Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hair Cut

Okay. So, some of you might remember what happened last time I got my hair cut. Just reading that post makes me shudder. I've only recently gotten to where I like the length of my hair. Yeah, a 10-minute hair cut took me six months to recover from.

And today, I have an appointment. Hair cut.

I used to be terrified of getting my hair cut, then I loved it, then that little disaster in February happened and now I'm terrified again. Even more than usual this time, because--guess what?

I'm going to get side bangs.

I think.

I know it's a little late to be having second thoughts. My appointment is in--LESS THAN TWO HOURS? D: But yeah. Side bangs. I think.

I think I'd look fine with them, and I've always wanted to try it. But at the same time, so much could go wrong. Soooooooooooooo much.

They could be infinitely annoying. Whenever I dance, they might fly in my face. Whenever I get sweaty, my hair gets curly, and is there anything worse-looking than a piece of hair two inches long going out of control around your eyes? NO. They could also just get in my eyes all the freaking time. During school, when I'm writing, when I'm talking to people, just living life in general.

I'd have to keep them straightened. All the time. No exceptions. My hair isn't the kind of hair that will be okay with side bangs unless it's straightened. True, straightening side bands takes all of three seconds, but I'll eventually totally fry that little piece of hair. And it might look weird to have ONLY my side bangs straightened, which means I'll ALWAYS have to straighten ALL of my hair. Which definitely takes a lot more than three seconds.

I could look really bad with them. That's completely possible. It could draw attention to my big nose. (That's something my February Disaster did. With short hair, you just see this face and then the NOSE and then...yeah, it's bad). This is a fear I just thought of. And it's now a big fear. I have a big nose. Don't try to tell me otherwise. Sometimes it's not so bad, but certain things I do to my hair make it a lot worse. What if this is one of those things?

So you see, I'm a bit petrified about my appointment. And I know most of you are in school, but if you're not and you happen to be reading this, please, please leave me your thoughts.

I think I'm going to get them. I've always wanted to try them, and after all, hair grows back. But I'm soo nervous, and if you think I shouldn't, I'll definitely reconsider...

I just need help XD



Camellia Day said...

You worry wart.

It'll be just fine! Try them and if in the end you don't like them then--well--you can learn how to deal with them? I'm sure you'll find simple solutions to everything!

Face your fears! xD


Tunafish said...

My hair gets in my eyes all the time =P just saying. I guess just do whatever you want cuse hair does grow back. I got a hair cut one time and wanted like half and inch off but ended up losing 3 so... make sure your barber knows what you want! and know what you want. That's important too =P Jesus loves you! =)

The Martha Complex said...

I could have written this blog word for word. I don't know why I get so worked up over bad hair days or cuts, because hair does grow... I forget that sometimes though. :)

Hope the side bangs look good.

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