Monday, August 30, 2010

A Not-Too-Bad-for-a-Monday Day

Hey! Please note THIS post :D It's about a Blog Scavenger Hunt. I think it'll be pretty awesome. We already have seven awesome bloggers who want their blogs to be part of the scavenger hunt!

If you want to be a part of the hunt, but just want to play, not have your blog involved, that's perfectly cool too! Leave a comment anywhere with a question or a comment and I'll add you to the growing list! I'm excited, y'all :)
Today, I worked mostly on American history, and philosophy. This is the first real history class I've had since elementary school, and it's amazing. The book I'm reading looks like this:
Seriously, that's it. A Patriot's History. It's actually that huge. It starts a little before Columbus discovered America, and delves deep into the details of our history. It's so well documented and researched that even the critics can't say anything against it. I think it should be a history textbook for everyone in the US. It's an amazing history education.

Philosophy is really cool. I loved it more than anything in 9th grade (if you've been following a while, you may remember MY EPIC POST on it), and I love it all over again this year. I think the book we read in 9th grade, Sophie's World was more interesting and explained things MUCH better though. I'm glad I had Sophie's World first, or I might not enjoy this philosophy class very much.

Every week in philosophy class, one of the students has to lead the discussion. Explain the chapter, ask philosophical questions, get the class involved. The catch? The teacher doesn't tell you who's gonna lead the discussion until about 4 seconds before you have to lead it. You just have to be prepared for it every week.

This week, I prepared MAJORLY. I worked on this thing almost all day. Aristotle is my faaaaaaavorite philosopher, and we studied him this week. I want to lead the discussion sooo badly, but I guess we'll just have to see what happens on Wednesday...



Tunafish said...

Read your whole EPIC POST =P I was kinda bored but it was interesting =) um... forgot to tell you how to notify me... just comment on my blog I guess (this one- Thanks =) Jesus loves you!

Elizabeth said...

Oh man, that book is tough... I was/am(sorta) in CC, so I know that book all too well. I absolutely loved reading it, but deciding what was important and should be studied for tests was really difficult for me because of all the detail (and my tendency to dwell on all the details). I hope you get picked to lead philosophy discussion, and that your school year is great :)

Elizabeth said...

And I didn't mention how to contact me about the Scavenger hunt either... glad Tunafish mentioned it. If you could drop me a comment here: I would appreciate it :)

HatterTheSecond said...

I've read a lot of that book. We have it. :]