Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Hearts

Thanks for following, Tay, Ruthie (although I was sure you were already following...O.o I'm loosing it XD) and Hanner! New followers shock me. But they delight me, too, so it's okay XD

So far the poll it telling me that y'all want...

- About my life [Seriously? I'm so boring XD]
- Creative stuff [*gets out thinking cap*]
- Funny stuff [I'm not funny :D]

Then it's a three-way tie between My writing, Thought-provoking posts and My thoughts and opinions. Y'all are clearly not in this for the intellectual aspect.

JUST KIDDING. I luv you guys XD

Well, today was...interesting.

I only have about three more weeks of school left, which is great and everything, but it means we're closing in on finals--FAST. I have plenty to do to get ready, let's just say that. I'm so much looking forward to being done, though. I can't even remember the last time I was so ready to be finished with school. I used to like school. This year, I've kind of hated it all year :-/ So yeah. Lots of finals coming up, and a Lincoln-Douglas debate, which is so overwhelming that I don't even want to explain it >.<

We dissected a sheep's heart today. It was white. I guess I know that it's just the blood that makes a heart red, but that still surprised me.

Creative stuff.

Eat dinner with your left hand.

How's THAT for creative? Actually, it's not. I got it from Kyle. XD

Well, I'm really kind of distracted and not much of a poster today XD I'll talk to y'all later :)
P.S. Cavender's ankle isn't broken, it's sprained. Keep praying :)


Izori said...

I'll keep on praying for Cavender's ankle! I'm glad it's not broken.

I already eat dinner with my left hand. And no, I'm not left handed. =)

Tay in Real Life said...

and we luv you too! I can do things with both my hands LOL

Cavender James said...

Still hurts >.>


Sam said...

I love Lincoln Douglas debate! I do public forum in competition, though...
Lucky, though--three weeks left of school? Six here. Yuck.

Levi said...

I'm excited about finishing. We were supposed to have done a Lincoln Douglas but due to a lack of time we'll each be giving an impromptu speech instead. I'm looking forward to it.

Random Ruthie said...

haha... yes, Kendra, I was following, but I switched to a new account so I had to stop following, then re-follow everyone, so you're not losing it