Monday, March 7, 2011

Mari Mac

Sorry for all the music posts, I promise to post something else soon XD

When we went to Disney in December, we saw this amazing Celtic rock band in Epcot called Off-Kilter. I LOVED them, and we bought their CD. They're infinitely better live, though, so I couldn't really get into the CD while the memory of them was fresh in my mind. Now that the memory has (tragically XD) faded some, I'm listening to their CD and loving it, too. I definitely recommend checking them out if you like Celtic rock :) And they've got a permanent gig in Epcot (in the Canada area), so GO SEE THEM LIVE.

One of the funnest songs is called "Mari Mac" XD I love it, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to get the words down!

"Mari Mac" Lyrics
Sweet little lass and her name is Mari Mac
Make no mistake she’s the girl I’m gonna track
Lot of other fellas try to get her on her back
But I’m thinking that they’ll have to get up early

Mari and her mother look an awful lot together
In fact you hardly see the one without the other
And people often wonder if it’s Mari or her mother
Or both of them together I am courting.

Mari Mac’s mother’s making Mari Mac marry me
My mother’s making me marry Mari Mac
Well I’m gonna marry Mari for Mari’s taking care of me
We’ll all be merry when I marry Mari Mac

Well up among the heather in the hills of Benifee
I had a bonny lass sitting on me knee
Bumble bee stung me right above me knee
Up among the heather in the hills of Benifee

Well a certain bonnie lass and me, we’re going to spend the day
Sittin among the heather in the hills of Benifee
Where all the boys and girls are making out so free
Up among the heather in the hills of Benifee


The wedding’s on Wednesday, everything’s arranged
Soon her name will be changed to unless her mind be changed
And making the arrangements I feel I must arrange
Marriage is an awful undertaking

Sure to be a grand affair, grander than a fair
Going to be a fork and plate for every man that’s there
And I’ll be a bugger if I don’t get me share
If I don’t I’ll be very much mistaken.


Unfortunately I can't find a good Youtube video of Off-Kilter doing this song! Here's someone else's version [click HERE :D], but I definitely prefer Off-Kilter's. (There are also a LOT of different verses to this song, so this other version might have different ones than the Off-Kilter ones I have here.)


P.S. I also just found out they're not on iTunes....soo....yeah >.> Sorry.

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