Sunday, October 18, 2009

List Format: DC


- I'm typing on my friend's laptop, and some of the keys are missing -_- There are just nubs where the key should be. So that's annoying. (Love you, Amanda :))


- It's very cold and rainy

- I love my friends! We all ate Atomic Fireballs on the metro ride back to the hotel, and the pictures are unbelievable :)

- Everything is SO HUGE!

- I saw the Declaration of Independence!!!!! And the Constitution! It was amazing.

- I told a really personal secret to my friends that I love, and I'm starting to regret it...which is horrible, because I really trusted them...*sigh*

- I haven't studied for the biology test AT ALL. Monday is gonna SUCK.

- We leave tomorrow.

- I'm tired, but nowhere near Tech Week Tired or Practicum Tired.

That's about all. I've lost two followers :'( Oh well; ya can't please everyone!



Cavender James said...

It's okay, they didn't deserve to follow such a great blog anyway ;D

Rochelle Blue said...

totally agree with Cavender James! I would press the follow button on your blog in a heartbeat, but my mum has a issue with the whole following other people's blogs thing... I can comment, but I can't follow =P

and Yay! so glad that your having a good time there and that your feeling better!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kendra :)
I've just created a new blog and I'd love it if you would become a follower for me. Thank you :) xx