Sunday, October 25, 2009

The God of Loser, Failure and Jerk

There was a guest pastor at my church today, and he was interesting. It was extremely difficult to follow his line of thought, and he went off on so many bunny trails, but I got a few random good things from his sermon. My favorite was this:

In the Bible, God is often referred to as "the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob". If you think about those three people, Abraham left a lot of things unfinished, or didn't finish them right. You could kind of see him as...well...a little bit of a loser.

But Isaac came behind him and picked up where he left off. God has placed Isaacs in our life to help us out. Of course, Isaac was kind of a wussy who didn't really fix things a whole lot either...He couldn't even finish was was already started a lot of times! What a failure!

Then you have Jacob, who was the go-get-'em type. He liked to seize the moment, which was sometimes great, but sometimes ended badly. God has placed some Jacobs in our lives to help us live in the moment, too. Then again, Jacob's rash attitude earned the reputation for being a tiny bit of a jerk...

So, basically, all three of these guys kind of failed. Abraham never finished anything, Isaac never finished anything right, and Jacob was just too out-there sometimes.

And that's when Joseph comes in. Joseph did EVERYTHING right! He stayed close to God, he was brave, he was strong, he became second-in-command of Egypt, he saved his entire nation! Joseph picked up with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had stopped and he tied everything together. Joseph was awesome!


Why doesn't the Bible say "the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph"?

Our God is the God of the underdogs :) God is on the "losers" side. Thank goodness! We're all "losers" from time to time! Our God isn't just the God of the rich, famous and successful. God is a personal God who's rooting for all the "jerks", "losers", and "failures" right along with the "winners"!

Now, of course, all those titles are in quotation marks, because are any of us really "losers", etc.? No. We might act like jerks or losers sometimes, but, guess what?

God doesn't make losers!

We're all winners in the long run, but just to show us that he's on our side even when we look bad, God calls him self "the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob".

I thought that was kind of interesting. What did you think?

Just really quick, I want to share a link to a cool song that Kyle showed me. He finds cool music like this and sends it to me. I usually (actually always) love it.

This song is called Preliator, and the words are in LATIN!! How cool is that? If you could understand them, it'd be even better...lols XD I found the lyrics, though, so if anyone besides me feels like translating, here they are:

Hosana Meus
Fortuna deus
Aeterna Teus
Mystre, Morte, Sancte Pior

Fortuna hosana deus
Legionus ab comae
Fortune fortuna equis
Ad pugnatoris in veritae
Hossana meus
Fortuna dues
Protego causa
In sanctus

Aeternus praetor
Firmitas semper
Rex Regis universe
(Prosay solis hosanna
Protego sanctus causa
Padre illuminata
Gloria in resurrectem
Gloria in unum diem)

Terra tenebrae
Telluris malus
Quisere pere curiatus
Genitor edo
In ex domino
Patris illuminata
Rex Regis universe

(Prosay solis hosanna
Protego sanctus causa
Padre illuminata
Gloria in resurrectem
Padre alluminata
Gloria in unum diem)

Lacrimosa, lacrimosa
In ex dominum

Actually, I feel an award coming on...See if you can translate any one section of this. You can use Google if you want to, but try it without first. If you're even moderately successful, let me know in a comment! Hail all the fellow language geeks! :)


Logan said...

Some of the words I sort of recognize, but not enough to bother trying to make sense of. It looks like a song by Enya...

Kyle Hendricks said...

It's by Globus. The original is called Lacrimosa, by Immediate. Immediate owns Globus, who takes the songs, which are usually in trailers, and makes them longer, usually adding Lyrics and more Bass, along other things.
Lacrimosa was on the Spider-Man 2 trailer. The one that was 29 seconds long.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Oh, and Kendra, you forgot to post the link:

Lady Brainsample said...

Speaking of awards, I pass one on to you!

Anonymous said...

ouch, I was listening to evile (thrash metal, pretty close to slayer) and paused it to listen to the song, too much of a shock :S

I can figure out a couple of words, but latin is actually quite difficult for a portuguese person... it may seem easy, but it's pretty far from any modern language. the closest language to latin is probably italian and that's already quite different

Cavender James said...

All I have to say is that Evile=FTW! Slayer=FTW! and Slayer's new album=FTW!

(Kerry King actually SOLOS instead of putting his fingers in random places on the fretboard in this one... XD)

And Latin FTW!

I forgot all I knew, though. Which was A LOT.

Mia said...

Great post!
I enjoyed reading about your 7 things--thanks for the award!


Kendra Logan said...

Thanks, Mia! And you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the new album yet... I'm gonna download it one of these days
haha XD I don't think kerry king would enjoy reading that very much

Cavender James said...

Well, I love Kerry, Tom and Dave too much for them to take offense at that. My guitar of choice is a Kerry King Signature Metal Master V2. I don't want to say I worship Slayer, but they're the only band in the Big Four who can even come close to contending with Metallica.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that... :S my favourite band is actually megadeth

Cavender James said...

Dave's vocals suck. I'm going to be blunt and say it. As a band, they've done well. This means they must have SOME talent. I personally hate them. Dave has technical skill on the guitar, but his voice sounds like a nasally New York woman, whose voice merged with that of a six-year-old girl demon. Their bassist is pretty good, though.

Anonymous said...

wow O.o you actually made me lol x)
we don't agree on that ^^" I think it's a matter of taste... I don't like his voice in all songs, but in most of them I do
also, I think their guitar work is phenomenal

Cavender James said...

The guitar work is great, but there's no riffs. It's all Dave's soloing. They wouldn't eve BE part of the big 4 if it wasn't for the fact that Dave was in Metallica, and got to act like a little girl and whine about how everyone was against him. He's a good guitarist, but he needs to NOT DO VOCALS, and learn to write riffs.

Anonymous said...

a matter of taste ^_^
I like their music... their guitar, dave's vocals, their simple riffs... I'm not saying their better than slayer or metallica, but I really like their music... it's different