Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things to Start

Thanks for following, Brenna!

Another good day so far :D No dog-washing or cake-baking, but I rode my bike again and did sit-ups til I couldn't anymore XD (Upper body strength: 0. Stomach muscles: not actually that bad.)

For all you wondering, the cake was good :D That was surprising, especially considering I sort of went a little astray with the recipe in some places...Heh :3 Come visit and I'll make it for you :D

Did you know that it's harder to start something than it is to keep something up? This is true no matter how you look at it. Physics itself proves it! When something like a cardboard is in motion across the floor, the molecules of the box and the floor more or less slide across each other. However, if you stop pushing, that gives the box molecules and the floor molecules time to settle into each other. When you start pushing the box again, you have to break their little bond to get going.

Since getting started takes such a conscious effort, I've made my third summer list...

Things to Start

1. Washing my face every morning - I mostly only do it when I have to remove my makeup. That can't be good for my skin. I'm trying to get better about this.
2. Exercising every day - I will bet you real money that I'm in worse shape than you. If you think I'm kidding, watch me ride my bike up these hills.
3. Eating more fruits and veggies - The thing is, I actually LIKE fruits and veggies. So this shouldn't be all that hard. I just need to be more deliberate in getting some at every meal.
4. Reading the Bible at night - Mornings just don't work for me.
5. Keeping my room clean - Heh. 'Nuff said.

What happened to 6-10? I haven't thought that far yet XD Any ideas on more things I should start this summer?



Milli said...

I really like these lists:)

Tunafish said...

Yeah, they help me think about what to do too =P I might be more fit... idk but I can't ride a bike so try watching me ride up a hill =P um, try doing cool stuff =) cuse that's... cool =P Maybe learn an instrument... I started learning to play the guitar last summer and now I'm not too bad =) well depends on what I'm playing... Jesus loves you!