Monday, June 21, 2010

"The King and I"

I never liked the name Eliza, but now I love it :) It feels like a part of me. I've been Eliza for the past week, and I loved it. All the waiting backstage during the shows was pretty boring, but dancing is always so worth it. And this time there was acting involved, too. I didn't know I could act. I always felt like I could, but I'd never tried. Apparently I'm not too bad at it XD (Although yesterday, the day pretty much all my friends came, I didn't do as well with the acting *sigh* Of course.)

The costumes and makeup were crazy. I can't say that I liked the process, but seeing how different I looked was kind of fun :) Pictures? If you insist :) This was a great experience and I'll never forget it.

Captions on the bottom.

Momma experimenting with how to get my hair in a bun exactly on the top of my head XDDying my hair black :DAll the supplies for my bun XDMaddie, the cutest Siamese princess in the world.Me and my mom (note the black bun :D XD).Me and Danae. She was a fellow Hun in "Mulan"!Danae doing a pose from the ballet ("Small House of Uncle Thomas").Princess Ying YaowlakMore friends :DSIAMESE WIFE MAKEUP!!!! I could hardly recognize myself. It was so strange looking in the mirror.The dress for the song "Western People Funny" when the Siamese wives dress up like European ladies.The dance for "Western People Funny".The opening for "Small House of Uncle Thomas", starring.........Eliza! Played by yours truly :)Oh yes. And my baby. George.
Eliza and the Angel.A part of the ballet.Me before Eliza makeup.Me after Eliza makeup :) (Too bad I'd already taken down my hair in this picture :-/)Eva, Eliza, and Topsy :)Eliza (who looks awful in this picture XD) and her evil master, Simon of Legree! I really wish he'd hold up his mask in this picture, it's SO FREAKY. I'm gonna try to find a picture of it...Me, Lizzy, and Princess Maddie :)Me and Maddie.My hair after I took it down!



Steph said...

Oh, man, that's so fun! I wish I could get into some sort of play, it looks fantastic! Were you the lead, then? (If so, that is so cool. :)
The makeup looked pretty cool, too! It's amazing how different one can look under three inches of facepaint.

By the way, you look like one of my good friends from elementary school named Kelsey Lane. You're not a close cousin of her, are you? That would be so cool.

I'm so glad you're having such a great time in theatre! Wish I could come see you in the play.


***Emily*** said...

You know what is strange Kendra? I know Princess Ying Yaowlak...just by a different name of course. I went to a camp with her last month, she was in my cabin.
We must live in the same's a small world after all.

In Christ,
P.S. I hope I haven't like freaked you out or anything, I'm not a stalker person. I promise.

Cavender James said...

George was a chick. Just btw.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

COOOOL! ~ loti!


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

you look good