Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Could it be? ("The Huns are...gone??") I have a moment time?????


But, really, just a moment. I gotta get dressed for the third and F...F...FINAL dress rehearsal tonight!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O And help Lizzy fix dinner at 4:30 so we can eat at 5:00 so we can leave a 5:25. (We really only have to leave at 5:30, but...never mind, I'll get to that in a second.)

So, tech week has been going well. I think. Long nights, but the show is looking great, just like Shang said it would :) Everyone is still so nice and awesome, and the fact that this is all gonna end in four days is just too much for my overly-attached brain to handle!

I'm getting better at singing. Notes that I couldn't hit at the beginning of the show are just coming out of my mouth. Who knew my parents would be right??? ;)

My parents left after lunch for a conference called Catalyst. Basically, it's the most awesome, exciting and innovative thinking conference in the country. Or at least that's how it's been described to me :)

I'm thrilled that my parents get to go, but that does create an issue:

They won't be here during the busiest time in the play.

My grandma is staying with Lizzy and I until our parents get back late Friday night. That means Gr'anne will have to take me to all the practices and stuff, even though she's not crazy about driving around late at night.

Which brought up a monumental, horrible, sob-able crisis: "I'm sorry, Kendra, but it doesn't look like you'll be able to go to the cast party after the show Friday night."

Me: *blink* ... *blinkblink* ... *blinkblinkblink* ... *tears*

Mom: "We already talked about this! Don't you remember?"

Me: *head shake*

Mom: "It's not fair for us to ask Gr'anne to drive you around at 11 o'clock at night!"

Me: *nod*

So that was good for a lot of tears. It was one of those things where you know crying isn't going to help, and you don't want to make your mom feel bad, but the tears come anyway.

I went to eat breakfast, still mourning the loss of one of the last chances to see the cast members. Then I heard my mom calling to me if I knew the phone number for this girl who's also in the play. Feeling a glimmer of hope, I ran downstairs, calling over my shoulder that I was going to look.

I couldn't find the number, but as I ran back upstairs, it turned out not to matter because my mom had found it herself! She was on the phone with Mom-of-Fellow-Cast-Mate asking if I could spend the night with her Friday night after the cast party!

*holds breath*



Hooray! A cast party is not lost! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

My mom is amazing :) <3

Um...what else to say...

School is...a lot. We're reading "Pride and Prejudice" this week, which I am really looking forward to! I haven't started it yet, but I think I'll like it.

A week from today my class leaves at 9am for the Washington DC trip! :O :O Wow, it snuck up on me! Since that week will be really busy, I basically am trying to do two weeks worth of work this week, which really sucks because I am so tired and busy with "Mulan"! And tomorrow is the "school performance" for the little third-graders, so I'll be gone from 8-3 -.- How am I supposed to get 10 days worth of work in 4 days?????????????

Writing is absolutely non-existent. I've barely even been blogging.

Dreams: I dreamed about avalanches all Sunday night. I don't feel like explaining that, but it has to do with Mulan.

Last night, I dreamed a lot. I dreamed that I was going through the "Mulan" script, and I found a whole paragraph of my lines that I had never seen before. I was so freaked out that I would have to memorize them before the show tomorrow, lol!

I also dreamed about Ellie B. and Shang.

That's all I can think of to say. Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately! Thanks, everyone, for all your encouraging comments! :)

"Eyes of my ancestors, shine bright for me!"
"How can this girl bring glory to our name?"
"Let me rise from the ashes of my destiny!"
"May she rise like a pheonix from the flame!"


Lady Brainsample said...

There always seems to be something to avert the awesome things in life, huh? I thought I wasn't going to be able to go to the My Fair Lady cast party because of an issue, but my awesome dad took care of it so I could go, which was awesome. And yes, dreams that have to do with the show are common in tech week for me. During my last show, I had a dream about the show every...single...night...
Hope the show goes well!! Break a leg!!

Cavender James said...

... Pride and Prejudice...

I'm reading a book called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...

It's Pride and Prejudice, but with random zombie attacks XD.

My favorite lie so far: "Girls! Pentagram of Death!"

Just in case you were wondering... XD

Kyle Hendricks said...

No wonder you're never on Gmail. Oh well, maybe after this Mulan play and going to D.C. you'll log on more.

Dang, I really hope I never get a life... it sounds like a tiring, sucky ride. Lol, jk, XD

Bethany said...

Daily hug-installment!! :)

Oh wOw, I'm so glad you get to go to the cast party, you actually wouldn't believe how excited [after sympathetic horror] I was just there....

Any updates you can give as the week progresses will be more than welcome [lol] but I can imagine what the busy-ness factor must be...

<3 bethie

Anonymous said...

what's tech week? ^^"
it's great about the cast party =D

Logan said...

I knew I wouldn't regret following your blog...Thanks for a few moments of entertainment!