Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Enthusiam & AILD

I’ve been crazy this week. Just really pumped about everything, really WILD. Everything I do recently, I get really into. Like right now, I’m really into this music. Like, I can’t even explain it. I’ve always *liked* music, and even lately liked it more, but right now, I love it. I love it so much.

As I Lay Dying is blasting through my M&M earbuds at a volume that may do permanent damage, and I could not be happier. I love this. I love this so much. It makes me feel better than good, it makes me feel alive (irony ftw) and happy and pumped and wild.

And like I have to be able to do this.

I need to be able to play guitar like that. I need to be able to scream. And you know what?
Right now, I’m convinced that I could.

Maybe I can, maybe I’m fooling myself. But there’s only one way to find out, right? And I intend to find out.

Our selfishness consumes us
Until the whole world is not enough
Forgive the day that I erased your name
For it's the memory of me that will decay.
~ "Forsaken" by As I Lay Dying

I've seen my world change
And then go back to where it came.
~ "I Never Wanted" by As I Lay Dying



Bethany said...

ENTHUSIASM. This is something I live with every day. EMBRACE IT, I am not sure how long it lasts. When we are adults, does it fade? I sure hope not. For now, if people are told to pick one word to describe me they TEND to ALWAYS go for ENTHUSIASTIC.

Go to it :D

Steph said...

Fun Fact: Did you know I have a hundred and fifty songs on my favorites playlist? I know all the words to each one of them, too, which is slightly mind boggling for even me.
Anyway, I always feel like everyone likes music, but I love music. Like, most people "love" to listen to music, but they don't know how to listen.
I'm someone who couldn't live a day without music. If I don't listen to my music at some point, I crave it. It's like I'm addicted to it.
Mostly, I love it because it was my savior last year at school. I have 4S, so the only defense I had against it was my iPod. It was like my sword. I'm thankful to music, not thankful of music.
Also, for me, God speaks to me through the lyrics I listen to more than through scripture. It's His way of talking to me because He knows I listen for His voice. When I'm upset, I just turn my iPod on shuffle and wait. Something will come.

And guitars? I totally decided one day to just pick up the guitar and learn some music. Now I'm not half bad, and I've never taken a lesson. The Internet can be a beautiful thing.

Levi said...

Leaning guitar is on that list of things I keep meaning to do but haven't gotten around to. Now if only I could sing....

Cavender James said...

So Kendra, to play like Nick Hipa or Phil Sgrosso, you're gonna need a huge amp and a guitar that can handle drop C. Also, Enthusiasm is the best thing in the world.

Kendra Logan said...

Bethany: Yes, EMBRACE IT! :D

Steph: Awesome! Yeah, I know I don't love music as much as some people, but sometimes it feels like I love it more than anything.

I should pick up a guitar and just try some day.

Levi: Yeah, same. I can sing, but I don't really enjoy it -_-

Cavender: ...I'll figure something out :P And yes it is. Right after cherry life savors and Cheerwine donuts, right? ;)

Tunafish said...

This vicious circle... =D Sorry, a little late... don't know if you'll catch this =/ but now I'm finally catching up on your blog! =) Jesus loves you!