Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things to Learn

Well, today has already been an unbelievable success, and it's only 1 o'clock! My twenty-ten summer is off to a great start. Today I...

Got up at 9AM
Rode my bike
Actually ate breakfast
Gave Licky a bath
Read a bunch of "The Book Thief"

And lastly...(Are you sitting down? Sit down. Ready?)

I made a cake. From scratch. Basically by myself.

Lizzy helped me, but only with getting ingredients and holding the bowl and stuff. I actually COOKED something, and it smells amazing. I'm not sure how it'll taste yet, but it looks pretty awesome :D This brings me to my second Summer List for you...

Things to Learn

1. Cooking
2. To do a flip underwater
3. To French braide
4. To spell "blood" with my fingers (click HERE XD)
5. To use the Snowflake Method
6. To upload pictures from my camera
7. To write cursive
8. Diving
10. How to do a split

Think I can do it all? We'll see. I'm one step closer to achieving #1...I'll let you know how the cake turns out :)



Phoenix said...

Congrats on baking a cake from scratch! I can't even do that :) And if you want to learn the splits, girl, you better practice every day...that one only comes in time.

Very cool blog, I am digging it!

Cavender James said...