Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Daybook: Week 10 and Things to Try

Date: 5.1.10
Starting time: 10:38pm
Mood: exhausted, but happy
Outside my window: It's dark.
I'm thinking: about dance
I'm reading: "The Book Thief". Which is intriguingly written and very good so far.
I'm listening to: computers humming and the occasional gmail chat sound.
I'm wearing: navy sweats and a green top
Yesterday, I: worked, and hung out at the lake
I'm excited for: it's summer :) That alone is exciting enough.
I'm sad because: I'm actually not. I'm really happy.
I'm hungry for: GOOD GRIEF. NOTHING. I've eaten like a PIGGG lately. No lie. Yesterday, I ate more than Daniel. He is a sixteen-almost-seventeen-year-old BOY. I also ordered two entrees at the restaurant. Yes. Two.
The song stuck inside my head is: Nothing.
I want: to see Cavender more often
I love: :)
I loathe: hmm...I'm not even sure.
This week, my goal is: to get exercise and notice a difference in myself XD
Ending time: 10:46pm

The sixth and final Summer List...

Things to Try

1. Cucumbers - For Cavender
2. Tomato sandwich - For my daddy
3. Google Chrome - For Kyle
4. Actually going to bed when I'm supposed to - Just for Kyle. Hah.
5. Playing MW2 - For Matt, suggested by Kyle
6. Enjoying chick flicks - For Lizzy
7. Shoes that show my toes - For my mom

Any ideas on things to try?



Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

How about.....

Standing on your head?



Swimming a certain number of laps?



Milli said...

Um...have you ever tried dipping french fries in cream eggs? That would be an interesting thing to try:]

Elizabeth said...

I love The Book Thief! The narrative style is brilliant, and I grew to love the characters so much! For things to try... Mac n' Salsa. Macaroni and Cheese with salsa on it XD. The first bite is incredible :)