Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When the Logan Girls Go Shopping...

Crazy Kendra + Camera-Happy Lizzy + Shopping = ...

Captions on the bottom.
So, we went to Sam's...

Sock Monkey! :O

A LOT of Sock Monkeys! And other Sock Things.

Sorry, Justin fans. It was too funny XD

Lizzy has this thing for cheeseballs XD


See, I'm allergic to peanuts...XD

Actual pig ears as dog treats. Yeah, that's what Lizzy thought too.

Self-explanitory :D

This pretty much describes our relationship XD :D

"Green" ftl.





Steph said...

I suddenly feel the need to buy a camera. Sam's Club isn't anything like Costco, is it? We have a Costco in Denver that we used to go to, it it looks just like that.

And I, too, found a pile of sock things in Breckenrige this weekend. Coincidence?

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Cute pics!


Jeni said...

I have the Ninja food processor! And it sucks -_-

And by the way, I looove how you do your eyeliner <3

(Did I say that already?)