Saturday, October 24, 2009

Retarded Post

The Sweet 16 party was fun :D It was a little awkward getting warmed up to the other girls, but I still had fun :D

I ate strawberry muffins at Emily's house for breakfast.

And I came home.

And I talked to Shang on Facebook.

And I didn't feel like eating lunch.

And I talked to Shang on FB again, lol.

And I did math. I could have done logic, but I didn't.

And I cleaned a lot. BLECK. I am. I'm going to babysit in an hour. Fun. It's not like I don't want to go, I just don't want to either. Kind of a *shrug* feeling, you know?

I didn't go to the tournament game last night. Or the one today. Ben (The Dare Devil) is going to hate me. Josh (The Nice Guy) will probably be disappointed. I feel like a failure. Crap.

At least Emily liked the card and present I gave her. I actually made a decent-looking card this time. Usually they look like crap.

*sigh* Maybe I'm tired. I got plenty of sleep though. Like seven hours. Which is plenty. Whatever.

I learned some stuff about some people last night that is good news and bad news. So I'm thinking a lot about that. And that's as specific as I want to get. Sorry.

Okay, this is a retarded post. I'll just stop now. Thanks for reading, play practice for the 31st show starts back Monday. Yay? This time when we do the show, it's the last time FOR REAL. Hmm.

I think I'm hungry. I'm going to eat something.


Logan said...

This wasn't such a bad post...I managed to read the whole thing without falling asleep

Kyle Hendricks said...

Eh, it wasn't a normal post, but it wasn't "retarded" either.

GracieTheFirst said...

Actually, for a teenage girl, 7 hours IS NOT enough.
Your supposed to get 8 hours minimum, and the more hours before midnight the more rested you will feel.
Not like I'm one to talk, I'm officially sleep deprived, but anyway.
My point is 7 hours isnt enough.
And this wasn't a retarded post. ;)

Bethany said...

I feel like this sometimes...hehe..not now...I feel like bouncing over there and giving you a big hug..I didn't mind this post either :) :)

Kʀɛѵɑɳ said...

7 hours is plenty? x)
*not* a retarded post