Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopping. Yeah, Again.

I have good news for you:

I survived yet another shopping trip.

It wasn't actually that bad. I'm starting to not dislike it. Which is not the same as liking it, mind you, I can just STAND it now.

...okay, maybe I like it a little bit. But only when it's for me. And when I have a non-cheapskate budget. And it's not one of those leave-at-9AM-get-back-at-4PM trips. Then, and only then, I kinda like it XD

I have sort of an odd sense of style sometimes, so it's weird finding clothes. I don't do plaid shorts. I dislike flowered embroidery. Puff sleeves + pink = not for me. Purple anything = not for me. Anything even hinting of "Save the Planet", "Peace and Love" or "THIS WAS RECYCLED" receives an immediate GETMEAWAYFROMTHISRACK reaction.

(The first and last YESES I actually got :D)

Not only did I find some CLOTHES I liked, but also a pair of SHOES. That is a major accomplishment for me. Why?

1) I have big feet.
2) I have long toes.
3) Kendra's big feet + Kendra's long toes = I hate my feet.

So yeah XD I found shoes. Wewt.

Long story short: I don't hate shopping...:OOOOOOOO




Kailyn said...

Hahaha, love the little insight into your day of shopping! The shirts you got are adorable! I especially like the last one -- really unique! And I have big feet and long toes, too! I really don't like it... *sigh* Oh, if only I had little, petite, size 6 princess feet! xD

Kailyn said...

PS: I forgot to say -- LOVE the prom pictures! Your dress is lovely, and you looked gorgeous! =)

Milli said...

Haha. Both shirts have tigers on them! It's okay. I 'm not a big fan or plaid or purple either.

shruti said...

yay!! i'm not alone in not finding shoes for my big feet!! my friends make fun of me because they have nice, slim, SMALL feet, and i have long, fat ones.

oh, and love your YES's. :D and you should've bought the second YES too. it looked verrry pretty!

Bridget said...

Love the tiger shirts, especially the last one. Glad you didn't totally hate your trip. =D

Anonymous said...


Don't know nothing about big feet. Mine are small, petite, dainty, almost ladylike... [In other words not masculine. :(]

Kendra Logan said...

Kailyn: Thanks! I feel ya about the feet. *sigh* Oh well, whatcha gonna do? XD

And thank you! You're so sweet :) I had a great night.

Milli: Now, now, one is a cheetah XD I thought it was odd that I got two big cat shirts, too.

Shruti: :D Big feeted people, UNITE!

I definitely would have gotten the middle YES, but sadly, I didn't see it in the store!

Bridget: :D Thank you XD Me too.

Tragedy: I'll trade you XD