Sunday, April 26, 2009

Been There Done That and Allergies

Okay, I'm not really sure where exactly in the Bible this is, but at church today, we sang a song about God being everlasting; how he doesn't grow weary, and how he's completely all-powerful. And so I got to thinking, "Well, isn't that great? He can't know how I feel then, can he? Mr. I-Can-Blow-Up-The-World-With-One-Word can't possibly understand my struggle to grasp physical science!"

And then I had another thought!


See, that's why my God is so cool! He's like three in one! The all-powerful, world-creating God who listens to your every word (only not in a creepy way :D), the Holy Spirit who can help you randomly when you're in a tight spot without you even having to ask, and finally, JESUS, who might be my favorite "piece" of God. He totally gave up paradise to come down to Earth and experience life WITH us! Aside from taking all the penalty for our being sinners obviously, I think one of the most important reasons for Jesus coming to Earth was so that he could tell us that he knows how we feel.

God is cool, but Jesus has BEEN THERE. He's been made fun of, gotten super hungry, had his parents not understand him, been deserted by his closest friends, felt that frustration when you're trying to explain something and people JUST AREN'T GETTIN' IT, and ALL THAT STUFF! Jesus has been through, like, everything!

So, when I pray now, I don't have to be all stuck up thinking that God is so sheltered and he doesn't even know what I'm going through. Now I can just remember that, well, Jesus does. He's a classic case of Been There Done That And Got the Robe.


Well, it's kinda late, and I'm really tired, so I think I'm just gonna be out! Oh, but last night and this morning, my eye puffed up because of allergies! Yeah, it sucks: I'm allergic to pollen. *sigh* Oh well, must enjoy summer anyway! I went down to the beach again, but I cut my foot going barefoot ALL DAY yesterday, so walking around a ton kinda hurt :( And now I have this creepy rash on my left thigh from who-knows-what, and it's freaking me out! Well, not totally, just a little. Mostly I just don't want it to get, pray for my allergies, cross your fingers, whatever works for you! ;) Carpe this aestas diem!


Muse of Randomness said...

And... You make total sense. (Not being sarcastic, I swear.)

I'm not too great with summer and heat. D:

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, thank you again!

Yeah, yesterday WAS really hot; some of the time I was thinking "Okay, it's April! This is ridiculous!"

Anonymous said...

that's good thinking. if I were religious I'd agree 100% with you

it's been warm here the last week or so, but today it rained. a lot. and now it's sunny again =)

Katrien Scarlet said...

Wow. I never really thought of it that way before. =O
As for me, I'm not sure where I stand in religeon... But thank you for offering to pray for me. You're amazing ^-^
I have some hope that things will start to get better now.
I am sorry about your allergies... and your foot... and your rash. That sucks.
I hope things get better for you =O

Kendra Logan said...

Krevan: Haha, cool!

Ugh, rain. It's supposed to rain here from Wednesday to Sunday! I hate rain. It's weird because for the last four years, every summer has been a strange kind of drought, so when we have normal rain, it's like I'm not used to it or something! Lol!

Katrien: Yeah, I hadn't thought of that until yesterday either! I guess it was a God thing :)

No problem about offering to pray for you! It helps more than I used to realize.

Lol, thanks for being sympathetic about all my little "injuries". Allergies are so annoying. Oh, and the rash went away :)

Thanks, and I hope things will start to look up for you, too!

Blogger Girl said...

*smiles* God is wonderful isn't he!!??!