Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, Yesterday...

The SATs went about like I expected. I'm sure I did well on the reading and writing parts, but I did poorly on the math, I know. I'm just behind where I need to be. I'm not longer completely BAD at it, just behind. And I'm slow at it. So on the first math section, I finished 7 of 10. The second section, 12 of 20. And the last section, 6 of 16. So yeah. Even if I get every one of them right, it's still gonna be baaad.

So, kinda :( But oh well.

Lunch with the "popular" girls went really well. They were nice to me, and I didn't say anything stupid or do anything really awkward-inducing. Some other friends picked me up from the restaurant at about 2:30 and we hung out doing random things. Then we saw "Red Riding Hood," which I thought was really going to be awful, but it wasn't! :O I actually enjoyed it.

I thought it was gonna be scary, too, so I was all worked up inside about it. (I do NOT do scary movies. I don't think...I've never actually SEEN one...) But, again, it wasn't. Not at all. Not even a moment of Oh-My-Gosh-This-Is-Getting-Intense. So yeah. I was surprised to find myself a tiny bit disappointed about that.

After getting up at 5:45 that morning, blowing my brains out on a test, and gallivanting around town all day, I was completely wiped out. I went to bed at 8:30 and was out by 9.

It was interesting, having a life like that. Without a license, I feel like I don't get out much. Yesterday I was gone for over 12 hours and with friends the entire time. It was quite fun. But also expensive and tiring and I've had a good day today just doing nothing :)



Camellia Day said...

Well, this means we have to spend 12 hours running around town so I can fall asleep at 9 too!


Sorry about the math! I'm sure you beasted though. [I kind of has the same problem with the PSAT last year. I only answered about three of the seven question in one section...]

achieve1dream said...

Ugh. Math was always my worst subject too. Sigh.

Sounds like you had fun. :) Those long days running around with friends can be a huge blast but it is completely and totally exhausting. Good to do every once in a while, but not all the time hehe.

Elizabeth said...

I literally only got 32% of the fraction related questions right... and my scores were still good overall. I hate math, and skipped around a lot to the problems I was confident with, and didn't finish a couple sections... but I made it out okay. I'm just saying, don't beat yourself up-you probably did better overall than you think :D.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...


Sounds Stressful, Awesome, Fun, Tiring, and Enjoyable! hehe ! xo