Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Tpyos ;)

So yeah i'm so tiredddd and it's only like three forty five! Like, seriously, really exhausted. we did two shows for little kids today, and they went really well, yay! The make-up guy did Shang's hair differently today because he said it looked too young. I like his hair fine, but whatever. THe make-up guy slicked it all back, and Shang was so self-conscious, lol! He looked fine though.

So all the other kids got excused from school today as a field trip, but no such luck for me :( So now I've got a day of school t odo. But it's not gonna be taht bad because I knew it would be so I planned other days harder than today. I don't have that much to do today.

I'm so tired y'all. Like, wow. and it's so early in the day,too!! Ugh, so many typos...okay, i'm gonnna talk to ya later! Er, I'll post soem pictures later!


[no name] said...

I have a cople of... "funny" stories about typos, kinda embarrasing actually and not because tiredness, just too lazy for to check a translator... adding "sh" or "ing" or "tion" doesnt turn a word into an eglish word :(
oddly... Im still alive
nice post btw

Logan said...

jekjr asjr je owiejr skdjf wj? skjwepw kjwegl...?

Just kidding. Sometimes, I go back and look over something two or three times, publish it to the web, and still find mistakes (by which time I just say, meh, and ignore them). But, would we really want to live in a world without typos?