Monday, August 23, 2010

Junior Year: Week 1

~ Spanish
~ Shakespeare
~ Poetry
~ American History
~ Chemistry
~ Philosophy
~ Logic
~ Algebra

So far, Junior year is okay :) I'm hoping to bridge the Gap of the Cliques once and for all this year. You might think I've got my work cut out for me (and...well, maybe I do), but anything's possible.

I wanna try and not get behind or put off my work. So far, I'm doing pretty well, but today was pretty bad. I got a late start and couldn't seem to get motivated. Some personal stuff is giving me a lot of trouble lately. But hey, I am living and learning. (The laughing and loving are the hard parts right now.)

I made a sign in Spanish this afternoon, inviting my family to watch "Gone with the Wind" with me tonight. At least Momma and Daddy showed up :D I really do like that movie, even though it's a total downer. It's a really interesting story. Scarlet o'Hera fascinates me, Rhett Butler amuses me, Melanie Hamilton amazes me and Ashley Wilkes just disgusts me, but it's interesting, especially along with my American History class.

Other News
I missed soccer sign-ups for the first time in nine years.
At least dance starts in a couple of weeks.

I haven't felt that good today for some reason. Just generally pretty down about things and lacking the energetic motivation I had last week and through the weekend. I'm really stressed out. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.



achieve1dream said...

Sorry you're stressed. It can really get you down, but I have yet to find a sure fire coping strategy for stressful times expect drowning myself in a good book lol. I hope you get back to feeling cheerful and energetic. Don't let you down mood get you more down. That's what I have trouble with. :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

know how it is...I'll pray for modivation for you pray for me eh? LOL :)
Love you girl,
Bleah Briann

Sam Probert said...


Sarah said...

If you missed the soccer sign-ups, start refereeing :)

that's what I did. It's really fun :D

Besides that, try to look on the bright side :(

[no name] said...

that's nice (if you need help, I could help)
hey, cheer up, the very usual first week could be challenging motivating and sometimes frustrating when maybe things doesn't looks as expected, its takes time, just don't give up and don't lose enthusiasm, the year its just starting
As my sweetheart usually reminds me: "his mercies are new every morning"

Levi said...

Sorry to hear it, hopefully you'll get into the swing of things quickly. I know for me at least school feels very different this year.