Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Travels

Ah, traveling. It's what some peoples' summer is all about. Some people like to use summer as a time to relax and just enjoy the things we miss during the school year. My family is in the middle. We don't travel much, but we try to get in a good vacation and a little get-away somewhere among the long hot months.

These next few weeks are my travel weeks. Tonight, my younger sister Lizzy and I pack our bags full of basketball shorts, grubby T-shirts, lots of socks, a pair of sneakers, and an air mattress. What are we doing? YOUTH MISSION TRIP!

It happens every year. Some of you may even remember me going last year. Well this year, our church recently bought a new building! It's the perfect thing for our church, a real God thing. However, because it was so important to purchase the building, there hasn't been a lot of funding toward the youth mission trip.

So instead of packing it in a car and driving 6 or 8 hours, my youth group is doing the stay-cation version of a mission trip. We're packing our bags, same as usual, and meeting at the church for a lock-in. But this year we'll stay at the church. We're going to work on the building, work at our local food pantry, do some work on a farm, help at a battered woman's shelter, and stuff like that, all in our community. This idea came together really at the last minute. Another God thing for sure.

The day after the mission trip, my family and my "brothers'" family are leaving for Sanibel, Florida! Vacation time! WooT WooT! It's gonna be pretty awesome. Lizzy and I have been saving our pennies for this vacation for months. I'm super excited :D

The only downside to all this awesome is the blogging factor. *tragic sigh, violins play* I don't expect to be blogging very much, if even at all, until we get back from Sanibel on August 10th (Happy Birthday, Cavender XD). I might post once or twice, but I'm not sure what the computer and internet situations will be in Sanibel.

So, until the 10th, adios, sayonara, arrivederci, au revoir, fare thee well, GOODBYE! :D Prayers, especially for this youth mission week, would be greatly appreciated. Let's hope we can really make a difference in peoples' lives for Christ.



Tunafish said...

Will pray =) Definately. Hope you, the people you go with and the people you're with will have a blast and are blessed =) Jesus loves you!

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Erimentha said...

wow! youth mission trip sounds like so much fun! you have a really interesting life.