Monday, March 7, 2011

Battle of the Boys

NOTE: Boys, feel free to skip this post.

Also, if you are allergic to shallow, you can skip it too, because this is quite possibly going to be shallow. It's also going to be eye-candy, so stick around if that changes your mind. That is all.

Alright. So, there is an on-going fight between Camellia Dayla (and Cassidy) and me:

Who is hotter? William Moseley or Jeremy Sumpter?

Lia and Cassidy are under the impression that William Moseley is more attractive. While I totally agree that he is a big bowl of beautiful, I happen to think Jeremy wins out by a little bit. What are your opinions?

Contestant #1: WILLIAM MOSELEY
He is gorgeous. There's no doubt. He has flawless skin (although it's probably air-brushed), piercing grey eyes, and something about him that kind of screams "SMOOTHPROTECTIVETYPE."

He also has abs. Which is always nice.
And looks good when he's annoyed.
He can (almooooost) pull off long hair.
And has a strong jawline.
He (in case you didn't already know) played Peter in Narnia, one of the greatest, most crush-able guys in fiction.
He's also an older brother, and tan (a rarity among British dudes), if you want to throw him those brownie points.

When asked what religion he is, he replies (quote), "Um I do believe in God but I’m not very religious, I’m…probably Christianity."

Two worst pictures I could find (I found some baaaaad ones, but when I tried to click on them I mysteriously got the "Not Found" screen...-___-):

Basically he's an all-around good-looking guy with few (viewable) exceptions.

Contestant #2: JEREMY SUMPTER

Used to look like this...

Now he looks like this...You look at William Moseley and the words "handsome," "solid," and "good-looking" float across your mind. You look at Jeremy Sumpter and all that's left of you are the chills running down your spine and your heart beating in your wide eyes.

He has eyes that slice into you, right to your soul, carrying an aura of mystery, adventure and mischief. Something about him screams the contradictions of "fierce-gentle" and "strong-sensitive."

He had abs when he was twelve.
Manages to make smoking look hott, which is hard to do in my book.
And makes me go weak at the knees when he looks like this:
...even though I feel like a pedophile.

If you feel you haven't quite seen enough evidence, I've saved the best for last. Take adventure, mystery, intrigue, mischief, cockiness, cleverness, wit and sheer attractiveness and rolled it together, it would look exactly like the following.
Holy...guacamole. I'm trying very hard to...not go crazy over this boy.

Here's one where you can read the whole tattoo.
In case you still can't tell, it says "To die would be an awfully big adventure."

He played the role Peter Pan in the real people version and did a beautiful job in a terrible movie.

Peter Pan has always been an attractive character to me, maybe some of you share that feeling. There's something about the adventurous, mischievous cockiness that's just awesome.

He also played Justin in a movie called Cyber Seduction, which sounds dirty as heck, but is actually a Christian TV movie that does a good job of keeping it PG without sugar-coating things.

I haven't been able to find Jeremy Sumpter commenting on his faith, but his role in Cyber Seduction leads me to believe he is a Christian. However since he doesn't mention it in any interviews, it leaves me wondering.

Two worst pictures I could find (btw, I've seen his movies and he never looks bad for a second, although admittedly these are pretttttty bad):
Basically he makes you want to run after him wherever he's going (as soon as your knees recover their stability), even though he's got a few bad shots out there.

Well there you have it, folks! The strong, handsome older brother of William Moseley, or the cocky, mysterious portrayer of Peter Pan.

Which do you find more attractive? Comment! None of this "I don't have time" or "Plenty of other people will" or "She'll never know I didn't" stuff! I have a page number tracker and I'm not afraid to use it ;) Drop a line and end this feud between friends!



KnightWing said...



Kendra Logan said...

I did warn you. If you looked anyway it's all on you :P


X2 said...


Elizabeth said...

I shouldn't have read this post of shallowness, but I, too, am a girl whether I like it or not. LOL at 'BLUUHHHHGGHGHHHHH' and 'derp' xD. Anyway, sorry Lia-I gotta go with Jeremy Sumpter... they both have a pretty blonde boy thing going on(not my favorite type of look), but William Moseley seems, to me, just TOO squeaky clean perfect. He's the only person on Lia's list that I downright do not find attractive, at all. Also, I hate barely there facial hair, but Jeremy makes it look...haha, okay ;). Ugh at smoking though-definitely doesn't look hot to me. BUT THE TATTOO... <3 THE TATTOO. I want one(talking about the tat here)! But dang Kendra, that picture you saved… not fair to do that to an innocent little 18 year old who wants a tattoo and is thinking about dying her hair purple once she moves out…. Ehh… nevermind. But jeesh that picture is mean(aka freaking hot)! xD LOL. Okay, my self permitted descent into shallow town is now over, and I'm going to web surf right on out of here and deny I ever came… ;)

achieve1dream said...

Um. They are both way too young for me. And um . . . blonde. Blech! However if I had to choose one, and only looking at the older pictures, I would choose Jeremy. Maybe that's because he doesn't look blonde.

I do have a suggestion though (but he's probably too old for you guys, not sure on his exact age except he's older than I am) if you're looking for blonde cuteness with abs try Chad Michael Murray. For a blonde he's totally hot. :D

Keith Street said...

did you have a bib on when you wrote this blog. sure am glad we covered "choices" at journeys.

Keith Street said...

didn't need my floaties for this shallow pool. tough choice, but someone has to make it. luv ya!

Camellia Day said...

Jeremy is good.
William is great.

Together: HEAVEN.


Anonymous said...

Skip this?!


The most amusing post you've made in a long while.

Cassidy said...

sorry, me, my mom, and my dad (lol) agree that william wins hands down :) jeremy is just a good looking guy, although i will say you found some more attractive pictures than you showed me initially :P but william, oh what can i say lol he's a much more unique attractive and omg just so freaking hot and B-E-A-utiful!!!!! i usually don't do blonde, usually i go for the darker hair and skin etc... but with williams face and body i just can't help it!!!! this will have to be one of the few things we disagree on :P <3

Cassidy said...

btw i should mention i have a weakness for good lips and kinda squinty-ish eyes lol and william happens to have both XD

KnightWing said...

I am totally straight and find this whole thing rather vomit-inducing.

But William wins, hands-down.

Brianna said...

Sorry Kendra, but I'm gonna have to go with Cassidy on this one and say William Moseley(: For one thing, he's just more beautiful and TAN, and I love his name(: I see why you like Jeremy. Personally I like his tatoo, but I still like William better.

Liberty said...

Let's see...powerful, wise, strong High King of Narnia...or whiny, shallow, selfish boy who doesn't want to grow up.

Is there really a contest here? :P

And yes, I am able to mix fiction and reality. It's a talent I have.

Cassidy said...

thank you very much
knightwing, bri, and liberty!! your support is appreciated :)

Camellia Day said...
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Camellia Day said...
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Camellia Day said...


Look, some people know good looks when they see it. *cough* Nightwing, Bri, and Liberty. *cough*


KnightWing said...

That second guy looks like a twelve-year-old moron.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating stephanie! i finallly discovered your blog!!! :) i love how into this debate you are they are both incredibly drop dead gorgeous however i would have to side with cassidy based on the "ab pic" ! <3

Ashley said...

Yeah.... definitely Moseley.
Did you intentionally pick two guys that both played a character named Peter? =P

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Sumpter hands down for me. His face makes me want to melt and my Knees to go out. I agree With Kendra that Peter Pan is just an attractive character. I think he jst has more definable character than William Moseley