Monday, April 5, 2010

People Pleasers vs. Fixers

My sister is a people pleaser. I have never been a people pleaser. I've always been sadly selfish and not easily guilted into things. However, there is a not-so-distance cousin of the PP that I'd like to introduce to you:

The Fixer.

A Fixer is different from a PP. A people pleaser tries to please everyone at once. They do what they're asked, and spread themselves too thin. Fixers are the Type A version of that.

Fixers are out to, well, fix everything. They feel like they should be able to do everything themselves, and not only solve their own problems, but yours as well. While people pleasers feel unhappy when the people around them are irritated, Fixers just get frustrated--more often than not at themselves.

I'm a Fixer. I like to play supergirl. I'm mostly good at it, or at least I used to be. Not as much anymore.

Now, this is usually the point where I would turn this post around and tell you that being a PP or a Fixer is not the way to go. I would normally tell you that it's just exhausting and unrealistic. You can't please everyone. A smart leader doesn't please everyone, they just decide who they need to please. You also can't fix everything. You can only change yourself, not other people, and some things will just plain have to wait for God's timing.

This is usually where I'd say that, but I'm too ticked off that I can't Fix everything to turn this into a lesson.

Oh, wait...

P.S. Please pray for Cavender's ankle. It's sprained, or maybe broken.


Cavender James said...

It hurts. XD

Izori said...

Ouch. I always sprain my ankles in time for soccer tournaments. I hope it heals quick, Cavender!

Tay in Real Life said...

great post. I am definitly a fixer. LOL.

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