Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tExTiNg PaRt OnE: Intro

Some of you may know that I have a cell phone. Some more of you may know that it is a red LG Shine that hates me. Even more of you might know that I like to text. Very few of you know that I lost this privilege yesterday.

Why? My parents don't want me texting too much. They feel like it's unhealthy, it fragments your brain, and distracts from who you are with right now. I admit, those are valid points. I started out only having 200 texts a month. That's like 3 texts, counting both sending and receiving, per day.

The average American teenager sends about 80 a day. So yeah, 200 a month did not work for me at all.

My parents eventually agreed that 200 was kind of a conservative number, and moved me to the 1500 plan, as long as I promised only to use 600 of them.

This month's cell bill just came up.

I sent over 1600.


Now, when you look at the statistics, that's not unreasonable. On average, teens send and receive 2272 a month. So really, I'm not that bad.

BUT. That's not the point. The point is that I didn't follow through with my part of the plan. My parents weren't going to let me have texting at all, but they decided that 200 was okay. I blew it big time there, costing them a lot of money. We renegotiated, and I was allowed to send 600. Well, I blew it again. As much as I really think I can stay within the limit, I'm not gonna get another chance, at least for a while.

I stand firm that 600 texts a month isn't a lot, and even 1600 isn't too many. My grades have been okay, and texting has not been interfering with my family life. However, as an aspiring lawyer and one who values justice over mercy, I can see exactly why I lost texting. It was fair. No, it was more than fair. I got three shots and blew them all. Maybe I'll have better luck in a few months :)

Stay tuned for Texting Part Two: Where Do We Stand?



Bekah said...

Oh that sucks that you lost it. But I admire how optimistic you are about it--keep that attitude. :)

Cavender James said...

You forgot to tell them it was my fault XD

NikkiCoco said...

That too bad. I am so thankful for unlimited texting! I think I'd be pretty lost with out it.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! I hardly send ten messages through cell phone each month!

Milli said...

It sucks that you lost it. My parents won't let me have a cell-phone until I can pay the cell-phone bills myself. *sigh*