Friday, April 30, 2010

Things to Watch

Wow! Today has been extremely full!

Work went well. Today it was just from 9-12, and was strangely exhausting. It didn't seem like I did much, but it was kind of draining. However, I didn't mess anything up, I understood everything, and I actually think I helped a lot. Yay!

David and Daniel and their family were at our house when I got home. We all went down to the lake and played around on this inflatable giganticness we recently bought. I slid down the slide (with some help. Thanks, David -_- :P). Then I decided to be a party pooper and lay around in the sun for a while XD Later we went exploring in the woods and went to our "secret" spot. We had a lot of fun :)

Then, we all went to this little pizza place before going next door to this coffee shop. Some kids that I know are in a band and they were playing.

They're good.

Personally I was like :O The lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Forest, has a great voice and he is an extremely talented musician. Their music had a cool sound. Edgy but calm, and they wrote several really good songs. I was enjoying it and it was really relaxing.

Then Forest screamed.

:O :DDDDDDDDDDDDD WOOOT! >insert shock and wow< THAT was awesome. It was even more awesome than their faces when I was like "WHOA, that one was my FAVORITE do it AGAIN!"

So yeah. Today was really great, but really tiring. And I hafta get up at 7 again tomorrow :( And work 9-4. Seven hours. *moansighsob* I like it, but I'm tired. And that's a long time. And tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and I wanna swim in the lakeee XD Oh well. I'm making money. So...yay.

After all that ranting do you still want my summer list #5? Well, read it or not, here it comes XD

Things to Watch
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Slendie vids on Youtube (only Cavender will know what the heck I'm talking about)
3. The Blair Witch Project
4. Paranormal Activity
5. Braveheart
6. The Wind and the Lions
7. Alice in Wonderland
8. Men in Black
9. The Transformers movies
10. Push



Alice said...

Hmmm, I watched "Paranormal activity" when it was in theaters and then had to sleep in my friend's old house with the creaky staircase and a witch puppet hanging from the wall... >_<
I liked Push fairly enough... some of the other movies I have only heard...

Milli said...

Yay! Alice in wonderland!

Bella said...

hi. you have a cool blog and a life much more exciting than mine, so i'm going to follow you. (or rather, your blog.)

Cavender James said...

Heh. Most of these are from me. Paranormal Activity sucked.

Kendra Logan said...

Alice: I've heard some people say it was really scary, and some people say it was lame. I'll have to watch it myself and see what I think XD

Milli: Yeah! I'll watch it...eventually XD

Bella: Wow, thanks! My life is exciting? :O That would be a first :) Thanks for following!

Cavender: Yes, they are :P