Saturday, July 17, 2010


So. I have a challenge/contest for you. But I also need help. This contest serves three purposes:

Purpose 1: I've never held a contest like this before, so it's a first. W00T!
Purpose 2: Exercise your creativity. You need it. I'm doing you a favor.
Purpose 3: I need this for a story idea.

Who: IF YOU'RE READING THIS YOU MUST DO IT. MWAHAHHAHA. Not really. But please do. It'll only be really fun if a lot of people do it. All you people who read faithfully and never comment, this is your day to comment.

What: A funny family contest. Everyone's family is weird. Some more than others, but we're all weird.

I need your funny stories.

Your little incidents. That one relative and how they always do (you fill in the blank). How you can count on your aunt to start a food fight, or the way your uncle never calls anyone by their real name. Stuff like that.

Tell me, and I'll post some of my favorites, and maybe put it in this story... (if you don't mind, I'll ask you first). I'll also give you credit if my story ever gets anywhere XD

Oh yeah. And an award. I think that's pretty standard for blog contests :D

When: RIGHTNOW. And until, oh, I don't know...til next Saturday. The 24th.

Where: Here. You can post your stories or funny bits as comments, or you can email them to me at

Why: I covered that already in the little Purposes thing.

How: That's kinda with Where. So scroll up if you missed that.

Please do it. Even if you think you have nothing to offer, try. Oh, and here's the best part:

They don't actually have to be true. You can make them up! Of course, when you get your imagination going, you might decide to keep the ideas for your own stories! That's awesome too, but if you wouldn't mind, tell me anyway just for the contest part. I won't use anything unless it's okay with you.

So yeah. I know this was sudden and really jumbled, it XD I'll know if you didn't. There is a page views thingie and a thingie that tells where you are in the sidebar >:D



Katie G. said...

My uncle never says 'goodbye' when you talk to him on the phone. It will go like this:

"Well, I guess I will let you go now." says me.

"Ok." says my uncle. And then: CLICK. He's gone. My cousin (his son) is the same way. :)

shruti said...

my uncle and aunt are the coolest. my uncle usually is a light sleeper, but when he gets stressed out with work. he sleeps like a pig. he also tends to dream up disasters like my aunt falling through cracks in the ground and into molten hot lava, which is why, once, he literally pushed her off the bed to "save her life". she now has a scar which she remembers the event by, but my ncle of course has no memory of this :D

Steph said...

My uncle is fairly strange. Being my mother's older brother, it's to be expected. But, still, he doesn't have to go all out.
First of all, he looks exactly like John the Baptist got stuck in the middle of Nebraska without a map. Long, long beard and long hair. He also only wears denim jeans and long-sleeved button-up shirts with a hat with a feather on it.
And if that wasn't enough, growing up, he was just as bizarre. My aunt's guinea pig died, and so he buried it out in a field and waited six months. Then, he dug up the bones and re-assembled it. Nasty!
He also, at lunch at school, wouldn't buy food. He'd wait by the trashcan and ask people if they were going to eat that to save his money.
My mother was very skinny as a teenager, and he would call down the halls at school, "STRIIING! BEEEAN!"
He would buy a box of doughnuts and stash them in the ceiling so his mom wouldn't know he had them.
He also collects Dodge Powerwagons in a shed the size of my house. He has every car imaginable.
He once brought a badger skin and freaked my dog out with it because she thought it was real. She still growls at him any time he walks into the room to this day.
And that's uncle Gary.

Sarah said...

When my gran and grampa were dating, my grampa proposed MANY times, but my gran kept on saying no until he had better things to give her - in the end, he had to buy a laundry machine :]

Izori said...

Why my 5 year old sister wants to be a mommy: "So I can eat candy right before dinner".

Emma said...

can we give you some friend stories? because I have a truly hilarious one....

♥Brielle♥Young♥ (aka Bleah Briann) said...

Alright, I know I haven't been the best follower lately, sorry for that. Busy summer... I don't really know why. Anyways. Here's my story.

This has been a "scandle" in our family for about three years now. So yeah... we were at a resarunt today with my mom... sisters, bros, two uncles, aunt and my cousin.

My Mom was picking on my Uncle Buddy about his wife going on vacation w/out him... saying she must have a boyfriend on the side. Then my 6 year old cousin Garret pipes up and says... "yeah I know all about that, my dad has a girlfriend, her name is shenikelela." everyone laughs of course. And my mom says "oh do you like her?" Garrett nods and says "yeah." "well what is she like?" "oh she's a different color then my dad, and she's really fat, like 500 pounds!" Uncle Cort (his dad) says: "and don't forget to tell them..." "oh yes" Garrett says "yes, she's fat but we don't judge her she's very nice." "does she like to dance?" my mom says... "well." my uncle Cort says "every time she moves its like she's dancing."

We were laughing so hard, I guess you have to know my uncle... my family to understand. But it was histaricle. And yeah, we double checked. Her name really is (as the story goes) shenikelela.

This might not be funny to you, just thought I'd try.

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

*ahem* my stoy was true by the way.... completely true. No imagination used at all, because we all know I don't have one.