Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disney Disguise

Hey, y'all! As my awesome friend Lia pointed out, I'm finally having my birthday party this Saturday! I haven't really had an actual birthday party since I was fourteen, so I'm excited :D I'm also excited because I think the party theme is just awesome, if I do say so myself:

Disney Disguise.

Oh yes. It's a costume party! Everyone dresses up like their favorite classic Disney character! (Well, it doesn't HAVE to be your FAVORITE, and it doesn't have to be a princess. Pirates of the Caribbean or the Incredibles works too :D) There will be games for each princess and a dinner made up of food from all the different countries where the princesses live :)

Do I really need to even tell you who I'm going to be? Just in case you haven't looked at my profile...

I'm going to be Belle!

While Aladdin might still be my favorite Disney movie, you gotta admit that Beauty and the Beast is the best love story out there, and I happen to be a lot like Belle. The only challenge was finding a costume.

I decided right away that I didn't want the yellow dress, you know, the one she wears to the ball or whatever. It's gorgeous, but I wanted to be Belle when she's just her plain ol' self in the blue dress.

I could have ordered a costume. If I happened to have EIGHTY-NINE DOLLARS JUST LYING AROUND XD Which I do not. So I did not. But yesterday rolled around and I still just had some sketchy ideas about how to make a Belle costume, and I was beginning to worry that I would have the worst costume of all--at my own party.

But, like the last-minute heroes they are, my mom and Lizzy went to Goodwill last night while I was at dance and found a couple of things.

I won't tell you how amazing it is, because that might ruin the surprise when I post pictures later ;) But needless to say, OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT IT'S PERFECT IT'S SO AWESOME--

*clears throat*

So yeah. My party is Saturday, and I'm totally psyched.


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