Thursday, June 17, 2010

Comfort Food

Don't you love it? That food that you eat and it makes you feel safe and happy and comfortable. The food you want when you're sick. The food you think about when you're missing home. The food you remember after you leave for college (not that I would actually know yet).

Comfort food is great. It's something familiar to fall back on when you're feeling down. Comfort foods full of memories of birthdays or Fourth of Julys or Christmases or even just times in your life. Like you remember eating grape popsicles a lot when you were little. Or for every birthday party growing up you always had Cheetos.

Comfort foods comfort us because they're memories brought back to life. Memories of parties or conversations or sleepovers you can never relive, but you can always go back and eat your favorite food :)

~Tomato Soup~

What are your comfort foods? Any specific memories that go along with them?



Levi said...

Cereal, Coffee and Peanut Butter & Honey sandwiches are my comfort foods. I have a lot of happy memories associated with coffee. Every Starbucks run or fresh pot has a good story behind it.

Steph said...

Hey, Kendra! I haven't talked to you in a really long time. So, um, as a result of my recent bullying scenario, I had to make a new account. But, I have this new blog called "Birdwatched". The title's from Matthew 6:26 where Jesus says that he feeds the birds and they don't have to worry, and we're far more important to him. But, just a warning, I've changed a bit. I grew up this year.
Anyway, take some time to check it out, I'll look forward to reading your blog once again.

~ Steph

Steph said...

And my comfort food is the chocolate chip cookies my mom has always made simce I was little. When I've had a bad day and come home to them baking, I immediantly grab, like, six of them and run to my room with a glass of milk.