Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi! I'm back! So...Disney World was amazing :)

Hollywood Studios: It's the kingdom where you see all the special effects stuff and very movie-related stuff. They have a show where you get to see an Indiana Jones scene acted out, complete with explosions and amazing fight scenes. It all looks so real.

I rode my first legit roller coaster (the Rockin' Roller Coaster). I got in line with my parents before I told myself what I was getting in line for. I didn't tell myself that the roller coaster went upside down until even later. It was extremely fast and extremely upside down etc.

I have decided that I was born for roller coasters and can't wait to find another one.

I saw a great Beauty and the Beast show.

We ate at this place called the 50s Diner, which is supposed to be so much fun, but I hated it. The food was okay, but our waiter was obnoxious, and the restaurant has RULES. No elbows on the table, and you have to eat all your vegetables to get dessert. -_- It was annoying.

I got my picture taken with Minnie Mouse.

I saw the coolest parades ever.

I experienced snow while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Disney is amazing. They had a snow machine blowing the stuff from the roofs at one point. It was my own personal dream come true (which is, after all, Disney World's motto): snow when it's warm outside.

Magic Kingdom: Everybody loves Magic Kindgom :) It has Cinderella's Castle and most of the princesses and characters. It's divided into Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square and Tomorrowland. It's so fun :D

I MET PETER PAN. :OOOOOO He looked exactly right, aside from the part where he was two inches shorter than me, but what can you expect from a kid who never grows up? I happened to be wearing green, and he complimented me on my color choice. *blush*

I rode Splash Mountain, which I remembered loving. I got soaked and it wasn't as great as I remembered. Drat XD Still fun though.

I went to a store that had M&Ms of every color and I got a pound bag of them. I chose dark teal, light teal, white and brown. They look very pretty :D

I saw Cinderella's Castle get lit up to look exactly like it's covered in ice. I have no idea how Disney is so amazing.

I got delicious pineapple ice cream.

I MET ALADDIN AND JASMINE. Okay,, I don't even know how to explain how amazing that was. "Aladdin" is my favorite Disney movie, and I loved Aladdin. Jasmine is my second favorite princess. I love, love, love, love, LOVE the whole shabang, so I had high expectations.

My expectations pale in comparison to the real thing.

I don't understand how Disney found two people who look exactly like Aladdin and Jasmine. I swear, they looked EXACTLY like their cartoon versions, and I'm a perfectionist. It only got better from there.

Those of you who have seen "Aladdin" know that Aladdin's voice is pretty distinctive. It's almost a little bit cracky, but not quite. It's just really unique. And the Aladdin I met had the same voice. The VERY. SAME. VOICE. Jasmine did too. She sounded just like Jasmine.

And I'm not done. Not only did these people look exactly right and SOUND exactly right, but they ACTED exactly right.

Most Disney characters, when you go up to meet them and get a picture with them, they say, "Hello, princess/prince, how are you doing today? I like your shirt/necklace/shoes/insert some random article you're wearing. Would you like to take a picture with me?" Then you take a picture and they tell you to have a magical day.

Not Aladdin and Jasmine.

*I walk up*
Jasmine: "Hello!"
Aladdin: *stares at my shirt and reads it:* "Santa's Favorite Brunette."
Me: "Yup."
Aladdin: *blinks and crosses his arms like Aladdin. He looks at Jasmine.* "What's a brunette?"
Jasmine: *raises her eyebrow at him*
Me: *raises eyebrows also* "It's brown hair!" *points to pigtail*
Aladdin: ", where are you from?"
Me: " >insert my state< "
Aladdin: "We've been there, I think." *looks at Jasmine* "Haven't we?"
Jasmine: "I think so...I don't know, we go so many places. We--"
Aladdin: "I think...if you flew the Magic Carpet back and forth, we've probably been as many places--"
Jasmine: "As Santa Claus."
Me: *raises eyebrows* "Really?"
Jasmine: "But we don't go to Canada."
Aladdin: "Way too cold."
Me: "I heard you don't go to Delaware either." (I'd been listening to them talk to other kids.)
Jasmine: "Oh no, we have been to Delaware--"
Aladdin: "Yeah, just not in the winter. We don't do snow."
Me: "But Canada is too cold all the time?"
Jasmine: "Yes. Always too cold."
Me: *grins and moves in for a picture*
*dad takes a picture*

My mom: "Kendra, you could do your Eliza hands!"
Jasmine: *looks at me* "What's Eliza hands?"
Aladdin: "Yeah, what's that?"
Me: "Well, I was in a play that's set in Siam, and I was one of the dancers, so I had to learn Siamese dancing." *does Eliza hands*
Aladdin: "Ohhhh--"
Jasmine: "Oh, that's kind of like when I hold my scarf."
Me: "Yeah!"
Jasmine: "Here, you do your Eliza hands and I'll do my hands like that too."
Aladdin: "And I'll....well, I'm just gonna stand. Like this." *crosses arms like Aladdin*
Me: *laughs* "Awesome."
*dad takes another picture*

It was...amazing. I know I didn't capture it here, but it was truly...well, magical. It really was. They were so exactly like their real characters that I left them with my head spinning and my heart flying. Some tiny part of me wondered if they might really be the REAL Aladdin and Jasmine. They way they talked, the way they acted, the way they was all absolutely right. Take your very highest expectations, create in your mind an Aladdin and Jasmine that you think couldn't possibly be out there, and the ones I met were even better than that.


I saw Mickey's Philhar Magic, which will always be amazing no matter how many times I see it. It's the most elaborate 3D show ever, complete with other effects like scents and water splashes and breezes.

I rode It's A Small World, which is annoying, but still somehow really cool.

I walked past a camel statue that spit.

I rode Space Mountain, which is awesome. It's a roller coast that's completely in the dark, except for a few lights that feel like/look like stars and a freaky night sky.

We had breakfast at the Grand Floridian hotel, where Alice in Wonderland, Tiger, Pooh and the Mad Hatter walk around and talk to you and stuff.

Epcot: Epcot is the kingdom where tons of different countries have their own sections. All the stores have items from that country, the people working in that section all have to be from that country, the buildings and food come from that country, etc. It's completely awesome.

I went to a store where you could taste soda from all over the world. Chinese watermelon soda is great btw. So is the stuff from Israel. And I almost got a shirt that says "Coke adds life to me."

I saw a Celtic rock band called Off-Kilter perform, and they were great.

I got a leather bracelet with studs and had it engraved with "Ember" at Epcot in the Canada section. Sorry, I know this post is long, but there's a story with this, too. I was in line to get the bracelet engraved, and in front of me where all this girls. Now, I don't mean to judge, but right away I pegged them as prissy airheads. *puts hands up* Sorry, but I did.

And I turned out to be completely right. Especially about one chick who spent the entire wait time with her head in her hands and her elbows resting on the engraving counter. Why? Because of the admittedly attractive boy running the operation. It only got better when he opened his mouth, because he was FRENCH. I never liked the French much, but I must say I do like their accents.

List of Questions Said Bubble-Head Girl Asked Said Attractive Boy:
1. "Are you French?" (Not a terrible question, because he did sound French, but seeing how we're in the CANADA section...)
2. "Do you live here in Disney World?" (-_- Really? Yeah, he and all the Disney workers just chug on into the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and spend every night...)

And finally, my personal, gag-me-with-a-spoon, she-did-not-just-ask-that, let-me-turn-so-you-won't-see-me-rolling-my-eyes favorite...

3. "Do you meet lotsa pretty girls working here at Disney?" *bats eyelashes, leans forward on counter*

The poor French-Canadian boy didn't know what to do XD It was funny because I didn't know girls were actually that...THAT. I thought movies only caricatured them. But nope. Some girls are really that...just, that.

So I got up there to have my bracelet engraved after the Bubble Brains were gone. The guy, whose name was Felix, btw, asked me to write what I wanted on the bracelet on this little chart. So I did.

He started programming the engraving machine, and said (don't forget the French accent),

"Ember...Zis iz your name?"
Me: "Well...actually no. It's sort of a nickname."
Felix: "Oh."
Me: "My name is Kendra."
Felix: *laughs and looks at me* "Iz not even close!"
Me: *lols* "No...I'm actually a writer, and Ember is a character of mine."
Felix: "Ah."
*he works on the bracelet for a few seconds*
"What iz it zat you write?"
Me: "Well, mostly fantasy...One of my stories is set in a Celtic/Scottish setting, so this bracelet was sort of perfect for 'Ember.'"
Felix: "Ah." *finishes bracelet* "Well, good luck to you. Have a magical day!"
Me: "Thanks, you too."

My dad as we walked away: "He talked to you a lot. And you didn't even have to ask if he saw lots of pretty girls."

Lols XD

I finally met Belle!

I saw fireworks like you've never seen before. They were so loud and so HUGE and so MANY and FAST and BEAUTIFUL and all synced up with music and other lights...You can't explain something like that. It was so incredible...My mouth was open for the entire thing, and I am NOTTTTTTT easily impressed, y'all. I'm really not.

In the Italy section, we ate genuine Italian food and had a genuine Italian waitress, who was so cool.

In Morocco, there was a belly dancer. (Don't freak out, it was perfectly kid-friendly; she had plenty of clothes on.)

Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom is what it sounds like. It's actually one of my favorite kingdoms. It has safaris and all kinds of animal-related stuff.

I saw tons of African animals a few feet away in an open-windowed safari van.

I saw this guy who walked around with a guitar and made up songs about people he saw. He was incredible! He'd ask a kid what his name was, and create a whole song about him as he sang! He never stuttered or paused and all his lyrics rhymed. It was very cool.

I saw the Festival of the Lion King, which is great.

Our Disney Dining Plan got us 1 Sit Down Meal, 1 Quick Service Meal, and 1 Snack every day. The meals all include entrees and sides and desserts. Good grief; I've never eaten as much as I did this past week in my whole life.

Basically, this vacation was incredible. It's impossible to be too old for Disney. No one ever grows up THAT much, and if they do, they need to have that fixed as soon as possible! I love Disney World, and I can't wait to go back :)


P.S. I dunno if you've made it this far, but if you have and you're still reading (XD), I'd like to announce that I think I'd like a new Christmas header this year. I still love the beautiful one Bethany made me last year, but I switched backgrounds and I don't know that it fits as well. If you'd like to help me out, that'd be great. I'm no good at that stuff XD

P.P.S. My Christmas Countdown will start tomorrow! I'm so excited!!!!


Hayhay said...

Funn! :)

Elizabeth said...

Well I got so excited about Aladdin and Jasmine I just about went through the roof. That is the most amazing thing ever. EVER! And LOL at the bubble head :D. That is... wow. OH man, the Rock n' Roller Coaster is awesome! The first time I went on it, I was little, and it was fairly new, and I almost died... my lap bar didn't go down far enough for a twig like me and I was literally hanging on with my arms and legs during the whole ride scared to death... kind of had a nervous breakdown afterward. But this past time I went on it and LOVED IT!!! Since you now like coasters, I recommend The Griffin, in Busch Gardens of Williamsburg, VA. It is SO much fun! (Goes back to geeking out about Aladdin's VOICE being right...)!!! Anyway, I'm so glad you had an amazing time! And you're right, you're never too old for Disney :D.

Camellia Day said...

I'm going to start with this: I remember sitting at church, watching the Aladdins and having the best time while doing it.
Now you finally get to meet our favorite people in the world? I want to see those pictures PRONTO!
Now, I, out of all the Fire Fairies [;D]am the only one who hasn't gone to the Great Disney World. I'll have to mend that one day, I hope!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And this I am glad for. :]
Oh, and about those girls, welcome to my drivers ed. x] Just kidding, no, they're not THAT bad. I just love making fun of girls like that though. We need to get together, go to a store, and make fun of people sometimes soon! ;]

Ian said...

Aladdin and Jasmine never come to Canada? What shameless prejudice. It's not ALWAYS cold up here.

Ah well. Their loss. :P


Levi said...

That sounds like an awesome week. I've been to Disney once and loved it. It's wonderful when things turn out to be better than you anticipate.

Jeni said...

This was a fun post! I remember I got one of those leather bracelets engraved with my name when I went to Disney in fourth grade, but now it's so small it won't even fit on my wrist!

achieve1dream said...

Oh my gosh that was a loooooooong post but sooooo worth it!!! I laughed so hard. I love the Aladdin exchange and the Bubble Brain exchange. Too funny!! Sounds like you had lots of fun. Wish I could go. :)