Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prom and Pictures

For me, prom was one of those rare nights that I don't know how to post about. Usually words are my little minions, but sometimes they just fail me XD

My awesome friends Meredith, Stacey and Jessica came over at 4pm to help me get ready, seeing as how I'm a little challenged in this area...Lacking in self-confidence if nothing else XD Mer curled my hair, Jessica did my nails, and Stacey hung out and was her wonderful self :D Despite getting a late start on preparations, we were ready only about five minutes after Cavender showed up.

*Daddy and Lizzy take pictures and stuff*
*Daddy takes Sa--Cavender and me to Olive Garden to meet friends (Emma, and Tori and Tim)*
*apparently Olive Garden wouldn't take reservations*
*we find out the wait is 40 minutes long*
*we end up at Macaroni Grill XD*

Dinner was good, both funness and foodness wise XD We didn't get to the prom until 8:15, which was really fine considering there wasn't anything to miss.

Those of you who know me know that it takes me a ridiculously long time to warm up to situations. I usually end up getting loose about the time something ends -_- That was almost the case at prom. I'm honestly not an extremely awkward person. I feel incredibly awkward a lot, but I can usually hide most of it. It usually comes out as arrogance or irritability.

I knew more people at prom than I thought I would, but Cavender actually knew more. Go figure, "my" prom and he knew a ton of people XD I mostly hung out with Emma at the beginning. She's awesome XD We got into dancing towards the end. I have a confession to make:

I am decidedly very white XD

The prom just got better the longer we were there. I ended up having a freaking epic blast. We also learned "hardcore dancing" which was lols. And fun. Even though I'm pretty sure I didn't do it right XD Cavender and I also did a teensie bit of non-legit slow dancing, at which I failed even though there was nothing even to fail at.

(Cavender: "You put your hand on my shoulder."
Me: "What? I know. It is on your shoulder."
Cavender: "No, like--"
Me: *changes hand position*
Cavender: "No. Here--"
Me: *changes hand position again*
Cavender: "No. HERE."
Me: *changes again*
Cavender: "Your arm needs to be on top of--*fixes hand/arm position* There."
Me: "Oh. Heh...sorry..."

>.< Nothing like wounded pride to bring you back down to earth, right? XD)

Long story short, prom was one of those nights I wish would never end. I honestly had no intention of staying the whole time, but we did. It was like my mom said to me and Daddy the other day,

"I don't know that you really want to go to prom. I think you just want to buy a dress and do your hair and makeup and take pictures and have Cavender and then change into shorts and y'all watch Alias all night."

Me: "...maaaaaaybe...>.>"

So yeah. I had fun. So much fun. Cavender FTW :)

Wait, what's that? You want to see pictures? XD Okay. Here they are. Captions on the bottom.
The AMAZING :D:D:D Crew, left to right: Mer, (me), Stacey, Jessica.
Hair...Hair and nails...Nails...The name of the polish? Gun metal >:D I would."You're gonna paint my toenails? You really want to? Okay..."Hairspray...All done :DWooT! The dress!Shoes...
Me and Cavender.
Tori and Tim.
Me and Emma putting our shoes back on XD
Emma and me in the masks :)
Me, Cavender, Emma, Tim, Tori.

:) Hope y'all had a zillionth as much fun reading this as I had last night :)



Cavender James said...


Cavender James said...

Fail. That was supposed to go once. I bet you were like ":O TWO COMMENTS ALREADY?!?!!?"

Katie G. said...

Sounds like you had a TON of fun!

Marissa said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun!!!! I loved your dress. It's so pretty! =)


Kendra Logan said...

Cavender: Lols XD Spammer.

Katie: Yep, I did :D

Marissa: For sure! And thanks!


MoonShaw said...

You look so pretty, that dress suits you admirably. =) I'm glad you and Cavender had so much fun!

achieve1dream said...

You looked gorgeous in your dress (nice choice!)! And I love the nail polish. Gun metal!! :D

Glad you had so much fun.

Bekah said...

Ooh! You look gorgeous! I'm so glad you had fun - I'm totally a dress-up sort of gal. Haha, and I love dancing. ^_^

And your dress... *drools* It's SO pretty! :)

Chris said...

Looks like you had fun! :D

Levi said...

Glad you had a good time.

Milli said...

You look gorgeous! It sounds fun!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Wow! Looks like you had lots of fun! :)