Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Narcissism At Its Longest

So, I'm late >.< Awel Prince is having a blog-party-give-away thing and I loved the questions. Unfortunately I'm too late to enter the giveaway, but I really want to answer the questions. Hope that's okay!

**I'm having trouble with links not working, so sorry about naming your blog and not linking back to it :(**

1) What's your all time favorite blog/blogger? Yikes! Picking favorites is terrible >.< To name a few...Rear Window, The Word Crafter, Teen Justice, One Sparkling Star and My Life's Graffiti.

2) How do you personally define forgiveness?
Forgiveness is when you finally banish your hard feelings toward someone and can genuinely love them in Christ.

3) What object of your possession has the most sentimental value in your eyes?
I'm a really sentimental person; I have a lot of little things that mean a lot.

4) What song do you consider your personal theme song?
Hmm, Relient K has a ton of great songs that really resonate with me at different times. Up and Up, Best Thing, and Must Have Done Something Right come to mind with my life right now.

5) Do the opinions of others about you really matter to you?
It depends. Actually, no. It doesn't. Yes, they matter to me. I'm pretty much always either trying to make a good impression, or shock people >:D

6) Do you ever make up words?
OH MY GOSH YES. My family--no joke--made a dictionary for all our made up words. We are insane.

7) Off the top of your head, do you know what your middle name means? (You can look it up though! :)
Uh. Marielle. Something about the sea. *looks it up* Ah. Awesome. "Star of the sea."

8) What's is something that never fails to make you smile?

9) What person has touched your heart the most?
Hmm, in what way?

10) Give a scene in a book where you really understood what the author was trying to convey.
I'm sure there have been scenes like that, but nothing will come to mind.

11) What do you think of HTML? Is it the ENEMY or your friend?
Uh...I have no knowledge on this subject whatsoever.

12) What person comments the most consistently on your blog?
Hmm. I feel like it's a pretty good balance actually.

13) Who is your personal hero/heroine (fiction or real, or both)? Why?
My dance teacher. She is so amazing. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

14) Are you curious or are you satisfied knowing that "that's just the way it is"?
Wow, anyone who knows me knows that "just because" is one of the most frustrating things you can say to me.

15)List the your top 5 favorite songs. Do they have anything in common? Why do you love them?
They're not necessarily in order here...1) Call Me by Shinedown, just because I love the song. 2) Forsaken by As I Lay Dying, I love the lyrics and the sound, and it makes me feel awesome. 3) Painting Flowers by All Time Low, I think it was a clever take on Alice in Wonderland. And I just like the song. 4) Treasure by Flyleaf, I love the lyrics. For some reason it gives me chills. 5) Numb by Linkin Park, again, love the lyrics. And I love Linkin Park. Ugh, it kills me to only pick 5 XD I have sooo manyyy and for different moods, times, reasons.

16) Do you ever get into arguments with...your characters? (that's if you write a book :). And if you don't write, do you think you would?
I do, yeah, and not just about the stories they're in. Paige Walt argues with me all the time, but mostly about my own choices. "Kendra, what are you thinking? Don't say that, try this..." etc.

17) While reading a book or watching a movie, were you ever blown away by an unexpected plot twist? What was it and how did you react?
Inkspell and the Mortal Instruments come to mind.

18) What's your personal opinion of i-designs? (orignal, I know, but I really want to know! :)
Hmm, I'm not sure what this is talking about actually...

19) What's your favorite color combinations?
Blue and green in all variations.

20) What's your favorite comic book series?
I have never read a comic book in my life to be honest.

21) What is the oldest book you've read? How old was it? (By old, I mean, like antique books...the manuscript doesn't have to be old, just the copy of it. :)
Oh, hmm...I'm not sure. Our books are all in good condition, so it's hard to tell how old they are. We have an old LotR box set though.

22) What character in any movie or book, would you say is the MOST like you?
Well, Belle from Beauty in the Beast is always freakishly like me. Betsy from the Betsy-Tacy books is also amazingly similar to myself. Even the events of her life mirror mine! It's crazy!

23) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Hmm. I'd just be nicer. I don't feel like I'm a very nice person. I feel like I'm selfish and greedy and mean more often than not.

24) As a child, what was one thing that always frightened you? This could be something real or imagined! :)
Being out of control. Any way, shape or form was my biggest fear.

25) What's your life motto?
Carpe diem, of course.

26) As you're sitting in café, you're given a note: "It's in your best interests to meet me at 7 P.M. tonight, alone, at Pine and 4th." How would you react?
I'd go to Pine and 4th, of course! 'Course I don't know if I'd go alone. No one ever does and it always turns out awesome anyway XD Plus if I got a creepy note like that and didn't tell anyone, I know of a few people who would be ticked XD

27) Name seven of your favorite books.
Ugh. This is too hard. Mortal Instruments, Farsala Trilogy (those are six books together) and...Sophie's World.

28) Name your absolute favorite font (you can have more than one though)!
I don't have one.

29) Have you ever cried over...a book or a movie?
Uh, duh XD

30) What's something that's brought you so much comfort?
Books. Books, books, books.

31) Describe what you would call a perfect moment.
I'll know it when it happens.

32) What's the fastest you've ever read?
Hmm, I read Brisingr in two days.

33) What's your favorite book/movie genre?
Books, fantasy. Movies, action.

34) Do you say one word a lot just because of the way it sounds? If so, what's the word?
Hmm...actually, no XD

35) What's something you thought you'd hate, but ended up loving?
Root Beer.

36)Do you prefer British or American spellings of words (ex: the British favourite to the American favorite)
I do not have a preference. Although British spellings seem to have unnecessary letters, and I dislike unnecessary things.

37) List a few of your favorite names.
:O Oh my gosh, I was doing this just today. And I was having a lotttt of trouble. Here's what I got:
1) Matthew
2) Jordan
3) Seth
4) Ryder
5) Everett
6) Cole
7) Drew
8) Jayden

1) Khloe
2) Avery
3) Juliet
4) Lauryn
5) Raegan

38) What is your favorite movie?
I love The Matrix. But I also love Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. And the Bourne movies...

39) Imagine you're writing a story, and one of your characters keeps something buried in a box where no one will find it. What's in the box and what's its significance?
It's obviously meant to be a secret.

40) Was this boring? (be honest! :)
Nope. I love fill-outs.

If you wanna do it, that's cool with me :)



Bekah said...

HAHA! Love your answers. And your post titles are SO interesting.

Thanks for the shout-out. Love your blog too. Always so interesting and NEVER fails to make me laugh. :-)

Taylor said...

I love that your family made its own dictionary of made-up words, that is hysterical! What a great idea.

Hope all is well with you!

Kendra Logan said...

Bekah: Thanks :D

I'm so glad I can make you laugh! I love being able to make people smile!

Taylor: Haha, yeah, we're definitely originals XD I'm doing wonderfully, thanks :) Hope you are too.