Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Faults and Big Meanies

Yay! It's Quote Day! :) Alright, here it goes:

"We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

Is that the truth or WHAT? Man, I never realized how true it was until I heard this quote. I mean, don't you find yourself doing that? Making a big deal out of a little thing that's wrong with you so people will think that...well, that that's the only thing wrong with us? I don't know. Maybe only I do that. Wow, now I sound really!
Okay, so, I had dance tonight. It went really well for the most part, except for one thing. Okay, I don't know if I've ever said anything before about this, but there's a pose at the end of one of our dances where someone has to do a split. Our class divides itself into a bunch of groups of three, and then one person in every group does a split in the pose (the teacher picks the split people). So, the split parts go assigned a few weeks ago, and I'd been practicing VERY hard, and I could ALMOST do the split. But, instead of me getting the part, this tiny girl who can't even do it as well as I can got the part. (Sorry, that sounded really mean. I'm just venting.)

But I practiced anyway. It was like a personal thing. I had to be able to do a split.

Well, I still can't, but a couple of weeks ago, the teacher realized that she'd miscounted; she needed another split person! And she picked me!! Yay!! AAAAAAAAND, I was in the very middle of everyone! Kind of in "the spotlight". I was so happy, and secretly, I sort of thought I WAS amoung the better split people (dang, there goes the vain thing again...).

BUT THEN, this week, a group of preppy, annoying, mean girls decided THEY wanted to be in the middle. So, they parked themselves in front of my group and totally covered us up. This other girl and I brought it to the teachers attention that we were hidden, and so she fixed it.

By moving US.

So NOW, my group and I are behind some more people on the SIDE of the stage, while the preppy, annoying, mean girls got their way in the middle of the stage. HOW IS THIS FAIR, PEOPLE??

Sorry. I know I just need to get over it.

But it's not really the fact that they're in the middle that bothers me exactly. It's more that they got their way. It's the principle of the thing. No one should get their way by being mean and shoving other people out of the way. It's just NOT FAIR.

Unfortunately, life isn't fair. There are those meanie-butts all over, so I guess the sooner I get used to that, the better. I only wish I could do something about all the meanies in the world. I wish I could bring the world back to flippin' justice. When people don't get their way by whining or sabataging other people.

Maybe that's why I want to be a lawyer so badly...

Carpe aestas!


LazyKing said...

great post, I totally agree with Francois. And that's what I always do, lool.
I think everyone wants to hide their flaws, that's the nature of human being.

Anonymous said...

that quote is so very true. I think we all do that, sometimes. "everyone wants to hide their flaws, that's the nature of human being". nailed it ^_^

I'd get all worked up for things like that before. now (I don't know when it changed. it's like in that post you wrote about changing) I'm able to just ignore most stuff

Kendra Logan said...

LazyKing: Thanks! And yeah, great quote. I think you're right, too.

Krevan: Yeah, I need to learn to get over it, too, but stuff like that bugs me so much! Yeah, it's weird how sometimes we change almost by accident.