Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Clockwork Angel"

Hellooo everyone! I hope everyone has had a pleasant week and weekend :D

The Scavenger Hunt is officially over! Only three people won :P Congratulations to...

Third Place: Tragedy101!
Second Place: Noelle!
First Place: Elizabeth!

Yay! I should have awards for you today, but I don't have them yet. Give me until tomorrow if you would :)

By the way, you know my obsession with (the amazing, hilarious, awesome, witty, clever, sarcastic, arrogant, extremely attractive) Jace? And the trilogy he lives in called "The Mortal Instruments?"


Cassandra Clare has started a new trilogy that happens hundreds of years before "Mortal Instruments." I've been wanting book one, "The Clockwork Angel" for months. I got it yesterday at Sam's (that's like Costco)!




I'm only about a third of the way done, but it's great! I'm not completely in love with the characters yet, but that's only because I'm not finished. They're great. Cassandra Clare did a great job of creating a new story and new characters. I would have been tempted to make my hero and heroine just like Jace and Clary, even if by accident. The main guy, Will, is witty like Jace, but he's completely his own character, too.

I've also laughed out loud about 10 times already. I pretty much NEVER laugh out loud at books. I mean, inside I might be rolling, and I might grin or chuckle, but Cassandra Clare always has me giggling out loud and re-reading paragraphs just because they're hilarious.

Seriously, I'd read this book for Henry alone.

And he's not even the cockycutefunnyguy of the story.


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Sarah said...

I love the Clockwork Angel too! I only had it for a few days, now it's in the process of being lended out to half a dozen friends :P

One thing I really liked about the book was Jem/Will. They're a lot like Simon/Jace, but this time, they're BOTH key players. Simon was a great character, but seemed forgotten. Jem is like Simon, but not forgotten this time :)

In other words, they're more equal.
It's such a great series!