Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prom Dresses!

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So, guess what?

I went shopping today.
More or less voluntarily.
For a dress.
A prom dress.

I'm going to the prom.

Yeah, me. I'm actually going to a prom. I didn't plan to do that until I was a senior. Put if off as long as possible, because I'd feel awkward and...I can't dance.

Okay, so that's not completely true in two ways. 1) I can dance, just not ballroom dance and 2) I don't actually know if I "can't", because I've just never learned.

So why am I braving the world of fancy dresses, makeup, hair and dancing now?

It's Cavender's fault XD

I know I won't be able to get away with talking about dress shopping without posting some pictures, so here goes. (You can thank my wonderful little sister Lizzy for these.) Comments are under the pictures.

This was okay. The beading on the straps isn't really my thing (it continues down the back and I didn't like it). Also, it's cut really low in the back and that goes against the dress code, not to mention my comfort zone.

This dress was too expensive to buy, but I wanted to try it on because it looked like a "fire fairy costume" to me :) I had to try it on, just for the memories it evoked.

Yeah, this just looks like I'm wearing a mermaid tail XD

I actually really liked this one (and it was cheap XD), but it was too big :-/ I'm leaning against the wall keeping the straps up higher XD

I really liked this one. It's my second favorite. I love, love, LOVE the skirt on it. It's the kind of dress that I could twirl in for hours :) The main problem was that it's black. I really didn't want a black dress, but I almost bought it anyway.

This one just didn't really call to me XD It was like, "Ehh."

This one was absolutely hideous on the hanger and before the sash was tied, but it wasn't too bad when it was fully put on. It's growing on me even now, but the seaming on the chest is weird...yeahh...XD

And last but not least, the winner :) This is the dress I got. I feel good in it. I just liked it the best :)

We shopped for like an hour and a half. Shopping tires me out like nothing else. I can dance for two hours and fifteen minutes, or play soccer for an hour and a half, or run around outside all day, but an hour of shopping is like *instant energy fail* XD

Hope you liked seeing my wonderfully girly-fail self in a prom dress XD Good night all!



Cavender James said...

HAH! >:D

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Very pretty...I acutally kinda liked the one with the weird top. I dunno though, maybe i'm just weird. lol :)
Considering I'm homeschooled and only a sophmore I doubt I'll be going to prom anytime soon. But I do know the feeling. My friend is having a huge dance for her sweet sixteen in a couple and weeks and I searched forever trying to find a dress. I finally found one and I can't say I LOVE it. But I was desperate and my mom pretty much feel in love with it. So apparently she's living out her dreams through me? Hmmm. LOL...I'll post about it soon. But really nice! Make sure to take pictures while you're there.
With love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Taylor said...

I would do anything to go back to my prom. ENJOY IT! Your dress is beautiful! :) You're going to have a blast, and I hope it's a night you'll always remember!

Milli said...

Those dresses are so pretty! I hope you have fun at prom!

Steven said...

No problemo :) x

Kelly Schelske said...

That is gorgeous!! Have fun at prom!

Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: :P

Bleah: The gray? It grows on me all the time...

I'm homeschooled and a sophomore, too...Lol XD

That's sweet of you to get the dress your mom liked. I'm not that nice, lol >.<

Taylor: :D Thank you so much! I'm still I will remember it.

Milli: Thank you!

Steven: :D

Kelly: Thanks! I'll be sure to post about it.

•Karis Brown• said...

I love the 3rd to last one!!! It's so pretty on you! Loved um all thoguh! ;D

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yup the gray! I looked at it again on a better computer so I could see it better. Its very pretty. I love the one you got but I think the gray is my favorite.

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Wait...what? You're homeschooled? Really?! I didn't know that...this is crazy. Gosh, I feel stupid. :P wow...really? Are you just pulling my leg? WOW *huff* wow. I feel really stupid. I didn't know that.