Monday, October 12, 2009

Awaiting the Sensation of a Short Sharp Shock... ;)

"Mulan" is over until the 31st when we do it one last time.


Um...I think I'm sad. But I can't tell yet. I don't think the "shock" has really hit me yet, you know? Not seeing people'll be weird for sure.

The after party cookout last night takes the place of the coffee shop party as the best night of my life :) :) After what happened at the pizza place, I was determined NOT to get stuck with the little kids. I decided to make the effort and hang out with the people my own age.

It was awkward and hard at first. They weren't rude to me or anything at all, they were perfectly nice, but I didn't know what to say. I didn't know them all that much and I didn't feel like I had a lot to contribute to their conversations. I almost decided to cut my losses and just go back to the 8th graders, but I didn't.

As the night went on, they talked more, and I did, too. I actually think they liked me. They talked to me just like they did each other, and everything was great. Really, really great. So great I can't even really explain it.

They were all nice, but this girl named Emily probably helped me the most. She made sure I wasn't left out or left behind, and she made me feel more comfortable about myself and about everyone else. Shang helped a lot, too. He's always been nice to me, from the very beginning.

The hay ride was a lot of fun :) We took a short one while it was still light, but then we took a long one after it got dark. Small trailer, big crowd. It was...interesting ;) I was at the very end, so every time we'd speed up quickly, I'd go sliding to the edge and have to grab people, lol! There was a lot of that going on. We lost 6 out of like 10 bales of hay XD It was a complete blast.

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those people! Not because they're the "cool" crowd, but because they're actually nice and so much fun. I loved hanging out with them, and I hope I'll see them more. Really, really hope so. I think I miss them already.

Oh, and quite a few innuendos went around, as can be expected, and I actually got them. Not sure whether that's a good thing or not, but for now I'm just gonna count it as a good thing, lol XD

Well, now that I'm finished tell you about how amazing last night was, I'll tell you about today:

I am sick.

I have a really bad cold. Headache, aching body, sore throat, sore chest (might be muscle soreness, though), runny nose, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, and sneezing. The whole sha-bang.

Although I feel like crud, and I had so insanely much school work to do today that my mom actually EXCUSED SOME OF IT (can I get an epic *GASPPPPPPP*?), I don't feel quite as down as you'd think. Last night's glow hasn't worn off.

I just...


*shakes head* Sorry. Never mind. I don't know.

Hope this jumbled and ranting post didn't bore you to complete tears ;) Thanks soooo much for all your support during these past few stressful weeks! Y'all are awesome!


KnightWing said...

Hope you feel better soon. :(

GracieTheFirst said...

Turns out that cold is exactly what I had too.

It started saturday morning and ended monday morning.
So just letting you know, if its the same thing- you wont be sick for long. :)

Anonymous said...

wow =D I'm glad you had so much fun
it's too bad about the cold, but that kinda stuff usually goes away pretty quickly. my cold are usually just a stuffy and runny nose and some sneazing... ^^

Kyle Hendricks said...

*Epic gasp*
Well, you asked for it. :D