, REALLY afraid I might fail. Like, legitimately.

*sigh* We'll see. Prayers wouldn't be out of order :)



Camellia Day said...

And I say, "GOOD LUCK!!"

To simply put it: You're brilliant, you can do it, and don't run over anyone [they take points off for that, I think...].


A.J. said...

Go go girl! :D You can do it. :)

Rae B said...

You can do it! =)

Elizabeth said...

In response to your comment, yes, the voice is definitely unique! I absolutely loved The Book Thief, but haven't read Song of the Sparrow, so I guess I'll have to look that one up!

While I was looking around online, I saw a writing contest which made me think of you. Here is place with all the info:

Don't know if you already knew about it, but I thought you might be interested because of the theme! :). Thanks for commenting, and I hope that everything went well at the DMV-and if it didn't, you can always try again (thankfully! I totally bombed my first try for my license… lol).