Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer Lists

It's here. It's here. It's finally here! I've been waiting for this for nine months!


No school. No tests. No exams. No papers. No projects. No timelines. No modules. No notes. No rough drafts. No final drafts. No vocabulary. No lab write-ups. No flashcards. No stress! My life is complete XD

Well, almost. I just need a mode of transportation and the rest of the world to get out of school XD And texting would be nice...But for now, I'm in paradise :D

But just because I don't have school doesn't mean I can't be productive. I just get to be productive in the areas that interest me now! How? I got one word for you:


I love lists. I make lists things to do. I make lists of things to pack. I make lists of things to remember. I make lists of things to wear. I make lists of things I hate. I make lists of things I love. I make lists of lists.

Okay, I'm not quite THAT bad.

But I get organized through lists. It's how I think. So when I want to make sure to accomplish some awesome things over the summer, where do I turn?

Kendra's List of Summer Lists
1. Books to Read
2. Movies to Watch
3. Places to Go
4. Things to Learn
5. Things to Start
6. Things to Stop
7. Things to Try

Lists are tangible reminders of what you want to accomplish. Sometimes just putting something in writing can give you some motivation. What do you want to do this summer? Make a list :D

I'll post my own summer lists later, starting on Sunday, my first full week of awesome.



Bethany said...

heheHEE!! I love making lists too! :) school goes late into June.....have fun! :)

Einar said...


I no gets summer break, home schooled :)

Marissa said...

I can't wait for summer break. Only 3 more weeks! =)
I am a list person too. I always have a list for things to do in the summer. I often keep them so the next summer I can see what I had planned to do from the summers before. :) Its pretty fun seeing what kinds of stuff I wanted to do.

Tunafish said...

Lucky! I still have another quarter *bleh* I like lists kinda... I like the feeling that I've written one more than thinking of what to put down and doing what I put on the list =P Jesus loves you! =)

Milli said...

I love lists too! Have a great summer! Grrr. My summer break doesn't start until July.

Kendra Logan said...

Bethany: Aw, that sucks. I would hate that. But list ftw!

Einar: D: Really? No break at all? Aw.

Marissa: WooT! Three more weeks! :D That's a good idea to keep up with your lists. I'm gonna start doing that.

Tunafish: ...that confused me XD *rereads* Ohhh. Yeah, lols XD I get what you mean.

Milli: Yay! Another fellow list-lover. And oh my goodness!! JULY? That is a while to wait. My sympathies!